Noob questions regarding recipe rolls and levels




I have recently (last night) starting running MA missions because the market seems to be going crazy and I can't afford any lvl 30 recipes for my alts.

I picked a mission with freaks in a warehouse and set my diff to 0/8 and took my lvl 50 spines/sr in it and made about 600 tickets. I then went to the ticket guy and set my lvl at 30 and choose bronze rolls in the lvl 24 to 29 range.

My goal was to get recipes in that range that I could use for my lvl 27 alts (that is the lvl I start IO'ing them.

Unfortunately, I was getting lvl 50 recipes.

Can some one pelase explain what i am doing wrong and what setting I need to do to get my desired lvl range of recipes.




The level range you pick only determines which recipes are available. The actual level of the recipe is based on your character level, or the highest available level for that recipe, whichever is lower. So any recipes that go all the way to 50 will be given to you at 50 when using your level 50 character, no matter which level range you rolled at.



Well, that stinks. May just have to try and make money with my 50 and give it to the lower alts so that they can pay the outragioues (sp) prices.