Rebuilding Elec/SR brute conundrums




So, without getting into major overall build posting:

My brute, as it stands, sort of focuses on +rech and def where I can get it - I'm *almost* capped for all types (am capped for ranged already) but I am working without Jacob's Ladder or Chain Induction - I have good AoE cycling Dark Oblit, Thunder Strike and LR... I've been going without a travel power or aid self.... now I am respecing for the fitness pool changes and here's the question:

How tasty are chain induction and jacob's ladder these days? What's more important - grabbing both or one of them or working aid self into my build? I've been riding on a couple of chance-for-heal IOs slotted in charged brawl and havoc punch - if I take Jacob's Ladder I can slot another but until I get my recharge through the roof the procs won't really go off enough to keep my on my feet vs high lvl mobs without aid self coming in....

What are you Elec/SR brute's thoughts on this? Is soul mastery real necessary or can I go without an Epic pool and put in more AOE from these two missing attacks? Is not having a ranged blast too irritating?




After that many views and no replies in City of Min/Max (tm), I'm assuming most are simply thinking "What, you didn't pair it with /shield? Not worth a response."

Ah, well.



First off, get rid of those heal procs. They will never fire off enough to make a better difference then using that slot to six slot a set that gives you more def.

Gloom is great. Not because it is range but because of its high dmg.
That power will help improve your ST chain, greatly.

Chain induction should be in your attack chain over havoc punch. Charged brawl has the better DPS over havoc punch.

Jacobs ladder is like shadow maul/sands of mu. If you know how to get the most out of those powers, JL will be a good pick up. Its not so bad used as a ST attack neither.

On my ela/sr scrapper, the best dps chain CB, CI, CB, JL, CB. I'm not sure what it is on a brute when you add Gloom. I'm sure someone will be kind enough to post it.

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Thanks Rieze!