Koffice forked into Calligra




This probably won't affect very many CoH users... but hey, who knows.

Announcement here: http://dot.kde.org/2010/12/06/kde-an...calligra-suite

Why the KDE developers did this is here: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2010/12/r...ther-name.html

The Calligra developer's long term goal is to turn Calligra into another KHTML. For those unaware of what KHTML is, you might be more familiar with major brand name products like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Valve Steam, all of which are built on a fork of KHTML called Webkit.

The Calligra developers are hoping that the similar circumstances with Calligra, being it's low processing costs, high functionality, and cross-platform OS nature will appeal to developers. Nevermind that Calligra's only real competitors are either bloated monstrosities of Java coupled with licensing issues from here to an Oracle, or simply bloated monstrosities of code that probably had more marketing than QA.



Cool. I will definitely give that a shot when it comes out.

But still I fear and still I dare not laugh at the madman!

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