New option for "SG Mode" costume




Back in the old days, a Supergroup was just a bunch of people who enjoyed playing together. There were no bases to be pay rent for and no Prestige to be earned. So there was basically no impetus for wearing your SG colors unless that's what you wanted to do. My personal preference was always, "If you're teamed with another SG member, then wear your SG colors. Otherwise wear your own colors." So whenever I was teamed with another SG member, I'd pop into SG mode to show team spirit, and whenever I was by myself, I'd wear my normal clothes.

Now, from the beginning there's always been the option to play in SG mode but retain your normal looks, and I've made use of that. However, I would also like to play in SG colors whenever I'm teamed up with another SG member, and presently to do that means I have to go to my SG settings and manually change my SG mode costume over to what looks good on my character. That's workaround #1, and it's kind of irritating. Workaround #2 would be to store my SG mode costume in one of my extra costume slots -- more convenient, but still irritating that I have to use up a costume slot.

What I would prefer is that within the SG settings, where you have the ability to customize your SG looks, there would be a setting that basically says, "Wear SG costume while in SG mode." If the setting is enabled (the default), then whenever you turned on SG mode, your costume would change in the way you have configured on the SG settings page. But if the setting is disabled, then whenever you turn on SG mode, your costume stays as-is (i.e., without your having to go into your SG costume design and say, "Keep my costume as-is.")

More detailed example: For my current character, SG mode changes my character's basic color scheme to black and orange. However, I don't like the way my characters's hair and jacket look with everything set to the default black and orange config, so I switch the secondary colors on the hair and the jacket. Simple enough, right? But usually I play solo or with non-SG members, and in those cases, even though I'm playing in SG mode for the sake of earning Prestige, I would prefer my character to wear his original outfit...which means I have to go into the SG mode settings and wipe out the SG color config I've set up. And then, the next time I get into SG mode, I have to go back into my SG settings and try to remember my config again so that I can look like an SG member again. That's a hassle. What would be nicer is if instead I could just keep the SG color customizations as-is all the time, but have a checkbox or option that allowed me to turn on or off at will whether those customizations were actually applied to my character. I'm playing with an SG member? Go into SG settings and enable "Wear SG colors." I'm playing solo? Go into SG settings and disable "Wear SG colors." So much simpler.

If I were to describe this option in shorthand, then, I guess I would basically say, "I'm looking for 'SG Mode' and 'SG Costume' to be two separate options, instead of SG Mode automatically invoking SG Costume like it does now."



I'd do you one better on an idea and add an actual option for "SG costume mode"

People with permission to do so in the SG can set everything for each gender (male, female, huge) and leave what they want open for customization (so people can change face, proportions etc). Toggling on the SG costume poofs your character into the designated outfit that you have to customize upon your first activation of it.

Those same level permission people could allow or disable the option to run SG mode the old way with just colors and emblem.

And then add another checkbox that could allow people to disable costume changes entirely while just entering sg mode like you want (I'd be fine with just this of course, my own suggestion aside )