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Gah. It upsets me to have to do this, but I'm really at an impasse now. I have a character that, despite having a few separate facts and character quirks, a costume, a pair of power sets and a cool name, really has no bio.

character: Wu Ming Shao Jwu (translates roughly to "Nameless Little Foot Soldier"

Race: Chinese Vampire, Hopping corpse.

Archetype: Dominator

Gender: Female

Power sets: Mind/Energy

/Energy is her releasing the life energy she's stolen in the form of Ki empowered martial arts.

Mind/ is zombie mesmerism. Hmm. that could use a little work.

Costume inspiration: Hsien Koh, Darkstalkers. CoH costume is kind of lame, wish we had floppy sleeves.

Character Quirks decided upon:
Finds the Chi of superpowered martial artists, particularly heroes/villains of the natural origin, to be of the highest quality, and thus makes the tastiest meal.

So, she's got some bits of character, but no real backstory. Anyone think they can help with this?



I would say start to research ancient Chinese mythology and set their creation back a good while (500+ years).

Wu Ming was trapped "for eternity" by an exceptional Shao Lin monk martial artist, and Wu Ming vowed revenge on those who practice martial arts to protect what would be her "food". After defeating one after her "release", the character found that they felt stronger than from a normal "meal", thus developing an "acquired taste" for the ki of Natural Martial Artists of a heroic bent.

Just off the top of my head. You'll need to fill in the blanks more; I'm not going to do all of the work for you

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