A call for AT screens!




Ahoy, for a college digital arts class project they wanted us to make an animated greeting card in Flash.

Well, I am making a CoH card and as part of it it will have descriptions of each AT.

Well, I only have a scrapper so I figured I'd spread open yon arms and extend it to the community

I need screenies of classic styled heroes, not spandex necessarily, but recognizable as a hero costume, not a dominatrix, pirate or the like, heroic screenies, the background will be photoshopped out but your char will remain in whatever pose given so please, no shaking your grove thing... as I said, heroic...

Thanks again and as I said I need


thanks to anyone who presents screenies, if by tomarrow morning when i get to work noone has posted I'll just go into costume editor and throw a few together myself.



And while we're on it, may I introduce Toxic Fairy, one of my scrappers.

Edit: oh, you already had a scrapper, nevermind then.



yeah, im the scrapper lol

(reminder: im going to be usign the character, try to keep the pose not very flashy and in frame so i can get all of the char.)



This is Ria, a fire and ice blaster. You get to do a collage on City of Heroes best dressed...lucky you!!

Here's a standard pose.



not a collage, firstll itll say greetings from City of Heroes

followed by the second part that willl come out with the ability to run over and select each of the ATRs with a screenie and a lil bit about the AT. and a lil gbye screen



well, I start work on the screenie part and finishing it up tomarrow, last time i did the programming...



heres my corruptor

healing some themed players.

i thought this was a cool pic on exiting a mission. too bad i wasnt able to be right behind them both, the girl was a little to the side. i stil like the pic.




I can do screen shots, though they may not scream archetype. Cannot hurt to post them though, at least give you something to look at.

My kinetic/radiation giant robo-kitty Defender, Kitty Construct.

Retro design.

And giant robot.

Ice/Ice Tanker Archangel Cat.

Fully armored, and ready to take a pounding so you don't have to.

And some times looking good is it's own reward.

And my mind control/empathy Controller, BlackberryThorn.

The power of flight!

That's levitation homes!

And actually, Thorn is the only character that isn't really a cat...just an alien that dresses up as one to feel accepted in a city that's afraid of aliens >_>

I would include a screen of my blaster, but he goes by the name YellowSnowAngel...not a very majestic costume either >_>

I can see forever 0.0



thanks to everyone who put a pic up. Though I am not really looking forward to working on this all day at least itll be on a topic I enjoy.

thanks again to people who sybmitted their chars, I may post a pic of the final project later.



Thanks again to those who gave screenies, I wasnt able to get a clean picture of finished project but thanks for the screens