"The Classic Blaster Build" (Eng/Eng)




It seems that the question is often, PVP or PVE. However, I enjoy both. This has lead to the development of what I call “The Classic Blaster Build”* While this build uses some IO’s, it relies heavily on Hamidon Origin enhancements. All percentages are give with regards to level 50, while playing in a zone such as Siren’s Call, these will be slightly reduced. I believe this build flourishes at levels above 30, due to the extra stealth and especially with temp invulnerability, not to mention personal force field.

Now this build will lack two key energy blaster powers: Nova and Total Focus. Why in the world would someone even try to write a guide especially one that claims to have a chance PVPwise, with no total focus, and concerning PVE, no Nova? Simply put, experience and play style. I’ve had both of these powers for going on 3 years now. In both PVP and PVE, they left me more vulnerable than victorious most times.

That’s not to say that these powers are not effective. They are both very good powers. Some would say that Nova is a waste in PVP. However, Build up + Aim + Nova in a mob of Mastermind pets will more often than not leave the MM petless not counting any RV heavies they may have. Total focus can be the deciding factor in a close range scuffle, especially if you are able to Aim through someones’ defenses to the point of dropping their mez protection, and that will ruin just about anyone’s day. Ultimately, these two, as well as a few others simply didn’t make the cut for me. Below, you will find the powers that I have put together and thoroughly enjoy using.

Energy Blast Set

Power Bolt
6 slotted, 3x acc/dam hami’s, 2x IO recharge, 1x acc/dam/endredux/rech IO
enhancement numbers:
acc: 98.2% dam:98.2% rech:95.5% endredux:18.5%
Not too bad for a minor damage, part of my 4 power attack chain

Power Blast
6 slotted, 3x acc/dam hami’s, 2x IO recharge, 1x acc/dam/endredux/rech IO
enhancement numbers:
acc: 98.2% dam:98.2% rech:95.5% endredux:18.5%
Decent damage, also part of my 4 power attack chain. Better damage than Bolt, obviously, a little slower recharge, but hits pretty well.

Power Burst
6 slotted, 3x dam/range hami’s, 2x IO acc, 1x dam/acc/rech IO
enhancement numbers:
acc: 95.6% dam: 97.9% range: 56.0% rech:19.3%
High damage, short range. That’s why I’ve opted to max it out rangewise as well as Acc and Dam, but not recharge

3 slotted, 3x IOr recharge
enhancement number:
99.1% recharge
A blaster without Aim is like a cookout without a grill.

Sniper Blast
6 slotted, 3x dam/range hami’s, 2x IO acc, 1x IO interrupt redux
enhancement numbers:
acc:83.3% dam:95.0% range: 56.0% interrupt: 50.9%
This is the main tactic of my build. I love my snipe. It has great range, especially when using boost range. If you can see em, you can probably hit them. I’ve even had it cued up and about to fire, lost sight of the target, due to distance, and still hit them. (I know I hit them because it registers in the damage log, even if the animation ‘misfires’.)

Explosive Blast
6 slotted, 3x acc/dam hami’s 3 IO recharge
enhancement numbers:
acc: 95.0% dam95.0% rech: 99.1%
Not my favorite part of my 4 power attack chain, but it fills out any gaps, and will, on occasion, expose a stalker lurking in the group. Its better, in my opinion, than energy torrent. Personally, I cannot stand that power, the cone, the range, and especially the animation. I just don’t like it.

Energy Manipulation Set

Power Thrust
1 slotted, 1x IO acc
enhancement numbers:
acc: 42.4%
It would be nice if you had a choice. But you don’t. Use it if they don’t have knockback protection. Or if you’ve been so slowed that nothing else is recharged yet. But by that point, your probably dead, or in your personal force field.

Build Up
3 slotted, 3x IO recharge
enhancement numbers:
rech: 99.1%
A blaster without Build Up is like a summer without an overpriced crappy blockbuster movie.

6 slotted, complete set of crushing impact. + 1x IO acc/rech
(Gives 5% recharge bonus, and 7% acc bonus)
enhancement numbers:
acc: 82.5% dam:92.0% rech: 82.2% endredux: 35.2
One of the two Melee attacks that I keep by choice. The acc bonus makes it worth it in my opinion. Especially if you can work in a Kismet in hover.

Power Boost
3 slotted, 3x IO rech
enhancement numbers:
rech: 99.1%
As is widely known, power boost + aid self = regen blaster. Even though it’s a two step heal, its well worth having. Especially if you can raise personal force field before someone can mez you or land that killing blow.

Boost Range
4 slotted, 3x IO rech, 1x IO endredux
enhancement numbers:
rech: 99.1% endredux: 42.4%
Range is defense. Lol, ok, no its not. But, a blaster with more range has an offensive advantage. Consider how useful it will be when stacking stealth with a stealth IO.

Conserve Power
2 slotted, 2x IO endredux
enhancement numbers:
endredux: 83.3%
More endurance? Thank you sir, may I have another?


3 slotted, Karma: Knockback protection, Kismet: Accuracy, IO flight speed
enhancement numbers:
4 points of KB protection, 6% +acc to all powers, flight speed 42.4%
Painfully slow, but holds a knockback IO as well as kismet. Worth it.

4 slotted, 3x IO flight speed, 1x travel/endredux hami
enhancement numbers:
flight speed 104.1%, endredux:33.3%
The most gimped travel power in the game. Off the top of my head I can name about 7 or 8 powers that can drop someone’s flight. But, considering snipe and personal force field are slotted in the manner that they are, it works pretty well. Just try to stay out of range of anyone spamming –fly attacks.

Air Superiority
2 slotted, 2xIO acc
enhancement numbers:
acc: 83.3%
With set bonuses the Acc on this power is into the 90s. I basically only use it if someone is chasing me. Most time, its someone with a raptor pack. Darn cheaters.


1 slotted, 1x flight speed
enhancement numbers:
42.4% flight speed
Slight flight speed bonus. Take it if you fly.

2 slotted, numina’s unique, miracle unique
enhancement numbers:
25% recovery bonus, 20% regeneration bonus
Slotting depends on your ability to get your hand on some highly desirable IOs. I was lucky enough to get these two. Slotting is up to you, but your main HP regeneration will probably be your aid self.

3 slotted, 3xIO endmod
enhancement numbers:
endmod: 99.1%
Don’t even think about not taking this power.


1 slotted, IO interrupt
enhancement numbers:
interrupt: 42.4%
Keep that empath buddy of yours un-mezed.

Aid Self
6 slotted, 3x IO healing 2x IO interrupt redux, 1x recharge
enhancement numbers:
healing: 99.1%, interrupt: 99.3% interrupt, recharge: 42.4%
Interruptible, but very nice heal with power boost.


2 slotted, 2x endredux
enhancement numbers:
end redux 83.3%
Stacked with a stealth IO, fun stuff.

Force Mastery

Personal Force Field
6 slotted, 2xIO def buff, 2x IO rech, 2x def/rech IO
enhancement numbers:
def: 59.4% recharge: 100.7%
The official ‘oh crap’ power, preferred by most blaster.

Temp Invulnerability
5 slotted, 3x IO dam resist, 1x IO end redux, 1x impervious skin: status resist
enhancement numbers:
dam resist: 58.5%, endredux 42.4%, 7.5% status resist
If you can keep it toggled, very nice resistance. For a blaster I mean.

Force of Nature
4 slotted, 2x dam resist, ageis: psi/status resist unique, 1x impervious skin: status resist,
enhancement numbers:
dam resist: 49.9%, status resist 27.5%, psi resist 2.1%
Woo, teir 9! (No mez protection. Keep breakfrees handy.)

So, there you have it. My build as it sits now. I will be looking at possibly adjusting my status resist IOs. Because I view my inspiration tray as my mez protection power, I may remove these for further enhancing. Time will tell. While you may not be able to get in there and blapp things out, you can add some great damage and really assist your team.

Best of luck to you.

*Special thanks to CritaKill of the Infinity server for giving my build a name.

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Personal preference aside, I would generally not recommend replacing energy torrent with explosive blast.

1. If you are going to be in power burst range anyway, you'll also be in energy torrent range.

2. Energy torrent has less scatter, because its knock is cone, while explosive blasts' KB is radial. That makes target selection when using EB a bit trickier than it is for torrent.

3. Energy torrent has better DPA, and is a better single target substitute that explosive blast.

4. Energy torrent recharges faster, and costs less endurance when used as a single target substitute.

5. Energy torrent has a slightly better chance of applying knockback, and its knockback is slightly stronger.

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you lost me at no total focus.

you may be vulnerable but that's what teammates are for.

as a /en blaster it is your job to bring the fire-power, not explain your vulnerabilities