Want to Draw a Graphic Novel?




Think you have the chops to take on a graphic novel? You'll be taking existing literary material and adapting it to comic format. You'll need to be innovative, detail-oriented, and passionate about the project. Style-wise, yes... a specific type of "look" is in order. (Along the lines of George Perez.) Absolutely no anime-style! Serious inquiries only! Email dynamistress@gmail.com. Include ONE attachment in PDF format of your work. A link to a website of your work will be acceptable, also.



Jeez. Not askin for much as ya.



lol, you make it sound like anime-style isn't a serious style. What's the gain? I mean graphic novels will take a LOT of time, so something in return is expected.

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Could we get a little more info? How long is the story? Do you have a finished script? (How many pages that is...) Not to be too blunt, but what's the budget? (don't mention $$, it'll close the thread, but you can suggest how many boxes of ziti...)

Also did you want full color? Black & white? Combo?



And for whom is this being made? Publication? Personal use? Which existing literary works are they?....

Moral lesson: be more specific

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