New Warface by Dirtwolf




Oh look, a docile kitten!

lol ^^ Nice pic though! I love it =)



Im glad you liked it Warface



It is pretty cool, Dirtwolf.



Does it ever end?

[/ QUOTE ]

Doubtful. Like many an Artwhore, you'll find yourself awash in a downward spiral. "It's no big deal", you'll say to yourself at first, "I can quit any time I want". But soon you find that it just takes more and more to get your fix.

Before long, you find yourself sleeping in the dumpster behind "Joe's House O' Gravy", with only your tears for warmth. You'll eke out an existence selling your body, and despise yourself for what you've become, until one day you snap, and the world goes black.

...On the upside though, you'll have lots of really cool art. So, it's probably worth it.