City of Zombies (contest!)





i will be hosting an art contest from now til All Hallow's Eve.

Draw your favorite character,preferably a City of Heroes character as an undead, or ZOMBIE!!! i will also accept short stories (and i mean short stories, no short novels, lol)

Reason: DA is an Evil Dead fan and it's gettin' Halloweeny time

Prizes or...Why you should participate:

1st prize: An original art piece created by me with your own desired subject matter and a one month subscription to Deviant Art (i'll try to get better between now and then, I swear! check out my art page from the link in my signature)

2nd prize: A three month subscription to Deviant Art

3rd prize: A one month subscription to Deviant Art

Submissions must be received by midnight, October 31st

Entries will not necessarily be judged based on skill. Creativity is a plus, humor is always good, and I love a good color palette (what could be funnier than zombies? ever think of what a marshmallow zombie would look like? or a zombie moose?)
All pieces will be judged solely by me. I will post entries in my deviant art journal is I receive them. Not a Deviant? No biggie, just send me a message here on the forums with a URL
thanks guys, hope to see some interest



Hmmmmmm............ponder ponder..

Lets keep it 2000 words and under



Gimme some sugah babee!!!

Well HELLLLOOOO Mr. Fancy Pants!!!