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Did this for a couple I recently found on DA... supposedly they met while playing DDO, and being a former humongous D&D table top nut, I had to sketch him.

Myself, I had only played DDO for all of 2 weeks for a free trial, but alas my heart belongs to CoX. Anyway soon after his girl found out, and I offered to include them together. What can I say, I'm a sucker for romance...

Total time about 3 hours total including the sketches, Painter rocks, and while a lot of it is choppy, hey it's free! lol




3 hours? Great google LJ, you are good and fast. =@_@=b I really like her armour.

I also played DDO for a bit. I prefer how combat is handled in a way over CoX in that you can move around and position means something. It matters if you are behind a mob or not. Also, dodging, blocking, and what not. But like you, CoX is where the heart is.

Anyways, great work LJ.

=. .=b



They look great, I like the added background as well



Very nice, the colors are lovely.



givez me ur artishtik tallant!!11!!1

Translation: What the heck do you mean 'choppy?'

I want a hand like that! I'm such a perfectionist, I would never finish the face within 7 hours!



WAIT! There are other MMO games?

[/ QUOTE ]

Roflol XD

Nice one, LJ

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