MarDun statue by Punkgutu




After much work and time, Punkgutu has finished the MarDun statue.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to finally have a statue. You can't see much, but the detail is crazy! You can see the wrinkles and stretching in the leather pants. The armor is perfectly accurate. The buckle detail is mind bending. He is about a foot tall and very heavy. He is on display at a friends gaming store right now.

Punkgutu was a class act all the way. Very attentive to what I wanted, kept in close contact through email. All around a very talented artist and great person!

Thanks Punkgutu!

Hope you all like the statue as much as I do.

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All I can say is: ZOMG! *claps*

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just a question... what medium did he use? clay polymer?