Two Great Artists from Baltimore Comic Con




I hit up the 2007 Baltimore comic con today, a last minute excursion, and right before leaving I quickly printed out a crappy art reference for Ava in case I came across an artist to get a sketch from.

First I'll say there were tons of great artists there doing sketches, I was actually overwhelmed. But given my spending was limited to what I had on me, which wasn't much, I chose to only get two sketches at the con itself from two newer artists.

I am thoroughly impressed by both of these artists and their enthusiasm, and the awesome art work i got given my horrible reference. I highly recommend both and I plan to commission full pieces from them myself this week.

Ava Adore Sketch by Michael Langdale (Who I might add has an awesome DA gallery so I suggest checking it out)

Ava Adore by Kaiser of Kaiser Studios (Sadly their side doesn't have much up, but I was blown away by the artwork they had on their table.)



both of those are wonderful pieces



Wow. yes. They are wonderful!

"City of Heroes. April 27, 2004 - August 31, 2012. Obliterated not with a weapon of mass destruction, not by an all-powerful supervillain... but by a cold-hearted and cowardly corporate suck-up."



Aye, nice sketches you've got there.