Commission Archive




If there is a page or site that lists all City of X Artists that accept commissions, please link me!

If not, then let this thread be archived and stickied, not of prices, but with yeses and noes as to whether people accept commissions!

(My friend and I want to start commissioning art, but we couldn't find a good place to start. Hence, the thread.)



City of Artists on DA has a list of most of the COH commissioning artists... myself included. I think the trick is finding one without a busy queue at the moment... I hope to be free by mid-September.



I have been considering opening for commissions, but my queue would have to be tiny because of school work and real work.

On that note, I need to get hooked up with City of Artists.

50 Fire/Kin Cont
50 Fire/Axe Tank
50 Spine/Inv Scrap
50 Eng/Dev Blast
50 Claw/SR Scrap
50 Emp/Dark Def
50 Eng/Elec Brute
50 Fire/MM Blast

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