Artwork of Amazing Acrogirl




I did not draw these, in fact I wish I had as my artistic ability is limited to stick figures, somehow ill porportioned anime characters or Font type word drawings.

First up are two by Liberty Rose of the Virutue Server

Acrogirl, her Dad Atomic Beetle and her pet bat Fuzzums

What happens when you're a now sane, formerly insane hero whose anger has been repressed for five years

and the last one is by WildHawk of the virtue server as well.

Balancing Act

These three pieces mean the world to me, I think of the artists that drew them as friends, they're also the only art I've ever recieved, EVER.

>.> I didn't even get any on friday for my birthday, wonder if I can get libris to give me a belated birthday title..



WOW! Great work by both artist!



Love your style! I love the expressions on the first drawing.



Aww, thats cuuute!



Those are rather pleasent little sketches



very nice



Yeah introspective looks at the life of hero's from their friend's point of view.

As far as in character goes, Rosie's one of Acro's dear friends, Beetle's her adoptive father. The woman has a strange afinity to magical pets and magic in general, without being magical herself (that she knows of), go figure.

Though I absolutely love the art, those are the first art I've ever been gifted with, since starting the game in CoH beta.

Hmm maybe I can pratice daily again, try to get back to where I was in HS, though I absolutely suck at drawing porportions in realistic styles, I can do japanese animation style relatively least I HOPE I still can, it's been years.



Those are wonderful pieces. I love the personality in them



I really like her smile in the first one. It's very charming.