Arts for a Tournament




Hey folks! Been a while since I posted here, but I've been busily chipping away at my life and doing art to keep myself happy in the meantime. Anyway, I've decided (since I wanted to gain experience not just drawing superheroes, but in doing sequential art for my planned comic that I will someday maybe share with the world) to enter an OC Tournament over at DA. Basically, you and your original character get pitted against another artist and their original character and each draw the battle, with the superior piece/comic taking the cake.

So here is page one of my audition comic for the Survivor: DeviantArt OC Tournament. For more information on the tournament, follow the link in the Artist's Notes, or visit BlackLillian over on DA.

Anyway, the main reason that I'm posting this here for all you talented and lovely people to hopefully take a look at is it is one of my very few attempts at sequential art. I'd really, really love to know what you think. Is it hard to follow? Is the paneling unoriginal and boring? Should I include more backgrounds, more foregrounds, more midgrounds, more ZOMBIES? Anything, please. I'm really not looking for compliments here (though those are nice). I'm seeking to grow as a comic artist, so if you've taken the time to read this far, thank you, and please let me know what you think.

Be sure to wish me well in the auditions process! Thanks everyone!
- SL



I like the character and the art. Unfred reminds me a bit of Evil Ernie. It looks like an interesting story, you certainly made me hungry for the next installment.



I like the bit where he can control severed parts of his body and he is using it to change the channel on the T.V. Hehehehe, that's great. =^_^=b



I almost choked on my breakfast when i read the part about the pet sock monkey. Funny stuff, keep em comin'!



I use a sock monkey to fight off lonliness as well

Great Work SL .



Kilo: I'm glad you like the story! I'm not familiar with Evil Ernie, though, do you think you could find a link or something?

Tundara: Hehe, yeah, I just imagined what I'd use a severed but still working hand for.

Dark: Yay! That's my favorite part!

DB: Haha, do you now? I thought it was schmirnoffs or something. :P Thank you!

And without further ado, page 3! Now my fate be in the hands of the judges!

Thanks for looking and commenting, everyone!



Hoozah! I have made it! I am one of 64 competitors in the tournament! Thanks for your support, all, and I'll be sure to link here with my entries so all can read.



Hey everybody! So, here's a link to my round one entry for Survivor: DeviantArt. This is by far the most ambitious project I've undertaken, and as much of a crunch as it was getting it done for the deadline, I loved every minute of it. Be sure to check out the awesome artworks (zomg flash animations) of the other competitors as well!