Character help please?




I could use some help with a story I am writing about one of my characters, the Harlequin's Hex . It is about before she became a villain, when she was still just a talented circus performer.

What I am looking for is a name/concept for a male fire blaster to include in my story as her love interest before she became another of Crey's science experiments. If you have any ideas as to cool names I could use, please share them here! And I wouldn't mind if you threw in costume ideas as well

Thanks in advance!



I have no idea bout your love interest guy, but I have to say those costumes are terrific



Well the most obvious thing that comes to mind for me, is another performer type who juggles fire, breathes it and does that kind of act. No clue on a name, but it seems sensible to have another performer.


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Something easy, like Heatwave, would be best. Sometimes just combining words yields interesting results, like, um... Fireflux. Then there are fire-related words: Flashover or Char. Adding prefixes to ordinary words works wonders: Professor Flame, Dr. Heatstroke, Mr. Blister. (Okay, maybe those are villains. Does the hero have a villainous twin? Or dad?)

Pyre, Bonfire, Tinderbox, Salvo, Ignitor, Combustor, Wildfire, Scorcher.

Tech hero: Hotwire.

Fire/Electricity: Heat Lightning

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