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After coming back to the CoH community this forum must be where my time is spent most. Due to such I have been tapping into those old creative intuitions due to all of YOUR inspiring pieces. So here are my re-makes of other artists drawings except for the final one. The first is from an older Anime series and another redraw from the same cartoonist. The final is my start of a drawing fresh.

I have never been good at coloring. Whether by hand or imaging software. *chuckles*



Not bad at all <^_^> Coloring takes time to master (I'm *FAR* from it myself!) - but I can give you a tip that *may* make it easy for you to start!

Well *tips* I should say.

(Note: Only works in Photoshop >.< Dunno bout other stuffs)

Go to Layers - Select "Create Duplicate" - do this twice.

Go to Windows - Select "Show Layers" - select the furthest down, hit Shift+Backspace and give it a solid color. (I use black)

Select the top layer and select "Multiply" from the thinger there.

Then select the middle layer and bam! Your colors won't go over your lines and you can just go nuts <^_^>

Only mention that in case you ever feel like trying!

Needless to say, cool stuff <^.^> In the words of teh internets - "MOAR!"

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oh wow!! I love your style!!



Well, if Gamma_Girl likes it then it must be pretty good...


I agree with mistformedsquirrel's bottom line entirely. "MOAR!"



Thank you for the advice! Planning to stop by the hobby shop tonight and pick up a new sketch board and supplies. Get away from the paper with lines and something can begin adding color to.



Really nice style as mentionned before Kambien ... would really like to see more

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awesome style you got there!