Paragon Times: Vanguard Reports Success




The Paragon Times wraps up the Rikti invasion with two special reports from freelance journalists in the field. See what our special correspondents had to say, and check out the images brought to us by our freelance photographers!

PARAGON CITY, Rhode Island, August 10th – The city is quiet again, as quiet as it ever is in the City of Heroes. Vanguard and Positron reported earlier in the week that our efforts in holding off the Rikti Invasion were a resounding success. Vanguard’s rapid response teams held the line in every at risk city zone, both in Paragon and in the Rogue Isles, as well as around the world.

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That was a very, very good article.



This is really doom.



Nice work. Loved the quote about Fusionette and Faultline.



What a great read!


The Trust



Another great article. Thanks Jesse et al



All I know is that my hero Fallenz did not run. He will follow the example of the Undefeated to the bitter end of the Rikti World War II!



I didn't see any of us 'Villain' types interviewed in that article.

But if I had been, here's what i woulda said.

Spectre of the Gun--Mastermind

Why am I helpin out Vangaurd? Well, it sure ain't to be rescuing no Longbow..That was kinda awkward if ya know what I'ma gettin at. But, anyway. We got enough pompus, arrogant trying ta make the world the way they want it.
We don't need an entire alien race to take their place! Recluse, Statesman, the two of them are more than enough to deal with. Don't be needed some outter space wackos added to the mix.
And that's what I gots to say about all that!

Walks away with his gun in hand, polishing the rune of eternity. Mumbling about still not having enough bullets.

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