Simplified TA




Hey everyone

I know I've disappeared for a few months.. life has been pretty eventful, to say the least. I've started sketching and colouring again, and decided to play with some new techniques. To practice them, I decided to start with a fairly simple and goofy sketch...

and for some reason, whenever I start drawing goofy, TA is the result. *shrugs* At least there's no Ninja Volcanoes this time.

Anyhow, enough rambling. Here's the incredibly Simplified TA

And unrelated to CoH, please meet Cthulhu from Accounting.

I've got more coming soon



Looks good!

But I always figured Cthulhu would be more of a collections department guy... >_>



Nice work, Duck.
I love your coloring.


...And I'm pretty sure Cthulhu works in Personel, dealing with employee hirings and discharges.



Very cool Duck!

Even though it's simple i really like that!

Thanks brother!



Very Simple.... just like TA

*dives for cover*

Nice work Duck

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Hehe, I like both of those.