Looking for a video




I think the group was called "Reapers", or had "Reapers" in their name. The video was a bunch of PvE footage of them running through some otherwise-difficult missions with ease.

There was 1 Kin/Sonic/Psy defender, 1 Kin/Psy/Psy defender, 2 Kin/Dark/Psy defenders, and 4 AR/NRG blasters. They used Coheed & Cambria's "Welcome Home" for the first song in the video, I don't remember what other songs. Their method was pretty much putting mobs to sleep, running in, getting 2 fulcrum shifts, then hopping back and AoEing mobs to death with 2 flamethrowers and 2 full autos. Next group they'd speed to and kill with the LRM from the munitions ancilliary of the blasters, still fulcrum-shifted. Next group they'd repeat the first tactic.

Trying to find it again because YouTube took down the old one and I want to show a supergroup member.



Nobody knows?