traps pvp (MM)




mkay, I have a lvl 50 robotics/traps mastermind and through trial and error have come up with a style of pvping with traps that I find to be the most effective. If you wish to flame me please do not do so, this is my opinion through my experiences.

rule 1. your pets are your defense-It goes without saying, keep out all your pets and upgrade them all the way, keep them in bodyguard mode to get that oh so lovable damage res.
rule 2. FFG is your BFF-its your mez protection, the defense bonus is pretty good too.
rule 3. TRIP MINES-The old problem with MM pvping is that to do damage, you must leave your precious haven bodyguard mode, with traps, you neednt do it. you can easily set up 14+ trip mines with recharge SOs alone (I dont have hasten or any recharge set bonuses so I cant tell you the biggest potential) which is more than enough to smack most squishies, also note TP foe is a must for using this style of pvp.
rule 4. take advantage of invisible traps-if you use just mines and poison traps your enemy cannot see it, but if you decide to lay down the acid mortar or toss down trops the enemy will see it and try to avoid it (again, tp foe ftw).
rule 5.fight or flight-many times when being tped into mines/trops/acid mortar/poison trap/seeker drones the enemy (especially if its a squishy) will try to run, this is where your handy dandy web nades come into action, if the baddy has immobilize res then they still cant fly or jump. Also if they run it might be acceptable to leave BG mode and have pets attack their little escapist selves. Now, hardier enemies may think that the traps are pet attacks and that youve left BG mode and gone squishy and attack you---their bad, now you have BG mode res and they have pets on them.
rule 6.things you hate- confuse-not only do your pets turn against you, so do your traps, nuff said. blaster booms-instant pet wipe most of the time. hard to kill enemies-the idea behind this is quick, easy kills, meaning drawing out fights with tanks/brutes/scrappers/etc. might be worse than backing off and searching for that squooshy gooshey blapper.

Thats all, thanks for reading!



interesting, i will keep this in mind should i make one