Presents for Artists




Back during the Winter event if a toon logged in it got a present that you could give to another character. Now I've got a lot of these presents on a bunch of alts and i was thinking of giving them to artists in hopes for some art.

I did a quick check and here are a list of the servers I have presets on.

Infinity 3
Freedom 2
Virtue 1
Justice 0
Champion 0
Liberty 1
Pinicale 2
Guardian 0
Protector 3
Victory 2
Triumph 0

I'll be gone this weekend so I hope you guys keep this thread active enough, because I'd like to give these presents out monday night, which is also when I'd like to get more of my reference pics up.



Well the problem with last years presents are the bugs. A good chunk of presents, when opened, exploded with confetti but didn't give anything :/



I understand that some presents may not be worth much and I'm willing to give all the presents I have on one server to one person in hopes they get something good. I'd be willing to let someone decide if they think what they got was worth a drawing or not.

I think the bug occurs when you open a present and you have the item it contains (santa hat, snowballs, jingle jet, snow beast). Also I believe that some of the presnet6s give the inspiration present, and if your inspirations are full it won't give you anything. Otherwies, if it is a dud, it should give you influence and prestige.

The reason I'm doing this is cause my account expires on 14th and I'd love to share these presents, and if I could get some art from it I'd think that would be really cool. I'd also be willing to just give out presents for free, to the art community cause I think what ustedes do is so great.

I just found out today that I might not have a ride back until tuesday , and where I'm going may or may not have internet. I'm bringing my laptop and hoping for the best.

I'd just like to get these to ppl while I still have a chance to give them, otherwise I'm likely to just give them to anyone I come across, but I'd like to give you gals and guys first whack at them.

So feel free to sign up even if you can't afford, or think it is worth, the time it would take to make me your pretty artsies.



Hmm, i would love to give you some art (even if there wasn't a present)... :'( but I can't...I don't have a scanner or anything to get it to you... It makes me sad...



I got a ride back early, I see no one took me on my offer, so as I said I'd love to give presents to artists cause appreciate what ustedes do. If not I guess I'll just give presents out to random ppl.



Good idea and spirit to this... no timeto log on though. Good luck man.



I'd thought I'd give this thread a *bump*

If anyone is at work (or at home) and thinks they'd like to get in on a present let me know so I can save some. Tonight I'll be going through my alts and giving away presents.

You can even leave me a message on my global @Xyvaz and maybe I'll see it .



Well I'm not an artist... no really, I dabble in 3d rendering but I'm REALLY not very good at it...

but I'd be more than happy to grab Presents and pass them on to deserving souls if you're canceling your account...

*cries of "No don't leave us!! We love you!" are heard*

I've toons on... lesee... Virtue, Victory, Pinnacle, and Liberty (both sides on all). global is <<<<

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I sent you at tell, I'm going to switch computers after I puruse the art forum a little.

Oh, and these presents can't be transferred. They are the temp power one, not the inspiration ones.



anyone else interested before they go?



So, I gave a all of zero presents to artists.

I gave out a total of 5 snow beasts, 4 jingle jets, and 2 snowballs.

which is pretty impressive.