Calling All DJ's & Radio Broadcasters!




In an effort to help tie our community players to resources for events and parties, we have started to create a reference index of services, sort of like a Paragon Yellow Pages if you will.

So the first area we have started is to gather in the Radio/Podcast stations and DJ's.

If you are interested in being listed on our forums please either send via PM or respond to this thread with the following information.

Radio/Podcast stations: Link your website or station information along with a brief description of your schedule and style of broadcast. Please also include a station contact email address where our events in the city group can email you weekly event updates to plug on your station.

DJ's please post your contact information preferably with forum name or link your email. Also include any stations which you are affiliated with as well as the music style that you are most likely to support.

If you prefer to cover a specific server please list this in your information.

If you have any suggestions on our Paragon Yellow Pages or would like to get more involved please send me a PM.


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i was just wondering if there are any plans to use players as guest DJs in Pocket D ever?

with a growing list of those who do this sort of thing, it would be even more immersive and a bit of a plug for each service if they were used for events of some sort.

beyond that.. i'm glad to see a resource pool being pulled together!

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