Need help with costume concept.




I need help with a character costume for an old character I'm bringing in from another game into the world of Co*

A sketch of here can be found here

Some backround info.. because it matters!
Name: Jin Yae
Race: Elf (was originaly changeling.. but.. thats not entirely supported here)
Occupation: Sorceress (but not afraid to wear leather armor)
Favoirte color: Purple
Backround: Jin Yae I s the sort of person who likes to mess around with individual people's perceptions on how things are possible, bending the laws of magic just enough to confuse the heck out of anyone observing her (particularly learned scholars of magic.) One of her favorite tactics is to act as though she requires a focus for a spell and then turn around to cast a bigger badder verison of the spell with absolutly no focus item at all... usualy after lobbing the item at the head of the potential sucker.

However, she detests using magic to generate the illusions themselves.. quoting that doing so takes all the challenge away.

EDIT Good and evil variations are welcome.. as I'm sort of wavering between which side I want to create her on..

Oh.. and any critiques and comments ont he sketch would be nice =P



I'd look over the powersets, both hero and villain, and go with whichever one fits your character concept the best.

An illusion controller might fit.



Well I already started that she detests illusion magic.. so that was right on out. However... not long after I posted this a freind of mine got into a conversation... and he said "Make her like one of your necromancy sorts." And I did... Apparently he likes my necrosmancers.. (Mostly because mine are far from whiney emos and tend to be Chaotic netural)

And from that little slice of inspiration... I've developed a completly different costume... however.. I'de forgotten about this post... by then... I'll post a Sceenshot sometime later.