CoH Level-Restricted Badge Checklist




This guide presents a list of badges in City of Heroes which are, as of Issue 10, difficult to obtain past certain levels. This guide does not cover badges that one can easily go back for, such as Gravedigger or Top Dog. Go here for those.

The intention of this guide is that the user of this guide be capable, at any point, of hunting for ANY available (at current level) badge at his/her convenience, regardless of level, without having to spend an hour looking for a lowbie who is willing to get dragged through contacts for some obscure mission that they've never heard of. (If this doesn't strike you as something that you'd need a guide for, try broadcasting "Looking for Plague Stopper mission" at 4 am. on a low-population server.)

Corrections and comments are welcome, though I'll only have a forum account for one day after posting this, so don't expect updates beyond that, at least until next time I activate my account (I have to take time off for college).

This guide dedicated to the oft-requested Flashback system, which I sincerely hope will come along and make this guide obsolete.

Special thanks to Red Tomax, whose super-handy site I used to copy the mission texts (as you'll notice by the fact that the NPC's are all talking to Red Tomax).

This guide is organized based on the level at which each badge is available to you.

I do not have screenshots or descriptions of the badge locations for the Safeguard missions (look up a guide to Safeguard missions if you've never heard of them), but if you're going to be badge hunting, I suggest learning how to use the coordinate system anyway, as you'll likely be needing it often. For those wanting to just stumble through it, the coordinates represent {X, Z, Y} distances from the (arbitrary) center of the map, and you can display your current location with the /loc command.

For mission badges, I list the names of the contacts that can give the mission. I also list the factions involved, so that you can judge whether you're getting close when you need to go through multiple contacts to get a usable one. I list the mission text so that you can actually find it once you have the contact (though NPC names may change in the text, they're usually random). Mission badges are awarded to (1) the mission holder and (2) anyone who was on the mission map for at least half of the time that the mission was occupied (so don't go AFK inside the mission while waiting for people to show up). If the mission fails, only the holder can get the badge. The mission holder does not have to be logged in or on the map to get the badge, so if you're saving the mission and some jerk steals it, at least you get the badge (of course, whoever you were saving it for doesn't). This also allows you to get the badge twice at once by logging on to another character on your account after a team is formed and the mission is set (because your other character is on the map during completion, as noted above).

Note that, for Mission badges, the theoretical listed minimum level may not be accurate. I'm not sure of the details, but I am pretty sure that contacts won't give some missions right away. (You can do a story arc and a dozen random missions for your level 20 arcane contact, and he still won't give you Spirit Warrior before level 22.) Also note that these badges DO NOT occur in story arcs; completing story arcs generally doesn't help you get badges, though this breaks down at levels 45+.

I make note of Task Forces for each level range, but you can go back to auto-exemplar through most of them. These are listed just in case someone wants XP for the hours required to run them. Respecs, however, must be done before their maximum level (though you might be able to join a lower-level version as an actual exemplar; I'm not sure on this one, but I don't think it's allowed). I suggest doing respecs early in their level range, to make sure you don't outlevel them and to allow you to respec at 27 and 37 in order to sell slotted enhancements. Also, if you don't plan your builds out ahead, you might need to respec ASAP, so...

Unlockable Task Force zone arcs are noted here; these are easier to get than mission badges once outleveled, but I still suggest unlocking the TF's on your own, so that you don't have to search for someone who has.

I also put in a couple of extra notes on things I consider helpful.

Level 1 -- Grinding the Tutorial

Kill 100 Contaminated in Outbreak (the tutorial). Easiest with a team, easiest if you've already finished Coyote's mission; if you do Coyote's mission first, make sure not to talk to him afterwards AT ALL until you have the badge, as you do not have the option of canceling out of his dialog (if you try, you'll get sent to Atlas).

Levels 6 to 9 -- Few Levels, Few Badges

Heart of the City, Safeguard Exploration
"Atlas Park" map, {1498, 0, -399}

Negotiator, Mission (Accomplishment)
CONTACTS: Paula Dempsey, Maurice Feldon, Tony Kord
FACTIONS: Clockwork (Skulls too, but you can't get this from Skulls contacts)
The Clockwork have taken over a warehouse in Kings Row, and it's one that the Skulls claim is on their turf. You have to get to the Clockwork out of that warehouse before the Skulls get involved. You have 60 minutes to defeat the Clockwork.

Hurry, before the situation endangers the public! Time is of the essence!

[/ QUOTE ]

I suggest starting the Hollows arc during this level range.

Levels 10 to 14 -- Wherein Things Speed Up

I suggest doing the Invention tutorial in the University at level 12, so that you can have a (currently rare and expensive) level 15 Accuracy invention for free.

King's Righteousness, Safeguard Exploration
"King's Row" map, {669, -41, -2352}

Spelunker, "Fortune Teller mish" for the Atlas Medallion Accolade
CONTACTS: Hugo Redding, Dr. Trevor Seaborn, Haley Phillips
FACTIONS: Circle of Thorns
A local fortune teller called Lady Rose has been reported missing, but she's left us a clue to her fate. According to the reading she gave the day before she disappeared, she was destined to be kidnapped by a cruel Circle mage known as Drejak. Can you rescue Lady Rose from the Circle of Thorns? I'm sure fate will smile on you if you can.

If you can't, I think we'll have to consider this mission a failure. I've got an extra emergency teleporter for you to take her, just in case.

Lady Rose has a reputation for being very accurate. Who knows what the Circle could do with the information she provides?

[/ QUOTE ]

I suggest finishing the Hollows arc by level 15; if you want XP for the Trial of Transcendence, you're barking up the wrong tree, but it's possible from level 12 to level 15.

Positron's Task Force gives XP to levels 10-15.

Levels 15 to 19 -- Fetch Quests and Annoying Story Arcs

Note: Talk to Warzone Operative Eckman in Bloody Bay when you hit level 15 and your contact sends you there. "Patrol Bloody Bay" to get a badge and a temporary Stealth power, the latter being very useful.

Courage Driven, Safeguard Exploration
"Skyway City" map, {-944, 0, -3554}

Plague Stopper, Mission
CONTACTS: Pavel Garnier, Dr. Ann-Marie Engles, Olivia Chung, Juliana Nehring
FACTIONS: Vahzilok
The Vahzilok have developed a new strain of their wasting disease. You need to find and destroy the containers the Vahzilok are using to store the disease. A lot of lives are in your hands today, Red Tomax. You only have 75 minutes to destroy the plague containers.

Make sure you destroy all the containers.

[/ QUOTE ]

You should be sent to Faultline at level 15; complete the first two contacts' missions, and you'll get the Rescuer badge. You don't need to finish the last two contacts of the zone arc.

Synapse's Task Force gives XP to levels 16-20.

Levels 20-24 -- Fetch Quests, Fetch Quests, and Content Density

Note: You'll be sent to Siren's Call (among other places) by a contact; Warzone Operative Brinson will give you an even better Invisibility power if you patrol for him.

You can open up capes and a costume slot now, though they give no badges.

Freedom's Defender, Safeguard Exploration
"Steel Canyon" map, {-4254, 0, 1130}

Pwnz -- Mission
CONTACTS: Wilma Peterson, Andrew Fiore, Jake Kim, Claire Childress, Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal, Vic Garland
FACTIONS: Freakshow (ideally their introductory mission, the first real mission from the contact)
There's been a great deal of chaos on the streets of the city, and a good deal of it has been started by a gang called the Freakshow. This highly factionalized group of nihilistic anarchists has become dangerous, fueled by a drug called Excelsior and their unwavering hatred of 'the system'. Their tenacity and wild abandon make them dangerous opponents. I just got a tip that the Freakshow have raided the Lockhart Aerotech weapons lab and made off with a mighty arsenal. Will you retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow?

The Freakshow aren't just thugs with guns. They're well armed, well equipped, and crazy. With all the Excelsior in their system, many Freaks can barely feel pain. What's more, lots of them have undergone radical cybernetic surgery to turn themselves into walking death machines. So this isn't going to be easy.

[/ QUOTE ]

Spirit Warrior -- Mission, apparently not available until level 22
CONTACTS: Oliver Hoak, Piper Irving, Colin Royce, Andrea Mitchell, Joseph Keller, Dr. Cheng
FACTIONS: Banished Pantheon and Circle of Thorns
A large number of pre-cognitives have been reporting visions of a nightmarish battle beneath the streets of the city. In these visions, the Banished Pantheon cultists battle the Circle of Thorns for control of some sort of mystic vortices that trap wandering spirits. And in these visions, you appear as well. Are you willing to face this vision and stop both of these groups of mystic madmen?

I don't know the purpose of that vortex, but I have been told that you must close it.

[/ QUOTE ]

You might want to start the Striga arc now, the TF isn't until the next level spread but some of the lower-level stuff gives nice temp powers.

The first Respec opens at level 24 and closes at level 33. I suggest doing it early; at level 25, things will get crazy. The contact is Jane Hallaway in Independence Port.

Moonfire's TF (in Striga) gives XP to levels 23-28. Someone is going to have to be near 28 for you to finish this, so I usually consider this part of the level 25-29 content density, but it does open at 23.

Psyche's Task Force gives XP to levels 20-25, but I don't advise trying it with any level 20's because she might send you to Dark Astoria (which requires level 21).



Levels 25-29 -- 2/3 of the Game's Content crammed into 5% of your Play Time!

Note: I'd be really impressed if you could get XP for all of the content in this level range without getting tons of debt first. It's not really "2/3," but it is rather a lot.

Honorable Captain, Safeguard Exploration
"Independence Port" map, {?} (VidiotMaps doesn't have the coordinates as of this writing)

Redeemer, Mission (series of sub-missions)
CONTACTS: Laurie Pennington, Ashwin Lannister
FACTIONS: Warriors
One of the Warriors' highest War Chiefs, a man called Alexander 'the Great' Pavlidis, has contacted me about leaving the Warrior's ranks. But he won't do it without speaking to you, and only you, Red Tomax. Go talk with Alexander, and do whatever you can to bring him into protective custody.

Alexander is a Warrior, Red Tomax, but all my intelligence indicates that he is a man of honor. He told me that he would test you somehow, so be prepared.

[/ QUOTE ]

Mystical Savior, Mission
CONTACTS: Laura Brunetti, Miriam Bloechl
FACTIONS: Banished Pantheon
Several mystical and occult researchers have recently disappeared while attending a conference on early human religions. The surviving security guard's description points to the culprits being the Banished Pantheon. Fortunately, I have a lead on where they may be holding the kidnap victim. Someone has to track down the Pantheon and rescue those mystics. There won't be much time, maybe 75 minutes at most before the Pantheon completes their sacrifices. Can you do it?

You'll need to find all of the occult researchers and rescue all of them from the Banished Pantheon. I fear the only way to preserve their safety in the long term will be to defeat all of the Pantheon's creatures who took part in the researcher's abduction. Move fast. No one survives in the Pantheon's clutches for long.

Here's something to help you out. This Undead Slaying Axe has served the city's defenders before. Use it to save those mystics.

[/ QUOTE ]

You might want to try to start the Croatoa content in this level range, though really you'll be fine if you wait until the low 30's on this one.

Moonfire is still around to give XP to level 23-28, and keep in mind the 24-33 respec as well.

Completing the Striga arc opens up the Ernesto Hess Task Force (levels 26-30 for XP). This is a fun and memorable one.

Citadel's Task Force gives XP to levels 25-30. This isn't a fun and memorable one.

Levels 30-34 -- Cool-Down Period

Talos' Might, Safeguard Exploration
"Talos Island" map, {-1452, 160, 6739}

Corrupter, Mission (series of sub-missions)
CONTACTS: Tina Chung, Neal Kendrick
FACTIONS: Nemesis, Circle of Thorns
Red Tomax, you've got to rescue the O'Gaffney law firm from the Circle of Thorns! Those mystics are over there right now, chanting up a storm. I think they're planning to sacrifice those lawyers. Please, help them!

You know as well as I that the Circle's rituals are often brutal. We can't let such things happen to our citizens!

[/ QUOTE ]

War Wall Defender, Mission
CONTACTS: Philipa Meraux
I need your help with a dangerous situation. A group of engineers was working on the War Walls near Talos Island when they were captured by the Rikti. The Rikti have attempted to bring down the War Walls before, and it they can stop the engineers from making their adjustments, they just might succeed. The good news is that the villains have been isolated in an emergency forcefield. The bad news is that it may not prevent them from affecting the War Walls. You've got to rescue the engineers and prevent the Rikti from destroying the force fields that protect the city.

If the War Walls fall, Paragon City will be ten times more vulnerable to a Rikti attack. You'll have to rescue all of the hostages and shut down any computer the Rikti have overridden.

[/ QUOTE ]

Captain James Harlan of Founders' Falls will give you a new Respec trial for levels 34-43.

Completing the Croatoa zone arc will unlock the Katie Hannon Task Force, good for 2 badges and a costume part.

Manticore's Task Force gives experience to levels 30-35.

Levels 35-39 -- Trials and Rikti

Note: You can now go to the Rikti War Zone and unlock your ability to earn Vanguard Merits.

Cornerstone, Safeguard Exploration
"Brickstown" map, {-406, 0, -130}

The Doctor's Ally, Mission (needed for Conspiracy Theorist Accolade)
CONTACTS: Gordon Stacy
I've been hearing rumblings on the Internet about a new hacker called The Doctor. This 'Doctor' seems to be very anti-Crey, taking responsibility for the attacks on Crey's servers, and posting some very amusing stories about Countess Crey on the various news sites. The Doctor hasn't caused any REAL damage yet, but I think its only a matter of time before Crey themselves decide to get involved. I was hoping you could put on your investigation cap and check this one out for me. When Crey do start looking for this hacker, it could get messy.

Great, I knew could count on you. The Doctor is very good at covering his tracks, but there is an abandoned warehouse that his IP address has been traced back to. My sources inside Crey tell me that they know about the warehouse as well, and will probably apprehend The Doctor for themselves. We all know how that will end up, so try to get to him before they do, ok?

[/ QUOTE ]

Frontline, Mission (series of sub-missions)
CONTACTS: Cadao Kestrel
FACTIONS: Circle of Thorns
I just got word of a Circle plot that could alter the world as we know it. They're trying to set up a portal to an alternate dimension: a dimension in which their lost civilization of Oranbega flourished. If they can contact those Oranbegans, there's no telling what kind of damage they can do to this reality. You've got to stop the Circle of Thorns from contacting an alternate world!

Please hurry! An alternate Oranbega could unleash a magical fury such as we have never seen!

[/ QUOTE ]

Maren MacGregor of Founders' Falls will give the Abandoned Sewer Network Trial to levels 38-40. Note that there's an exploration badge on the end boss.

Woodsman in Eden will give out the level 39-41 Eden trial. It's awesome.

Numina's Task Force gives XP to levels 35-38. Why 38? I have no idea.

Levels 40-44 -- Congratulations, You're Officially Epic--uh, I mean, Ancillary!

Founders' Protector, Safeguard Exploration
"Founders' Falls" map, {3233, 0, 2055}

Meteorologist, Mission (series of sub-missions)
CONTACTS: Maxwell Christopher
The data you recovered has brought some really disturbing Nemesis operations to light. Analysis shows that Nemesis has spent a decade funding some kind of meteorological study. Weather patterns, climatology, that kind of thing. What the records don't tell us is why he'd be interested in that. I think it might be a good idea to find out why Nemesis is worried about the weather.

Nemesis still doesn't know about the records you recovered, so the first step is going to be building up a working cover story. We got lucky there. Automatons working for Nemesis kidnapped the noted climatologist Dr. Sam Frinkley, and you're going to start this off by shaking down Nemesis troops for information. To tell you the truth, we already know where Dr. Finkley is. The lab where he's imprisoned is one of those I've had under surveillance since you found those Nemesis files. but we have to maintain the image that we don't know, or else Nemesis could figure out our source of information.

Take out about 30 Nemesis soldiers anywhere you like, then hit the base.

[/ QUOTE ]

Emancipator, Mission
CONTACTS: Tina Macintyre
FACTIONS: Psychic Clockwork, including the infamous Psychic Clockwork King
I hope you're ready for the many challenges Portal Corporation will throw at you. Why, just last week, we had to beat off an attack of winded monkeys! Ha, ha, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Seriously, though, it's a big, wide universe, and it's not for the faint of heart. For your first mission, I'd like you to go to the dimension we've designated Epsilon Tau 27-2. We've detected a very strong psychic signal there, and we want to make sure it doesn't pose a threat.

Let me tell you a little about how this works, Red Tomax. We have to erect a force field to keep part of an alternate dimension stable in relation to our own. If that field ever goes down, we could lose you in another world. Explore the selected area thoroughly, then report back.

[/ QUOTE ]

Multidimensional, Mission (series of sub-missions) (needed for Portal Jockey Accolade)
CONTACTS: Tina Macintyre (again)
There's good news, Red Tomax. After months of effort, some Portal Corporation techs have managed to isolate the dimension the Hydra comes from. We want you to go there and learn anything you can about the Hydra. Thanks to the efforts of Paragon City's brave heroes, the monster is relatively contained within the sewer system. But it has enormous regenerative powers, and we need to find a way to defeat it for good. If you find anything, take it to Dr. Steve Sheridan. He knows a lot about extra-dimensional species.

I'm not really sure what you'll find there, Red Tomax. From our initial probes, it looks like a pretty scary place.

[/ QUOTE ]

Sara Moore, in the Shadow Shard's Cascade Archipelago, has a Task Force for levels 40-45.

Major Richard Flagg, on Peregrine Island, starts handing out the level 44+ Respec trial at--well, at level 44. No hurry on this one.

Levels 45-50 -- The End.

Well, you don't really have to worry about missing badges in this range, but several of the badges follow patterns of those in previous sets, so I figured I'd give you these for convenience. There are actually quite a few more--Statesman TF, Rikti TF, three more Shadow Shard TF's, Malta World Wide Red story arc with Kronos Titan, Praetorian War story arc for Portal Jockey, etc.--but you now have all the time in the world to track those down.

Gatekeeper, Safeguard Exploration
"Peregrine Island" map, {-634, 0, -2869}

Bodyguard, Mission (series of sub-missions)
Indigo's uncovered a situation that could be disastrous if allowed to proceed unchecked. It involves the Rikti, who aren't exactly my favorite people; and it involves the Malta Group. If there's any good point, it's that this situation she's discovered has more to so with mutual annihilation between the two groups than holding hands around a campfire. That's about all I can tell you; indigo will be able to tell you the rest if you want to follow up.

I'll warn you, though, Indigo thinks that this one might end up as a battle against time. Once you've made a move,Malta may try to act fast to keep you from winning the second round of this one. You've been warned.

Indigo should be waiting to talk to you. You'll probably have to see her in person. She'll have further instructions for you then.

[/ QUOTE ]

Agent, Mission
CONTACTS: Maria Jenkins
FACTIONS: Praetorians
Hold onto your hat, Red Tomax. I've got a lead on a Praetorian incursion into Paragon City itself. It seems that marauder has set up a military base over on Peregrine Island! I don't have to tell you that there are a lot of valuable military targets on that island. Nor do I have to tell you how quickly this situation could become deadly. You've got to get to Peregrine Island and wipe out Marauder's cell.

It may be that Marauder has a stable portal back to his home world. If so, you'll need to destroy it.

[/ QUOTE ]

Shrouded, Mission (maybe part of story arc?) (needed for Portal Jockey Accolade)
CONTACTS: Maria Jenkins
FACTIONS: Praetorians
Are you familiar with the Praetorian villain who calls herself Nightstar? I've heard some strange things about her. She's an intelligent robot, like Siege, but the difference is that she seems to be a little bit crazy. She believes that her power comes from a galaxy contained within her robotic amour. Every month, she goes out under the night sky to commune with the stars. If you could disrupt her ritual, her minions might start to doubt her. Even more importantly, she might start to doubt herself.

You'll want to check the rooftops for Nightstar and her minions. That's where they can usually be found.

[/ QUOTE ]



Very nice, Snarespawn! I'm linking to this from my Things To Do guide.



Update: I kinda forgot the Demon Slayer badge, available for killing Baphomet in a level 40-44 Angus McQueen mission, but you can get that one on a Shadow Shard TF, and I'd imagine that you'd be doing that TF if you were this worried about badges anyway, so...



In regards to respec tfs and if you can do them at higher lvls...I recently (within the past 3 months) did the lvl 24-33 respec with my lvl 50 blaster, and was surprisingly awarded the respec at the end of the task force.

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Okay, thanks Bohmfalk. If you can get the Respec, you should be able to get the Stalwart Medallion, so... cool.