Seeking Guardian Roleplayers




I created Hot Lead with roleplay in mind, but didnt expect most of the people to rp ... however, as time has passed, I've only found one other real RPer on Guardian. Are there others out there?

Id like to hook up with you ... possibly know your level and mayb AT ... but it's not important. I'm a lvl 27 Blaster and I'm getting tired of saying and hearing 'lol ... we sur pwned that one.'



I roleplay if the people around me do. *nods.* I love to roleplay, and will gladly SK/RSK with a fellow RP'er.

<-- Valgrisk, 37 Illusion/Radiation Controller.

EDIT: In case you're wondering, yes, I play on Guardian. Heh. Just wanted to make sure you know. >.>


Photoshop doesn't make a good artist.



Yo HotLead. Saw that your posting on the info Kiosk. I also have found it hard to find others of like minded crime fighting styles. I usually run with my SG "Life is Debt" buddies and a few members of another SG. We are a Mature group of Heroes saving the World, and Having Fun. We run the streets of Paragon at different times, yet when we run we do so for many hours at a clip. If interested in running together some time, Call my cell when in town.

The way we talk at times is IN character or OUT. Yet we live our characters, so they also incorporate our RL's into themselves. We are of a MATURE bunch. We are Mission oriented. Any punk with a slingshot could streetsweep. Not to say we dont hit the streets. EXP is EXP.

WARNING - WE PLAY HARD. IF YA GONA CRY ABOUT DEBT. GO PLAY YOUR X-BOX. All members help the others and we will help clear the debt. But you will hit the pavement from time to time. If your not willing to get into the heat of it, then we may not be your type.

Xxx SunRay xxX - Fire Elemental - SG " Life is Debt " - Guardian



Do you know how dangerous it is to put an ad like that in the Times? You must be either desperate or pretty sure of yourself. We were reading the newspaper over our Mueslix and OJ this morning, and I hope this gets to you before the Column does. Not sure what kind of RP you are looking for, we aren't into anything weird, but we do like to talk while we fight.
We've actually found several friends in Paragon since we "left" Crey, both parents are gone (we are still looking for Mom, but don't have much hope), and could always use more. No smoking, no drinking but we'll stand beside any hero and never leave them on the street. We always try to carry a spare Atropine in case things go bad and someone needs to defy the devil (and we are on good terms with The Goddess). Thanks to a friend with some tech knowledge, we have an untraceable phone, cell 555-742-5464. Otherwise, stop at the Info Kiosk and send a /tell to Sibling.



HotLead, my street name is SweetThang. I recently got my level 27 Security Card. I'll be filling out the paperwork for level 28 real soon. I'm always down for bustin' up some punks. Lately I've been hanging out on the docks in Independence Port. The Family is getting outta hand there. You up to helping me put them in their place? You got my number. I'll run some missions with you anytime.

Peace out.

To Sibling...we have a mutual friend. Phayzed. He's one crazy brother. Always tossin' pool tables and what not. Tell him I said sup.



Thang, Saw the man himself last night, we did a little Outcast re-education and had a "Coming to Goddess" meeting with Dr. Vahz's boys. I'd like to know where he hides all those pool tables in downtown, but he did a great job moving one up to our loft last week. Cliff likes his style and Angela is about half afraid of him, so on the whole we admire him. We've been having trouble with P-City admin, slow on getting us our Security Advancement paperwork, so we are currently fighting for level 17. Probably that twerp down at City Hall that made a pass, We heard he is still having nightmares.



OOC: The info kiosks work for something now, other than statistics?

IC: I agree Sibling, and Paragon City isn't a dangerous place just for citizens nowdays. Even my associates in the waste disposal business are having to watch their step as our city is flooded with all these "Johnny-come-lately" would be mobsters and other villains looking to prey on legitimate businessmen (and naive young superheroes). If you ever need representation, feel free to look me up; I'm in the book, or you can find my office in Independence Port, two blocks from the tram, Suite #617...

Evelyn Proctor, aka 'Epistasis'
Shapiro, Proctor and Scarletti L.L.C.
Independence Port

(34 Gravity/Kinetics controller
The Autonomous Champions of Order (T.A.C.O.)

Side note: If you hadn't guessed, Epistasis is a native daughter of Paragon City who comes from one of its major crime families, hit hard by the chaos and influx of Ritki and other supervillains to Paragon City. Her name is not Italian for a reason... but that's another story. I'm happy to RP with folks who are interested in doing the same, and am also happy to sidekick/exemplar to people whose company I enjoy. I'm usually on fairly late in the evenings CST; and nice to see a couple of familiar names reply here (and /wave SweetThang, thanks again for joining us for the respec last week...




Evelyn, Do you handle sexual harrassment cases, or now someone good who does. If we get one more rejection on our level 17 clearance, we are gonna hammer someone, and Jack Blaitner down at City Hall is our main problem. He even has some of our contacts telling us that we need to get to 17 before they can help us! Never failed a mish, and now this.
Try explaining it, Cliff doesn't like guys (like that!) and neither does Angela. Won't take "no" for an answer, so we had to apply a little "positive reinforcement". Did get the Disease Stopper Badge today though , so at least someone likes us.



I appriciate your concern Sibling, to be honest, it's a little of both. I can handle myself and I have friends that watch my back, but I know this has placing me in a dangerous situation and it's insane to take all of 'them' head on.

I got to this point because ... yes, I have gotten a little deasperate ... and a little disturbed. I may be on to somthing big, but I'm not sure. What I do know is that the Column have gotten deeply personal for reasons I cant list here. I'll look you up.



5th Column has you on the list? We would bet your name is below our's on that list, stomping 5th Column is our favorite sport, see the listing on Ge-Stompin' Boots in another list. You find some, low, high or otherwise, give us a call. We'll cross the whole city to be in on Brown Shirt laundry, and we'll bring the popcorn.
Now you got us all worked up, man we HATE those goons! At least Tsoo and CoT leave the general population alone (usually), stinking Nazi's want to convert everyone...kick them square in the...busted their Cheerio's if we get...make a yard ornament out of helmets...
We'll be looking for you.



5th.......Ha. I fart in thier general direction. I've been dealing with the 5th since they started. Ahem........You may even say that the 5th is what it is thanks to me. I So Hate Temporal Mechanics. Long story, maybe i'll tell ya sometime. I Have a ghost writer who wants to make a novel out of it. Its amazing the fringe benefits you get from saving people. I get the best cut of meat from this butcher I saved from the Vahz 1 day. Who I need to save is someone who works at Portal. Anyone know of any scientist that need saving. I have to test my Time Machine, and insure that this does not turn into a Time Paradox. I HATE TEMPORAL MECHANICS.

Thanks to a friend with some tech knowledge, we have an untraceable phone, cell 555-742-5464.

[/ QUOTE ]

Not so untraceable anymore. If they needed a starting point to pull your signal out of the air. Ya just gave it to em. Hey....if we meet and things go well. Maybe i'll let you know the passcodes the access a backdoor to the CIA's Magnum satelite so you can have a safe call without the baddies listening in. Like I said.....nice fringe benefits from saving people.

Xxx SunRay xxX - Fire Elemental - SG " Life is Debt " - Guardian the way I'm SecLvl 34 now



One step ahead. We actually use the NOAA GOES satellite, bounce a signal off that, which is public domain and at 1200 baud untraceable without near reception, which comes down through a feed in The Port, and then goes out over landline. Can't trace it except at the satellite, with it's under 10 Watt signature, shouldn't be an issue. BTW, CIA can trace the Mag's if they have operative there, and what CIA guy doesn't look like 5th?



*Asmoedeus laughs*

You mortals have always amused me. Seeking companionship, friendship, when all of that only leaves you open for betrayal. In my domain, the domain of Vengeance, we understand that others should only be used for as long as they are useful to you.

Paragon Orderly:

Ooook then....well, I don't know what the heck he was talking about, but if you need backup I'm up for it. Just contact me sometime.