Who is Smash Atoms?




Samuel Paul Adams story can be traced back to his humble beginnings as a research associate at Los Alamos Nuclear Testing Facility in New Mexico.

While developing nuclear power technology for robots for the United States Army, he underwent a lethal dose of radiation poisoning in a meltdown of one of his miniature robot reactors. Samuel was the only survivor in the accident.

This exposure changed the life of the normally quiet and reclusive Samuel forever . . .

Once Samuel was released from the hospital he left Los Alamos amid government threats to keep the nuclear accident under wraps. Shortly afterwards Samuel discovered his newfound powers while strolling through the desert looking for petrified wood and fossils (This being one of his many hobbies).

While walking Samuel tripped over a rather large piece of petrified wood. He was not seriously injured, but the fall aggravated him enough to shout and curse in anger at the stone. This new anger was rare for the usually subdued Samuel. In this fit of rage a bolt of radiation flew from his eyes, smashing the rock he was cursing into millions of pieces.

From this day forth, Samuel knew that his life would never be the same.

Always afraid for his life and for what he knew about the accident and deaths at Los Alamos, Samuel moved to Paragon City to live in a broken down apartment in Kings Row, far from the government conspiracies of his past.

Seeing the other heroes and knowing his power Samuel finally found his niche in a world that had previously shunned him. He knew and the world would know that from this day forward he would be known as Smash Atoms!

/ooc First shot at this, so any crit. would be cool.



((Great, if short! I'd like to see more of his personal history; who he lost in the accident, who he left behind for Paragon City, what he is fighting for. :-D Then again, my bios are always tremendously long.))

Great to meet you, Smash!



((Hey, Sam, I mean, whatt're you afraid of. It's not like the government can lock you up without charging you, and giving you access to a lawyer and stuff. @_@

Anyhow, cool start! I like the run-down apartment bit. Self-esteem issues in the making, and who doesn't like to root for some dude who's sorta dejected. We've seen heroes struggle with prejudice (every mutant), physical handicaps (Matt Murdoch. Sorta.), and so on. I don't think we usually see heroes who're just, dirt poor. Or, depressed. That'd be interesting-- a clinically depressed superhero. ))

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((ooc/ Thanks for the crit. work in progress, was kinda going for an American Splendor Super Hero kinda thing. Intelligent/outcast/poor/depressed etc Wait, is that me? haha =). Will work on it between RL work hehe and post more))