When Circumstances Dictate Behavior.




"After hours of deliberation, careful study of the reports submitted by The Food and Drug Administration, as well as specific testimony from scientists at Crey Industries, this tribunal has reached the unanimous conclusion to deny your request to begin human testing of the Smith Prodigical Ambulatory Device. It is our opinion that such devices may indeed provide ambulatory assistance to those persons who would have an actual need for such appliances, however the risk to the common people is too great at this juncture to allow further funding, or approval of said experimentation."

Dr Frank Smith looked down again at the letter which bore the seal of The United States Department of Defense, and the signature of the Attorney General in disbelief. The denial was not really un-expected, ever since he left Crey Biotechnical they had hounded his every step in development of The S.P.A.D., the disbelief came from the lack of funding and designation of the end of his experimentation. A scientist of his caliber certainly had other options available to him to further his testing, and he had amassed a small fortune himself thru his lecturing and wise investment strategies. The bile rose in his throat as the letters jumped at him from the page '..scientists at Crey Industries...'

Dr Smith turned his left and took a slow sip from the tube attached to the side of his wheelchair and swallowed hard. With another slight tilt of his jaw the chair turned and moved across the floor towards the clear glass display case which held the Prototype S.P.A.D. Turning his head to the left opened a signal to his assistant, Melissa.

'Yes Dr Smith?" Came her quick response.

"Come to the lab please, Melissa, we have work to do."

Three months later, came The Rikti Invasion.



..................where's the next episode?