Looking for fellow roleplayers




So here's the thing, I would really, really like to get into role playing, as I have done with all the other MMO's I've played over the years. However, on all the servers I've been too, I have yet to run into any serious role players. I don't care about cutting my losses and starting out on a new server, I really don't. But where are you guys hiding? What are some SG's I could take a look at? How can I get in contact with you?



Ah, a Kindred spirit--umm, I mean, kindred (lower-case) spirit...heh...*mops forehead nervously* So! Looking for a RP'er...wonderful! Feel free to look up any of my alts...my primaries (and the servers they inhabit) are:
Michael Darnay (Victory)
Electric Blue (ditto)
Dynamo Girl (sense a pattern forming?)
The Deathless Flame (Virtue--hah, gotcha!)
Dae'shara (Pinnacle)

Be happy to chat anytime!



If your character is on Virtue, you can look us up to see if your character fits the bill.. ^^

The Moonlight Watch