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Ok, the thing about this is, every one posts a part of the story, you don't have to use you'rself, but ithink most will. Just try to keep the story relevant, and not extremely dumb, and please, please do NOT kill off or bring in any characters without their permission, that's just not cool. ok, let the tale begin!

When the moon started to rise, a lone figure apeared out of the Shadows, his red eyes reflecting in the steely blade of his Katana. Some say he's the last living Dreadnaught, a race far beyond the comprehension of mortal man, most of the race was destroyed after the Rikti invaded they're home planet. Other, less informed citizens, say that he is either a saint, and should be awarded, or a menace that should be stopped. No matter what his orrigin was he was pissed. The deep brooding voice that emenated from his concealed mouth uttere some strange incantation, he lifted off the ground and flew off.

Tonight was a special night, not just another lonley night of street sweeping, tonight he had a goal...



wow you people are boring...


To finish off what he had started when he came to this forsaken world. He knew this planet was destined for destruction, but he would not let it be by those accursed Rikti. He was seeking the only source he new of close to the Rikti, or at least closer than anyone else that is.

He knew where he was going was extremley dangerous, but he was always making dumb mistakes like this, it's his nature to get in over his head.

The Land of The Lost was overflowing with activity from those sacreligious mutants known as the lost. He saw something though, that arroused his curiosity...

Why were the Lost leaders talking with the 5th Column? What bussiness would they have together? Then another interesting thing happened.

there was a rustling sound, Two-Tone whirled around drwaing his katana in his silent fashion he had grown accustomed to using when working alone against large groups of dangerous and often times too powerful foes. It was a small group of Circle of Thorns, but why were they there?



ok, you guys clearly ar not into this kinda thing. Whatever, i just thought it might be kinda cool, if everyone gotin on one story, ya know? oh well.



I think the problem is nobody's quite sure what it's about and where it's going. Maybe if you posted a bit of background to get people interested?

The Elysienne; Magical controller
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Since your not doing anything excepted telling your background, I will try to make out the background of the story... *Ahem*

As the night grew on, Experiment landed on a flag pole attached to a wall, swung twice, and pounced into the air, and a shot could be heard as his grapple hook latched onto the next building. (OOC: Always wanted one.) and he swung up to the roof, he looked at steel canyon. 'Yeesh, quiet night.' He thought to himself, but then a blast from a scorcher sent him off the side of the building. As he faded in and out of concsiousness, he knew he had one chance. He shot his grappeling hook, and it latched onto another building, and it slowed his descent. He lightly touched the floor, and then put away his Grapple-Gun. "Lets get energized!" he shouted... "Man that sounds dorky.." he said quietly, and he ran back around.



Since your not doing anything excepted telling your background

[/ QUOTE ] You see, i can understand where you thought that, but just to let you know, (i feel a need for some reason) it's not my background, and it sucks either way, it's some pretty crappy writting towards the end.



Dr. Tom Smith was one of Paragon cities leading Petrologists(studyer of rocks). One day he was given a small sliver of rock that had been discovered on the body of a Rikti invader. It was of a texture and color that no one had ever seen before, and the baffled scientists turned to Dr. Smith to determine what it was. He tested it in multiple liquid solutions and so forth, but one solution reacted differently when the shard of rock was put into it. And the react was quite violent. The rock shard exploded into thousands of different pieces. Dr. Smith jumped back, but the shards still managed to penetrate his safety suit. He fled the laboratory, but as he did his body began to change. The rock shards had become lodged in his skin and were now quickly expanding and multiplying. Soon his body was covered with large plates of this strange rock. He ran out onto the street and sent pedestrians fleeing in every direction. A policeman drawed his gun and fired at Dr. Smith, but as the bullet approached his stone skin began to harder to an incredible density at the point of impact, sending the bullet zinging harmlessly to the ground. Dr. Smith fled into a nearby alley way and slumped to the ground, dismayed. He heard a gruff voice behind him issue a command for his money. His eyes glanced up to catch the sight of a young member of the hellions, brandishing a sledgehammer at him. He grimaced and stood up. "You call that a sledgehammer?" he asked. "This is a sledgehammer!" And as he spoke a huge hammer of craggy rock formed in his hands. The young hoods ran off, and Dr. Smith realized he could control the stone, but not get rid of it. In his exile Dr. Smith decided to devote his life to crime fighting, taking on the name Seismic Smasher....

So yeah, there is my background, sorry about the whole structure of it, but I didn't feel like setting it up right. Hope you enjoyed it and I would like to see more people writing.



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After a few minutes, Experiment 2.0 left the spikey scene, saying to himself "While those guys are immobilized, the cops can capture them." As he shot his grappling hook onto a building, he attached it, made sure to see if it was strong, and swung off. "Can never be too careful." he said.
"Your right there!" said a voice in his ear. After landing on the top of a building, he put his hand to his ear.
"Great, another mission?" he said to the F.B.I agent.
"Yep, apparently a Hellion group has attacked an office building and is trying to steal the Jewel of Zeus, the greek god leader of mythology." said the clipped transmission.
"So? Its just another jewel."
"Not now it isnt, if someone gets ahold of it, they will become immortal!"
"WHAT?! Why the hell would they keep a jewel... that powerful... in a bloody office building!!!"
".... dunno."