City Government Behind Crime: A Rant




Ever wonder why you're constantly fighting an endless number of identical foes? Why Paragon City seems to have everything but a prision? Why the city police often ignore street crime? How about why Paragon City needs superheros when it has those awesome drones?
The reason for all of these issues and more is that the Paragon City Concil is behind the crime wave destroying our fair city! In an effort to prevent the ten thousand superpowered individuals living in P.C. from having too much time on their hands, the city concil lends it's support to the local villiany. They release them from custody, fund their armories, and supply them with illegal substances and technology all in an effort to prevent us from taking our rightful places! Using plants and fake informers they use misdirection and dishonesty to occupy our lives. The worst news is that certain "heros" have even been turned over to this shadowy conspiracy with promises of power and wealth!
I say that their time is up! Rise my breathren! The moment has come to bite the hand that feeds and stop being used like puppets. Destroy the problem at the source and clean up Paragon City once and for all!

(Okay, had to get that out of my system, it's a joke of course, but i do often wonder how many green skinned druggie thugs and deamon worshipping wizards there really can be out there)



((Sometimes I just have to interject... this is stupid...

Yes, there is a seemingly never ending stream of villains everywhere. If the game were 'accurate' in its reactions to the actions of the players, we all would have stopped playing a week after release because there would no longer be anyone to arrest at a low enough level for the players.

I'm sorry, but to complain (even in a joking fashion) about how there are endless mobs to fight is just downright... it doesn't make any sense. If we cleaned up the city, the game woudl end. If we arrested everyone the game would end.

I will point out that there ARE prisons, a really freakin big one too. The drones can only be placed to protect important places ebcause they are really expensive to make, the police are ill-equiped to arrest super powered criminals (this being precisely the reason heroes register with City Hall or Freedom Corps, to get jobs). Weapons are smuggled in, don't you read your missions? There is a very intricate drug network in the city that you'd know about if you, once again, read your missions.))

Galactic Jack quirks an eyebrow at the homeless man in rags sitting at the corner of 6th and Pecos in Kings Row. As the man rants and raves waving signs painted with condiments and mud Jack can't help but feel a deep pitty for the insane individual.



((i think its funny lol good point)) Tribal Steel walked down the street over hearing the rant of the man. To himself he though "He's got a damn good point. Am I being used, but why? Whats the point of hiring a hero to stop the crime they create?" Tribal Steel shrugged and kept walking, "Well I knew if I tryed to stop the government I'd simply die..." Tribal Steel walked into the distance.



Well, your points are well made, they aren't. :P The police drones could be hovering through the streets (or, heck, pushed around the streets) and eliminating all the crime, at least in the low level areas. The policemen ARE equipped to take out the low level thugs, and considering the city they live in they could PROBABLY have a SWAT team with Rikti technology fighting higher level foes. And where did the drug network come into his initial post? How do you know he doesn't know about it?

Personally, I agree with him that it's kind of funny how crime never ceases, despite how efficient us superheroes are. But there are good arguements you could have made instead. Like that criminals are born every day, either through gangs or mutations or other dimensions. In that way, it makes very much sense that there's a never-ending supply. Along with the whole "in one day, out on the streets the next" thing that happens in real life.

I'm not sure if you were flaming him or not...partly because I've seen your posts and I wouldn't expect it from you. But if you were, think twice. Especially since his post WAS a joke, not a complaint. Besides, his opinion is valid, as is yours.



Oh, I acknowledged it was a joke. I just thought it was a bad one... or at least an old one. There are things the game just can't explain away, nor can any game. MMOs need mob spawns, it's not realistic but until you find a way for it to be... well... there's no use even dwelling on it.

If you wanted me to explain it all away in an in game fashion... I can't, I would sound retarded... like some old bum on the corner of a street screaming conspiracy theories.

I'm not saying that the "idea" behin this post (the ooc reasons for it) are invalid, I'm saying it's not a topic to try to get into... you can't rationalize it.

If there were a police squad toting rikti technology, guess what... they'd be Heroes. (That's a fun little sg idea if you're paying attention)

Criminals are born every day but not at the rate of 12x10^99 and I have doubts as to the production capability of... ANYONE making their villains.

If you really want to try your luck... forget the government conspiracy (it doesn't work and the joke is too old to be funny). Try... our jails are so crowded that arrested villains simply push an ol villain out on to the street. The drones... I think that holds. You've seen how they can only take down so many so fast... and besides, if you pushed them down the streets and took down everythin in sight, the jails would over flow and we'd have ot let everyone go anyways...

The drug rings... do some missions, get back to me on that.

Oh and if I were flaming him... he'd know it.



Well acknowledging it's a joke and then harshly criticizing it sort of defeats the purpose of a joke, which is that it's never to be taken seriously. And I still don't understand the relevance of the drug rings. I have indeed played through numerous drug ring missions and storylines, but maybe there's something more I'm not aware of.

Anyway, this is one of those situations where "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" comes into play. As cliche as that sounds, it's quite true, seeing as really your post wasn't constructive at all because I doubt he started this thread for a debate. His joke wasn't hilarious or anything, but it would have been better to play along or move on.

I'm really not one to start arguements anyway. At least I don't like doing it. So perhaps agreeing to disagree and moving on would be in the best interest of all parties?



Okay, so i admit it wasn't a very funny was just something that came to me one day while i was fighting my umpteenth bloodbrother. I would however like a chance to defend myself on one point though, that is, if you follow your contacts and such plot lines evolve explaining the occurance of drug and arms smuggling, ect. My point in this is that every one of those contacts, your sole sources of information in the game, is introduced to you, in one degree or another, by a government employee. The same government that creates crime waves to keep superpowered citizens from having too much time on their hands. You can keep your capes, i'm hanging up my costume to go do something that really helps fastfood



There is a prison in brickstown

Sorry...had to