The J-Force




The J-Force is THE place to be on the freedom server. Home of only the Killer Elite and the Hardcore. Ran by me, the Legendary J-Man. We got three (3) rules: 1) ALWAYS talk, chop it up, or converse with all members online, 2) Sport the colors when you are with the J-Force, and 3) There are no rules.

I don't enforce the third rule much though.

Our roster is always changing, due to the fact that if you don't talk I will boot you, and will not hesitate, plus laugh hysterically at YOU personally. But as of today (7/14/04) we got 32 of the most HARDCORE you will ever find. Plus we are affiliated with the Mega CORPS. and the Bad Dudes, so there is NEVER a lack of a party.

Now for my members, this is a chance to finally post your inner feelings: What does JFS mean to you?

To me, J-Man, JFS means the little things in life that are what it takes to bring down the man. The dramatic pause in a well spoken speech. The best gravy on some dry chicken. It is what keeps me going when the going left me long ago. JFS is the smile I have every morning, and the frown my enemies have every night. JFS is pinning Consiglere to a wall then beating him sensless. JFS is taking on 15 sky raiders by yourself until your partner can awaken enough to destroy them all. JFS is that kitten you saved in that box you found that one time.


-The Legendary J-Man-



J Force Style is about sneaky fighting tactics in a tanker-controller duo.

J Force Style is going through 20 minute battles when those tactics don't work out right.

J Force Style is sending tells to other people in your team to make sure that someone makes a breakfast cereal reference.

J Force Style is being reminded everyday for 60+ days that, indeed, "Trix are for kids" (I honestly didn't see that coming. I guess I should have gone with my 2nd choice for a name...Count Chocula)

J Force Style is getting members of other SG's addicted to the zany hi-jinks of the J Force. It's always a fun time hanging with the J Force. We got nothin' but love.

Mr. Trix
Illusion/Kinetics Controller



J-Force means good times. Occasionally that includes throwing the leader off of really really really tall buildlings.

I take that back, J-Force means cracking so many jokes that levelling becomes difficult... coming to a dead stop in the middle of a fight with con red mobs so you can type in a lenghty come-back... endlessly reminding J to run a freaking virus scan... not being addicted to trix's speed boost because, seriously, i can stop anytime, honest.

and we won't even get into the horrible blunder that the devs did with the icon stores. should've tied that to a real retail chain, j-force would be broke in real life by now and the devs would have to go into the clothing and apparel business.



I've teamed with J-Force before, and let's just say it's a riot. Where is the leprachaun?? He was just here a minute ago...



What if you type too slow???? How can I join your supergroup if I type really slow and have poor typing skills?



LOL, J doesnt have the best typing skills either... Sweet post you guys. I am a co-leader of another supergroup and we love hanging around JFS. They are a lot of fun and I highly recommend them.

Just ahve your shots first ebfore you sign up... leaf can be a little rabbid at times



I concur with Kate. JFS has some great people. And anyone that compliments a Storm Defender is A-OK in my book.



First of all there really are no prerequisites to joining the J Force. Typing skills, proper spelling, grammar, the JForce craves not these things. Believe me you will learn to type faster. Somehow J-Man has the ability to wisecrack provoke and wisecrack all at the same time...must be a tanker skill. Falling Leaf can type "boost pls Trix" in the middle of meleeing. I'm still at the level of "I ahte allo f you gusy" all while fighting reds and purps. Well, I can blame it on GS Kate's evil typing mojo.

Gruff, I haven't seen this leprachaun you are referring to. Will someone clue me in?

Leaf, spending 20000 on a hat is not what I would consider a problem. Training enhancements are just fine...what's this? Ooh capes!


Just ahve your shots first ebfore you sign up... leaf can be a little rabbid at times

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah and apparently I can be a silly rabbit at times.




....Trix are for kids!!!

oooo good stuff
-The Legendary J-Man-

Ps. OOooh, that never gets old, EVER!



That's actually not a post but a transcript from, I dunno, EVERY DAY!!!


That's our leader folks.

Join the J-Force.



Well well well, if it isnt the J-force. I think by law you are required to pay homage every once and awhile to the SG that housed at least three, count em, three of your members including your glorious leader and two of (Im sure) your highest captains BEFORE there even WAS a J-force! Remember people, the League of Superhumans is here for all your Supergroup needs as well! -IM



Pay homage?
If by pay homage you mean break my foot off in your behind?
Then i'm down
Oh I'm down

JFS is never backing down from a fight, never give up until you get that 23 experience and 24 debt.
Taking all Devoring Earth, and Freakshow until there is nothing left but JFS and bones.
Using all your Awakens until the three bosses you have left respawn into a group of nine 28 Freakshows and Devoring Earths, THEN realizing that the hunting mission is over, and probally was over eight deaths ago.

The Infinite League may be infinite, but it is NOT J-Force. You may think you are sauve you may think you are debonaire, but remember, REMEMBER that there is NO style, like
J-Force STYLE!!!!


-The Legendary J-Man-



Wait a sec....

I thought being a part of J-Force was all about having someone crashing constantly......

Being a Part of a J-Force Group is a constant arguement with Jman over aggro when Im not provoking for the most part

Being a Member of a J-Force group Is talking Mr. Trix into summoning his phantasms and getting they to dance all sexy like

Being a Member of a J-Force group is getting Mr. Trix to bust out his "That 70's" uniform and kicking it with the boom box in the lobby while we wait for Jman to come back from LD number 23 of that mission.....

These guys are a riot




BunsonBurner: Thanks for the kind words. It cracks me up whenever we have another Tank around because J gets all territorial. "Let me voke... blah blah blah." I really don't know the dynamics behind it since I've never played a tank but it's (most of the time) entertaining. I'm glad you had a good time hanging with the Force and you're always welcome.

To set the record straight there are actually more than two members of J-Force but none of them want to seem to post. So in response to that, I know that the Death Dealers have one heck of a website and alot of the other SG's have bulletin boards and such, I am proud to announce the Official J-Force Legal Pad and Crayola Crayon (Burnt Sienna) which we can use to write down our communications. I have a big envelope with a SASE inside when you get it please send it to another member. I'll collect them all and Kinko them and release it as a quarterly newsletter. JFS!!!!

Snippet from J-Man and Mr. Trix Adventures in Terra Volta

J-Man: Trix, I'm sorry we couldn't clear out all the bad guys

Mr. Trix: I'm sorry you died eight times.




What JFS means to me...... Hmm, that is a very interesting question. There are 3 sides of the monster. I will tell you what JFS means to each of them. There is the monster who just needs about a tree-fidy ($3.50) so he can get his fill of Lochness Munchies (you can find them in the cereal aisle next to Mr TRIX, and J-Flakes, and across from the Lucky Charms with the LEPRECAUN).

Than there is the man behind the monster, who has a healthy diet of South Park, COH, Quixtar, and sleeping. To him, JFS means that one day everyone will have there chance to make a name for themselves in life. JFS to him is that feeling that you get after you watch an action movie (or in J-Mans case Harry Potter), and the good guy wins, and you feel a little sense of victory in your own life.

Than there is the other part of the man behind the monster....... THE CASINO DEALER... He doesnt care, he will take all of your money with a smile on his face. His day is measured by how many people cuss at him for taking their money, and he just smiles and takes more of it. To him JFS means that peoplle that gamble are Just Freaky Suckas, and how dare they think that they can come to his table and take his money..... HOW DAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRREEEEEEE they. Will they ever learn? Who knows. He hopes not, cuz than his happiness will run out, he will no longer be able to take $$ from customers, and he will be out of a job .

So that is what JFS means to the many sides of the monster. We hope you have enjoyed reading this, and always remember........... Have a great J!

Lochness Monster
Level 24 Mutation Scrapper
Freedom Server



Me want to be JFS!!! Pick me J-Man, Pick ME!!!


BigRedOne - I do all my own stunts!!!
Honor Guard of the Big Red Ball

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
- Gustave Flaubert



ITs as simple as this people, if you you want a fun group with anywhere from high to low level chars to level with then J-Force is the group for you....People are alwasy friendly and theres always a few people on line and no matter the level difference or Archtype they will be happy to help you out and keep you entertained at the same time.....
J-Force FOrever......



People want in to the J-Force?
People want to try JFS out for themselves?

Posting will get you reconized, posting will mean you are hard enough to stretch your name out there.......but posting, an invite will not get you.

Take the next step, I am J-Man, come find me
Then maybe, JUST maybe we can see if you have J-Force Style


-The Legendary J-Man-



I must start by saying that my JFS has been lame for I have not posted until this late date.

But then I must say that the J-Force is by far the best time you can possibly have while playing this fine game. I spend my entire week looking forward to the crazy saturday mornings with J-Man and Trix who play all night I catch them because i am an early riser. I must say that when I play I am the one usually getting killed.

These two have taken me under their wing I am pretty far behind them in lvls but they are always up to Party!!!

One last thing Trix are for Kids

How could you not see that coming





Do you play in the mornings? I work 3rd shift and mornings 9-12 central time are good for me before I have to go to bed.

Better men than you have tried to get me to type faster and have not succeeded. I've had to stop superleaping while going to a mission to reply. Anyway, I want to group with fun people in the mornings. Is this possible?

By the way, I'm a lvl 19 tanker.