Rights for Supers ((Rp event on the Virtue Server)




Soft thud repeated as a nail drives home into a telephone pole, a note flutters on the breeze caught under its steel grasp. A woman stpes back admiring the long line of leaflets down the street, her auburn pigtails bounce as she moves along to the next pole and dives into her pack retriving yet enougher leaflet.
"Excuse me miss, but what are you doing?" Says a huge 7ft tall mound of muscle of a man in a polite tone.
The girl turns round to him with a big smile on her delicate features.
"Hi there fellow super."
"You dont look like a superhero to me miss you look like a cheerleader." He replies matter factully, looking her up and down in her Blue short skirt and top lined in yellow.
"Ahh well yes I am the chief Cheerleader for the Paragdon city Street Hawks the colleage football team, but I am a super as well. Twisted Earth is my call sign but most folks just call me Victoria or vicky, pleased to meet you...?"
"Road Block" He replies shaking her hand dwarfed ten times by his own huge fist.
"And to answer your question I am fighting for our rights as Super to get teh respect we deserve ,here have a leaflet." Vicky says handing him a little pink leaflet like the ones fluttering in the breeze.
"Erm I dont read so good after the scientists played with me sorry miss."Handing it back to her.
"Oh so sorry to hear that, but that is what I am meaning its to stop things like this, Scientists and others are always playing with us labeling us not to mention the goverment."
Road block stood there somewhat confused.
"Dont worry my new friend, just come along to Kings Row on saturday about 7pm, we are having a demo and it will have lots of drinks,food maybe some dancing and an enhancement swap afterwards. least of all you get to meet new people and make new friends." She said smiling to the huge slightly confused topknotted gentlemen towering before her.
"Wow thanks Vicky ,I like meeting new people and I am sure it will be fun, is it alright if i bring a few friends?"
"Of course the more the merrier." She beamed turning back to the pole and taking out her hammer once more.
"Right off to the tram station to hand them out now" She stated to herself out loud after driving the nail firmly into the post.

(ooc This is basically a Server wide rp meeting in Kings Row ,Royal refinery by the big coal heaps. On Saturday 10th July at 7pm EST. I hope it will turn this server of virtue into a community of rpers and further plot lines in all SG guilds by having more folks to pull into them. THe basic premsis is simply a Super Rights Demo, I hope a lot of people will attend as its the chance for lots of good rping and fun.)



Wow. A large RP event on Virtue? I'll definately be there. In fact, I'm gonna bring my whole SG with me. ... and other SGs I know. Sounds like fun. =-)



Guess we'll need to provide... security...



Right...Fox, how about we provide security to the women first and the guys last.

Chivalry and all, right?



Silva heard of the event from Vicky. It had a good idea and good premise... peaceful events such as this that told of how Supers were mis-treated in the city was just what was needed. Always having to go out of their way. Always having to do everything and save everyone. Always having to do all the work while the local law enforcment stood back and watched...

"I'll be there."



Strolling casually down the street, his fists stuffed into his pockets Jackson Beojackson admired the construction wall of plywood papered with his likeness. This heavy investment into the Earth people's food enterprise was a wise decision. In mid stride, his body froze as he passed a flyer carelessly stapled over one of the many likenesses.

Still in mid stride, Galactic Jack took a moment to read it over.

"Hero rights eh? These Earth people get more interesting every day."

Glancing to see the name of the host at the bottom, Galactic Jack nodded to himself and continued his stroll down the streets of Steel Canyon.

*spinning letters*

A calm, unfaltering pace marked the familiar stride of Ivory as he made his way through the streets of Kings Row. Each crosswalk he would instantly reappear on the other side, his pace unchanged. A piece of paper noticeably torn from the top was held in his hands, his gaze intensly fixed.

The paper floated to the ground and blew away with the breeze as its final audience drifted into the forest of projects and complexes.

"Large gathering of heroes. Sounds like a trap."

*spinning letters*
x0m3wh3r 3lx: 0n 4 s3rfb04rd!

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This goes down in less then 30 minutes. Should be a good showing. =-)



And not being allowed in Restaurants, Warehouse Raves (unless we are called to kick out trolls), and Bowling Alleys. I know they're open, I see citizens run into those places all the time...the doors are just locked to superheroes. Heck, this protest has to be held in a frickin' coal dump. FIGHT THE POWER!!! Oh wait...we're the power....FIGHT THE NON-POWERS!!!