Weaver's Pub




[This is a pub in paragon city where citizens and heroes come to relieve themselves with the joys of alcohol... while others, just come here to think... or to pick a fight...]

[A man sits in the cornor looking out the window as if he looks into deep space...]

The meta-physical universe... we're all bound to it, yet so many people don't even realize it. Everyone lives in their own meta-physical world... what they percieve THIS world to be is THEIR world. What I percieve THIS world to be is MY world... thus there are many meta-physical worlds out there in one big universe. Most worlds have a sun and moon... but my world has no such thing... In the physical world I have no love, and no friends, just hope... hope that one day i will have such things in my life again... but recent events have made that difficult... so my meta-physical world lacks a sun and moon... a world of darkness should die and whither.... but because there is hope... it strives to survive....

[The pub begins to get more crowded as time gets later into the day]

Bartender: Hey buddy, you gonna have another beer or what? you've been sitting there like you're a vahz or something...

Joseph X: Oh i've been much worse than something like that *in a joking/serious tone*

Bartender: Hahaha, so what can I getchya?

Joseph X: a shot of jack daniels should be fine... thanks

Bartender: You got it!

[A woman looks at Joseph and sits down beside him]

Woman: Hey I know you, you're that guy who opened up that mutant school right?

Joseph X: Yes, that's me.

Woman: So what are you doing in a bar?

Joseph X: Well, lets just say that with a lack of financing, teachers, and students... things aren't quite working out as planned...

Woman: And this is how you deal with your problem?

[Jo begins to get slightly erritated by this woman's intrusion on him... though he knows she's right]

Joseph X: Forgive me if I seem a bit rude, but I must go now...

[He gets up and leaves the building...]

Bartender: Hey sir! you forgot to....pay...

Woman: It's ok, i'll pay whatever he owed

Bartender: Wow, that sure is kind of you, thanks!

[Maybe there is more than just hope for Joseph's world... as for now, it is open mic night in the pub, and the first band steps up to play.]



A strange wind blows through the pub, and a few drinks get knocked over as a strange man...an extremely strange man... suddenly appears at the bar, as if he had been there all along, a trail of energy slowly fading from the doors to his seat. His clothing resembles something a child would wear while playing dress-up...but less sophisticated. And more needless. His cape made from a morning robe with the sleeves tied around his neck, and his gloves actually socks with holes in them, he is none other than...

The Mr. Extreme! Formerly known as Extremely Strange Man, The Mr. Extreme found difficulties registering as a Hero when his name was far too long. Mr. Extreme was taken, so the clever hero added 'The' to the beginning of it. All grammatical errors aside, The Mr. Extreme possesses super strength, invulerability, and inhuman speed. All that paired with his...oddness...and his ability to get into the worse possible situations makes him one of the most harmless (and at the same time most dangerous) heroes in Paragon City. Usually the inept protector of the innocent finds himself in the bar The Drunken Gargoyle, but since it was temporarily closed down he's had to make due with the city's vast population of lesser establishments. He sits at the bar, looking around solemnly. This is hard to take seriously, considering his outfit. He brushes a hand through his imaginary hair (he's quite bald), and looks to the Bartender.
" 'Scuz me, good sir. I'd like one of those drinks with the umbrellas in em. And peanuts."
The bartender pauses, looking at him strangely, shrugs and walks off. Extreme looks around, confused.
"Oh, and Bartender?"
The man turns around.
"Where's your alligator?"