An RPing Idea...




I was just thinking after reading the CoH comic book, what if after a fight, if you got hit really bad, what if you intentionally "gimped" yourself, like you cant fly for a bit because you got beat up pretty bad or you cant sprint because your legs are sore or anything along those lines.

Ideas? Comments?



It would work for RPing, but if you accidentally aggro'd something, you'd be kinda screwed. Also, I often see that time is of the essence.



There'd be very limited appeal for that idea. You have to know where to draw the line between RP-friendly and game-breaking. If you were hurt to the point that it made the game harder and potentially less entertaining, many people would lose interest.



There's a movement afoot to start a HardCore group.
If they have to go to the hospital for any reason, they never return to service. (delete the character)

I'd personally like to see a HardCore (game) HardCore (roleplaying) group. Always stay in character and never return from death.

This Would add a whole other level of immersion for me.

Any interest?