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I know that I can go to the options and make some changes such as Invert mouse or assign a key to Cycle Target Enemies. However, this has to be done for each new character I make. Is there anyway to make changes to the Options carry over to all characters that I make?





For keyboard you can do this quite easily.

In game use /bind_save

this will save a file c:\keybinds.txt on your computer.

Then on another character you can load it back in with /bind_load



I know /bind_save works, but don't you have to include the file name when you use the /bind_load command? I was using it last night and nothing worked until I typed the following:

/bind_load_file c:\keybinds.txt

That's assuming you left keybinds.txt in the c:\ directory, where the game saves it by default.



Just wanted to say that my post above this one is wrong. The game autoloads c:\keybinds.txt everytime you launch CoH. That's the document you should change to make changes to your default keyboard setup. Sorry for the misinformation in my previous post.



Thanks for the answers everyone



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/bindsave doesn't save to c:\keybinds.txt, it saves to the installation directory (default c:\program files\city of heroes\keybinds.txt).
/bindsave only saves binds, it doesn't save options.

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