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Alright, here is the origin for my favourite creation as of yet. Voidchild that is.. ^^ Please enjoy:


Her real name? I don’t know, we never knew her full name before she came to us, although, we later found out that her first name was Mary. That was her real name, we called her Snowflake. We did this because of her pale skin and hair which made her stick out among us like snow in the summer.

From what I’ve gathered, Snowflake... I mean Mary, was taken from her mother at infancy. This despicable act was performed by The Circle of Thorns, a powerful organisation composed of mystics and mages. Mary wasn’t the only one to be taken however. The Circle kidnapped many infants in order to find a child who would fit their needs. It was easy for them to know if the children were right for them. The mages performing the ritual either saw quick results, or sent the children into an all too early death. Mary was the 17th child on whom the ritual was performed. And she was the only one The Circle needed.

The ceremony was partially a summoning and partially a sealing. This Circle was trying to contact the spirit world and draw upon the awesome power of The Spirit of the Void. The thought was to seal the spirit, or some part of it, inside an infant worthy of carrying it. When Mary was tried in the ceremony, the spirit took a liking to her and imbued her with a part of itself. The Circle rejoiced at their victorious moment. A little too soon though. You see, the spirit was not willing to share its new offspring with the Circle of Thorns. The poor gathering of mages who performed the ritual were annihilated by the spirit. Reluctant to give up its new human offspring, the spirit opened a dimensional rift and hurled Mary through it. In an instant, Mary materialized in a secluded jungle in the depths of Africa.

One of our villagers, Raheem, was outside the village walking that night. He heard a loud crying which he recognized as a hungry baby. He followed the crying and eventually came upon a small child, lying on the ground, wrapped in cloth. He leaned over it and saw a peculiar looking baby-girl. Pale skin and blue shining eyes gazed upon him and the infant ceased her crying when his eyes met her own. It was a beautiful child despite of her odd appearance. Aside from its hungry cries, the baby looked peaceful and truly good to him. Raheem carried her back to the village. He had lived alone his whole life and relished in the thought of having some company.

He took her in and raised her the best he could over the years. His own, sometimes unrealistic, optimism seemed to pass on to Mary. She spent most of her time as a little girl clinging to Raheem’s leg with a big smile across her face. It was a good thing too since she was never very popular with the other children, or most of the adults for that matter, due to her somewhat special appearance.

I wasn’t aware of how special Mary was at first. But I remember when I first began noticing. One day when we we’re sitting outside Raheem’s lodgings. Mary was around five years old at the time. She had been out on one of her usual attempts to join in with the other children’s games and was now coming home for supper. When she closed up on us we could see her bruises and how her ripped clothes were soaked in mud. It was obvious that the other children had grew tired of her and had made an effort to keep her away. While being examined by Raheem, Mary just smiled and told us that she wasn’t angry or sad:

- The other kids are just scared because I look different, she said. But I’m not angry, I can’t be angry at them just because they’re scared.

Raheem smiled back at her and told her what a beautiful and intelligent little girl she was. Now, Raheem was probably used to Mary talking this way since they spent so much time together. But I had never met a five-year old who was so aware of herself and her surroundings. After this incident, I would often visit Raheem and talk with him about Mary, since it was obvious that she was special in some manner. He was also aware of it and we both assumed that she was a mutant-child who had been abandoned. Raheem pointed out that this was all the more reason to raise her well so that she could shoulder the burden which would come later in life. It was obvious that he always had her best interest in mind.

The years went by and Mary stayed an outcast among most of the villagers. She never despaired though. She held on to her patented smile throughout the years, much thanks to Raheem. He taught her many valuable things such as to respect life in all its forms and to always try to understand people before judging them and to smile in the face of adversity. But most importantly, he taught her that if she ever did something wrong, she should make up for it.

Around her 22nd birthday, counting from the day Raheem found her outside the village, Raheem and I were beginning to dismiss the thought of her being a mutant since she didn’t show any signs of developing special abilities. We soon experienced the horrible truth however. The Circle of Thorns had now discovered her location and were determined to have their creation returned to them. In order to do this, they launched a full-scale attack on our village to seek her out. The attack came by night. They brutally slaughtered anything that got in their way and burned anything that could not be killed. Mary and Raheem had fled together but got separated by the fires. However, the Thorns soon found her cowering behind one of the lodgings.

As Mary froze in fear, something was building up inside her, memories she could never have had and power few living things possessed were awakened. The part of the spirit inside her was not going to loose its much needed shell. Her powers exploded together with years of suppressed rage and grief. The spirit took over and Mary could only watch as they tore through the Thorns together. She sent the Thorns flying, brought down walls upon them and crushed them with invisible fields. The force inside Mary had been let loose without her having any control over them. Raheem could not bear to see her like this and tried to stop her. Without even knowing it, Mary shoved him into a wall with too much force for a human to handle.

The shock of causing her adoptive father harm helped Mary regain control over her powers and she shut them down. The Circle fled in panic while Mary was leaning over the body of her adoptive father. He gave her one last smile before he slipped away from her and died. I don’t know how long we let Mary lie next to him, she cried and held his lifeless body for what seemed like hours until we finally separated them. I could not contain my own sorrow as I leaned over Raheem’s lifeless body. I promised him I would look after Mary and help her for as long as it was needed.

Fearing the Circle of Thorns as well as Mary herself, the other villagers voted for her leaving the village. I took her with me to a secluded valley to help her train herself in controlling her powers. The spirit had provided her with memories her human side could not have had. With these as help, we started training her to pull out and use the powers she had been granted. We trained for six years, and during that time, she never smiled like she once did. The best she could do was a dead smile that only made her look even sadder than before. She started to hide her lower face behind a mask, probably because she knew she couldn’t smile like before.

After the sixth year, she had gained considerable control over her powers and told me she was leaving. I asked her why. She told me that she had to make up for her mistakes. Just as Raheem taught her to do. She might have lost the unrealistic optimism that she once had, but she was still Raheem’s little girl inside the now tough but sad exterior. She only told me that she was leaving for a place called Paragon City. The day after she had told me about it, she was gone.

A while after I had returned to the village, I found out that Paragon City was the probable headquarters of the Circle of Thorns. Immediately, I understood her reason for going there. Mary had ceased to exist when Raheem found her and Snowflake had ceased to exist when Raheem died. Her new name was Voidchild, she was the child of the void.

Now, I'm from sweden. So any english-speaking blokes are very welcome to point out english errors. I've tried my best but might still have missed something. Please give me some feedback on it storywise as well. I'm looking for a special feel for Voidchild and would like to get it right.. ^^

Thank you for your time! ^^



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First of all.. Thanks for the positive feedback. I'd be glad if only one person read my fic.. ^^

Anyways, her is the second fic telling the story of Voidchild and her first few days in Paragon City, Please enjoy this as well:

Voidchild - Filling the void, Part 1

It’s a cold mid-winter night in Paragon City. The only thing lighting up the otherwise so dark Kings Row is the snow falling from the even darker sky. Now, Kings Row isn’t a safe place to spend your time by day, but by night, it’s down right suicidal. Despite this, a lone woman is staggering around the streets calling out for help. Her name is Elizabeth and her calls seem more like a whimpering or whining. Her legs feel like a rubbery substance when she finally collapses on a sidewalk. She manages to drag herself towards and lean against the brick wall. She’s been running around for hours and her aching legs will not take one more step. It doesn’t take her long to remember her reason for running around like a madman though. And with the small amount of remaining energy she has left in her body, she manages to pull herself onto her feet once more and again tries to call out for help. But just like before, she can hardly be heard. She starts to cry and curses herself for wasting precious energy on crying.

It’s through those tear-drenched eyes that she sees the four figures approaching her from across the street. She acts carefully first, crying out to them for help while she backs up against the fire-escape. The four tall, robed figures are already moving towards her. Even though her vision is blurred, she recognizes her pursuers. Her careful behaviour is exchanged for blind panic which pumps additional adrenaline into her body. She hardly feels her legs anymore while running up the fire-escape. She can hear the clanks coming from the footsteps of the robed men chasing her. This only fuels her already massive panic, making her trip over the ledge when she finally reaches the top. She falls face down into the snow that’s gathered on top of the building. The fall also reminds her that she doesn’t really have the strength to keep running. She drags herself across the roof while her soar hands sting from the cold. Her legs feel as if they’re weights attached to her body in a cruel attempt by fate to make things even harder for her. When she’s finally managed to pull herself to the other side of the roof, someone grabs her shoulder and shoves her into the brick wall. She looks up and sees one of the robed figures leaning over her with a dagger pointing between her eyes. His bright, almost blinding eyes, light up as he starts to speak:

- You put up a good fight woman, he begins, I almost feel bad about sending you to the afterlife.
- N-no… Y-you don’t, she stutters aching from the cold and over-exertion.
- All too true woman, he says as he raises his dagger, I could not care less about your pathetic existence!

She closes her eyes while waiting to experience that last painful feeling of her life. But nothing happens. She’s almost too afraid to open her eyes but pushes herself to do it anyway. She sees the four robed figures backing away from her looking into the air just above her. The robed man standing in the back of things reaches into his cowl. But before he can pull out whatever it was he was reaching for, a large chunk of the brick wall is torn loose from the rest of the wall by some force and smashes into him from the side, sending him into an air-ride across the roof. The three others now pull out crossbows from their cowls and aim up into the air. The next few moments is just a mish-mash of robed figures flying up into the air, across the rooftops and smashing into each other while trying to shoot at something with their crossbows.

After a short while, there is no fight left in the robed men. They fall onto the roof, not more threatening than the snow which is starting to cover their unconscious bodies. Elisabeth now wonders if she has, to use a cliché, jumped out of the fire and into the frying pan. This is either one of Paragon City’s many heroes, or it is something much worse than the robed men who were chasing after her. Her heart starts to pound as she hears a faint swooshing sound right above her. Another figure now lands on the roof just in front of one of the unconscious robed men with his back turned to Elisabeth and snowflakes dancing around him. She observes the possible new threat while trying not to breathe in hope that he won’t notice her. This new character is clad mostly in dark. In something that looks like a baggy form of a jumpsuit. The pant-legs are adorned with a circular pattern and stuffed into the banded boots which come in a dark purple color, much like his wristbands. His hair and bare-skinned hands are as pale as the snowflakes themselves.

The new character leans over the bodies and starts examining them:
- Why are you still here? He asks.
Elisabeth is scared stiff by the fact that he’s noticed her and barely manages to raise her voice for a reply:
- A-are you a hero? Sir? She stutters.
The dark clad character turns around and faces her:
- I’m neither of those things.
Elisabeth’s eyes open as she discovers that her saviour is a woman. A woman with glowing light-blue eyes, a dark mask hiding her lower face and with short white hair hanging down in her pale. She looks almost as spooky as the robed men who have been after her all night. Her calm yet determined voice makes her less frightening though.
- I’m so sorry ma’am, Elisabeth begins. But if you are a hero, I desperately need your help! Please!
The mysterious pale woman looks at her for a while. Elisabeth gets an uneasy feeling looking into her empty light-blue eyes.
- Alright, the dark-clad woman begins, I’ll hear you out.
Elisabeth starts to cry. For the first time tonight, she feels safe.
- Thank you, she whelps while wiping the tears off her eyes with her torn sweater. They have my daughter.
- Who has? the woman asks.
- Them, the Circle of Thorns! The same robed murderers that were chasing me!

Elisabeth can see that she’s clearly gotten the attention of her mysterious saviour. She tells her about how the Circle tried to kidnap her daughter earlier tonight. Elisabeth’s husband was killed while trying to stop them. Her husband bought them some time to get away, but the Thorns soon caught up with them. She remembers how they gathered around him and they kept stabbing him with their knives even after he was dead. She could only watch as her husband’s body was cruelly abused and her newly born daughter was carried away. Elisabeth herself managed to pull free from the Thorns and ran off into the night to look for help. After a long and tiresome chase, this rooftop is where she ended up.

The mysterious woman is standing silent while listening to Elisabeth’s story. After Elisabeth has concluded her story, she feels uncertain as to how the woman actually wants to help her or not.
- Fine, the woman finally replies, I’ll try to help you find your daughter.
Elisabeth can hardly believe what she’s hearing, after all she’s been through tonight, she might finally be able to turn things around. Pain and worry is exchanged for relief and the feeling of safety. The woman bends over one of the Thorns and rips of his cowls. She walks up to Elisabeth with it and wraps it around her:
- I’m Voidchild by the way, the dark-clad woman clarifies.
- Oh, I’m so sorry, Elisabeth sniffles. I’m Elisabeth. In all this excitement, I forgot to ask you for your name. It sounds like a hero’s name. You sure you aren’t one?
- I only I were, Voidchild whispers to herself with a grievous voice and moves back towards the unconscious Thorns.
She decides not to ask again. It’s clear from the sound of Voidchild’s voice that Elisabeth has struck a nerve. It was best not to upset her. Otherwise she might not get any help. As she feels her body getting heavier she takes comfort in having such a powerful new ally. With this Voidchild-character on her side, she feels certain that she’ll see her daughter again.

Elisabeth now also feels her head getting heavier and her body shutting down. It gives up from exertion and sends her off into oblivious sleep.

Like the previous one, this one is still up for change if i find it needed. Any feedback concerning it will be appreciated.. Well, except for non-constructive criticism.. =P Watch out for a special guest appearance in my next piece.. ^^



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Thanks for all the positive feedback.. ^^ The second part of Filling the Void is coming up very soon.. ^^

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Hi they were both very lovely voidy. I was especially intruiged that you chose a african village where most of the people would be black and your character pale white, sort of exact opposites no? btw this is twlight anyway im working on my own story. i would love to role play with you some time. that is if you interested, anyway we'll talk in game bye!

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The second part of "Filling the Void" is now completed... Sorry if it's a bit lacking in the "action" department.. There'll be more of that later.. Anyways, please enjoy:

Voidchild - Filling the void, Part 2

During a snowy winter afternoon, even the Gish looks like a beautiful place to live. Especially when you view it from the rooftop of one of the taller buildings, like Voidchild is doing right now. This is her third day in Paragon City and she had already become intertwined in one of the hundreds of conflicts this city has to offer. Last night, her new acquaintance, Elisabeth, had her husband, Roy, murdered and their newly born daughter kidnapped by the detestable Circle of Thorns, a group of murderers and mystics who also are responsible for making Voidchild who she is today.

Although Elisabeth’s husband was gone for good, Voidchild promised she would at least bring back her daughter. In retrospect, she may have been a bit hasty in making such a promise as she had no idea on how to follow it through. She’s spent the whole morning realising this mistake. As she ponders, her frustration grows and her thoughts are blended with an unhealthy dose of self-pity. A way of thinking she’s grown to master over the past few years.

It was idiotic of her to give Elisabeth her word, she thinks. Her acting so rashly was surely going to cost the little girl her life. She wishes she could pin the blame on someone but herself, but she can’t. She has to tell Elisabeth to seek out someone else for help, perhaps one of the many actual heroes in Paragon City.

Voidchild let’s her head fall while thinking how great it would be if she were actually able to help instead of just moaning and wasting precious time. As she looks at the ground, she notices a tiny shadow right by her feet. It’s rapidly increasing in size as if something huge was falling down upon her from the sky:

“Look out below!” she hears someone call and quickly throws herself to the side. An impact shoves her face down into the snow. She is a bit more than irritated when she gets to her feet and turns to face whoever’s responsible.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” her yelling is ceased by the palm of a big blue hand that flies up in front of her face.

“Hold on a second!” says a voice behind the huge palm.

She shoves the hand to the side and faces a large blue-skinned man with pitch black hair and broad-shoulders completely ignoring her as he speaks into his cell-phone. He’s wearing a black suit with a matching tie contrasted by an orange inner-shirt. The clothes adorning his upper body are oddly enough combined with some sort of orange and grey armoured leggings and large leather boots. He’s utterly oblivious to the short angry woman standing in front of him as he babbles on about reserving a table at some restaurant.

“Excuse me!” Voidchild growls while feeling like a fool for not being getting his attention. “You almost crushed me!”

He finally gets off the phone and puts it in the inner pocket of his suit. “Heh, sorry about that.” he replies while making a ridiculously happy face. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to jump across town while talking on the phone. I almost squashed a cat two blocks from here.”

Voidchild becomes more irritated. “You almost did the same to me! And yet, you’re smiling!?”

The blue man gives her a surprised look. “You know… I almost did!” he scratches his chin and then his face lights up again. “Well don’t worry! I’ll make it up to you!” he pulls out a paper, a card of some sort and a pen from inside his suit. “Here you are!” as he smiles it becomes more and more clear how proud he is of his ridiculously shiny teeth. “A registration-form and a membership card to the Shambling Mound fan club! My fan club! Come on, the cat joined.”

Voidchild looks onto the registration form and the membership card which are both adorned with his name and a picture of him showing of his shiny teeth once more. “Shambling Mound fan club!? This isn’t any way of making up for almost killing me! This is just ridiculous!”

He gives her the thumbs up gesture. ”Glad you like it!” he responds, ignoring everything she just said. “Whoops, the phone’s buzzing again! Well see you later future member!”

He simultaneously pulls out his cell-phone while taking to the sky in an incredible leaping manner and before she can even think of continuing to yell at him, he’s long gone, leaving behind a very frustrated Voidchild with a twitching left eyebrow.

“People in this city are crazy.” she says to herself as she throws the registration form and membership-card away. “Nevermind, I have to go talk to Elisabeth.”

She takes to the skies in her own way, by flight. A few minutes later she reaches Elisabeth’s apartment building and quickly enters through the kitchen window on the sixth floor. She stops as she hears Elisabeth talking to someone. An uneasy feeling comes over her and as it does, the air around her closed fists starts pulsating and she readies herself while cautiously moving towards the living room.

She stumbles in on Elisabeth and a man talking in the living room. The man, perhaps in his 40’s, has long grey hear, narrow eyes and is wearing a very expensive looking white coat.

Elisabeth looks up and notices Voidchild. “Oh, here she is now... Voidchild, this is Nelson Movian. A friend of Roy’s… He came by for a visit and found me sobbing in the kitchen.”

Voidchild lowers her guard as he turns to face her. “Elisabeth has told me everything that’s happened. It’s truly terrible. Roy was an employee of mine and a good friend as well. If I can, I would like to help out.”

Before Voidchild can reply, Elisabeth interrupts. “Nelson is the head of BASE industries, one of the leading electronics and computer manufacturers here in Paragon City. Maybe you’ve heard of it?”

“Sorry, I haven’t…” She replies as she feels Movian examining her from head to toe.

“So… Voidchild was it? Elisabeth tells me you saved her life yesterday.” He looks straight into her eyes and reaches out for a handshake. ”I feel I need to shake hands with the person who saved the mother of my god-daughter.”

Voidchild reaches back to accept the handshake. “There is really no need touuunhh…”

Just as their hands are about to touch, a scream inside Voidchilds head staggers her. The spirit of the Void that shares body and mind with her is reacting violently to something. She pulls her hand away before establishing any sort of physical contact. The shrieking inside her head subsides as Movian also hesitates to follow through with his handshake. Their eyes meet and they enter a stalemate. They look at each other like two wild animals seconds before a violent clash.

Elisabeth feels the tension between the two silent combatants. “Nelson? Voidchild?” She manages to get the attention of both of them.

“Ah, look at the time.” Movian says as he looks at his watch. “I have some business to attend to. Be sure to call me if you need anything my dear. You know where to find me.” he continues as Elisabeth walks him to the door.

Voidchild listens as they say goodbye and Elisabeth shuts the door behind him.

Who was that man, she thinks while noticing that her hands are trembling. Something about him clearly upset the spirit inside her, and that hasn’t happened since it first revealed itself six years ago. As Elisabeth returns, she seems blissfully unaware of what just transpired. Voidchild closes her fists once again and feels the spirit reacting to the very thought of the name… Movian. She wonders if perhaps there is some sort of connection between him and this whole murder and kidnapping mess. Instead of hesitating, she decides to act and runs past Elisabeth, into the kitchen and jumps onto the window-sill.

“Elisabeth… Get to the nearest police station. Tell them everything that’s happened and stay there until I get back.” She says to Elisabeth who comes running in after her, trying to slow her down. She’s about to speak up when Voidchild turns her head and gives her a look she’ll not argue with. “I mean it!” She snaps and dives out the window and taking off through the air.

She rounds the building and spots Movian just as he enters a limousine to match that expensive looking coat of his. The car drives off and Voidchild begins her pursuit. Whoever this man is, the spirit considers him some sort of threat. For now, that would have to suffice. She will soon find out if this intuition of hers as well as the intuition of the spirit of the void, can be trusted.

I have all the different parts all figured out in the old noodle i call a head. But since I'm trying to keep under a limited number of words, it takes a little longer.. =P I've also noticed some minor errors of different kinds in my previous fics which I've been editing.. Hope you enjoyed the second part... Next part will be a bit more fast paced.. I promise..

Drevalin: Be sure to tell me when you're story is done.. I'll want to have a look at it.. ^^ We will have to roleplay it out with Voidy and Twilight sometime too.. Just name time and place! ^^



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Well I guess that counts The Sly Fox out of any chance at safety when meeting Voidchild...



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Well I guess that counts The Sly Fox out of any chance at safety when meeting Voidchild...

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh no need to be worried.. You just have to be sure to push the right buttons when meeting with her.. ^^ A smooth talker such as the Fox should have no problem with this..

A word to the wise, although Voidchild has never actually hurt anyone while irritated. She has been known to trap a sorry few within her detention fields while later entertaining herself with pushing them down a hill or ski slope or such.. ^^



Ooooo! Sounds like FUN!



Good stuff. I look forward to more



Good stuff. I look forward to more

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You've got it.. ^^ Here's some more:

Voidchild - Filling the void, Part 3

Voidchild’s pursuit of Movian’s limousine has led her into the impressive Steel Canyon area with its hulking skyscrapers. Steel Canyon is the centre of business in Paragon City so it’s no surprise that a businessman such as Movian is heading here. She begins to doubt both her and the spirit’s intuition while wondering if perhaps it had reacted to something else.

Suddenly, the car takes an unexpected turn and heads into the outskirts of the canyon where the view isn’t quite as spectacular as in the rest of the area. Only rundown office-buildings and other abandoned locales stand here as a reminder of the harshness of the business-world. The car finally comes to stops outside one of these buildings. From the air, Voidchild can see Movian exiting the car, looking over his shoulders and then entering the building.

She sets foot on the roof. As she looks around she notices a skylight at the centre of the building. She sneaks up to it and peeks inside the building. It’s dark but she can clearly see Movian’s white coat and several men clad in dark robes. She immediately recognizes them as the Circles foot-soldiers, the Thorns. Voidchild’s intuition had proved right after all. Movian is connected to the Circle somehow and most certainly, to the murder of Elisabeth’s husband and the kidnapping of her daughter.

Suddenly, a long-fingered bony hand smashes through the window and grips her throat. She only manages to produce a gurgling sound just before the hand pulls her through the crashing window into the building and then smashes her into the concrete floor. She looks up and sees a hideous skeletal demon with no lower body, torn wings and long bony arms, one of which is clutching her throat and pinning her to the ground. The grip tightens while she struggles to remove it’s claws from around her neck to open up her air-ways. It hisses and she feels a fowl stench coming from it’s jaws. Movian and the Thorns now gather around her while her head starts to spin from lack of oxygen.

“Well…” Movian begins with a smirk look on his face. “I could come up with a corny excuse of like how I was following a lead on my missing god-daughter and ended up here. But only an idiot would believe that at this point. And you’re no idiot, are you Voidchild? Well, you know… Except for that whole thinking you could sneak up on us part…”

Voidchild can only snarl in reply as her voice is blocked by the demon’s stranglehold. “I’ve never head of you before Voidchild.” Movian continues and slowly starts moving around the demon. “And I do have a pretty good idea of whom the opposition consists of. In fact, I pride myself on my information-network. And still, I have no idea who you are and what you know about me.” He leans down over Voidchild’s face. “I don’t know how, but you seemed to either recognize me or notice something when we met back at our mutual friend Elisabeth’s home. Why is that?”

One of the Thorns now walks up next to him, with a small child. It’s crying as he holds it upside down from the legs like a dead animal. “Ah, speaking of which!” Movian says as he grabs the baby and holds it in his arms. “There, there… Don’t cry. Voidchild is here to rescue you! Or is she? She seems to be in a bit of a predicament.” Voidchild snarls again and reaches out towards the baby but gets repeatedly shoved into the floor again by the demon.

“Yes, this is Elisabeth and my former underling Roy’s first-born baby daughter!” Movian continues while he holding her up and noticing the shock in Voidchild’s face “Surprised? Of course you are. Not even Elisabeth knew Roy was one of us. In fact he was the one who gave away their daughter to me. And because he did, I’ve done nothing wrong. Wouldn’t you agree on that at least?”

“What?” Voidchild thinks to herself. Not only was Roy a member of the Circle, but he also gave away his daughter to them!

“Of course, Roy had an unfortunate last minute change of heart… And since I found it very rude of him to break off our deal like that, I had to practice tough love to get my god-daughter back. First-borns don’t grow on trees you know. Unfortunately, I’m far to busy to raise a little girl. But don’t you worry. I’ve found the perfect adoptive mother for our little gal here. Uthimi, the mistress of the dark, thrives on first-borns!”

He holds the crying baby over Voidchild’s face. “Come now, give our little girl one last kiss. I think you owe her that much seeing as how you did so poorly on this rescue-mission of yours.”

Panic from suffocation combined with Movian’s sadism is what pushes Voidchild over the edge. He and the Thorns begin backing up as they observe how the air around her body begins to whirl and cling around the confused giant demon. A split-second later, Voidchild lets out a furious scream and the demon is hurled through the room, knocking down several of the Thorns before it crashes through the wall and disappears onto the streets outside.

Chaos ensues and Voidchild takes off into the air while breathing heavily. The strangling took a toll on her and she is struggling to remain airborne. She spots Movian slipping away with Elisabeth’s daughter, but before she has a chance to follow them, the demon appears out of nowhere. She barely manages to erect a protective field around herself before he lands a blow that sends her crashing through the wall on the opposite side of the room. The field around her absorbs some of the damage but it still hurts as she smashes into the icy street outside. It’s begun snowing violently outside as to match the ferocity of the battle.

As she gets to her feet she sees the demon rushing towards her. She dodges its blow by taking off into the air once more while noticing how the creatures’s body is turning transparent before her. She tries to immobilize the demon by distorting the air around it, but the whirling energies at her disposal seem to slip right through it’s body as if it was intangible. Once again, it comes after her and strikes at her in the air as she flips backwards to avoid the blow. She quickly flies off in hope that she can shake it off somewhere over the city.

The demon catches up with her above the skyscrapers of Steel Canyon and reverts into it’s tangible form again so it can grab her ankle. It now hurls her down towards the streets with an incredible velocity. She manages to decelerate her descent enough to land safely on the street. But now she’s in a crowded area and worries that the demon could hurt the people around her.

The screaming crowd alerts her of the demon down the street, busy sinking its claws into the hood of a car. Not taking any notice to the people inside the demon hurls the car towards her. Voidchild panics but manages to put both her palms up while putting all of her energy into negating the gravitational force propelling the car and give it a soft landing further down the street. She turns her attention back to the demon which now catches her off-guard and relentlessly begins pounding her into the ground. Her protective fields can only take so much and after a little while, she’s been pounded into a small crater in the asphalt. The demon ceases the onslaught as it notices she isn’t moving. Taking her for dead, it takes off to return to its master.

Although Voidchild isn’t dead, she almost wishes she were. She can’t feel her legs or her arms, her clothes are torn and her skin is hardly pale anymore from all the bruises and blood. She thinks of how close she was, an arms length from Elisabeth’s crying daughter without a chance to save her. A tear rolls down her cheek but freezes half-way down. Her thoughts drift and she reminisces to when she was a little girl and got beat up by the other children in the village. Back then, she could just smile and the pain would go away as Raheem would tell her how beautiful he thought she was. However, he isn’t around to comfort her or tell her how beautiful she is, not anymore. She tries to recreate the smile he had once loved, but the effort only produces another frozen tear on her cheek.

After a while, the violent blizzard subsides and she hears a familiar voice: “Hey! I know you!” Shambling Mound says while pointing his finger down at her from the street.

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Why waste time? Here's the fourth part of Filing The Void.. ^^ Enjoy:

Voidchild - Filling the void, Part 4

Not being able to move either your arms or legs is frightening. Not being able to do so while a smiling blue man is reaching for you where you lie inside a crater is even more frightening.

“Hang on, I’ll have you up and about in a jiffy!” Shambling Mound says as he puts his palm on top of Voidchild’s forehead. “Here we go!”

“W-what are you…” Voidchild moans as she feels a tingling sensation running through her body. She lets out a painful scream as she regains the feeling of both her arms and legs. It’s as if her bones are being bent and twisted inside her body, which in fact isn’t far from the truth. After a few agonizing minutes, the pain stops. Voidchild slowly manages to get to her feet and climbs onto the street. She doesn’t hurt anymore and she isn’t even tired.

Shambling Mound is showing off his teeth again while dusting his hands off. “The ladies always love that little trick. You need a cigarette as well?”

Voidchild is feeling a bit awkward. She had thought this Shambling Mound to be just a babbling fool when she met him earlier today. And now, the big lummox probably saved her life. “I suppose I owe you a favour now?” she says while checking over her now fully functional arms one more time.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” he smiles while Voidchild wonders from where he got the huge cigar he’s now smoking. “You’re buying me dinner later anyways!” Her left eyebrow starts twitching again. But before she can even think up an edgy reply, he interrupts her again: “So, how come I find a little lady such as yourself lying beaten and bloody inside a crater in the middle of the friggin’ street?”

At first, Voidchild is reluctant to tell him her story but soon finds out how he’s perfected his nagging into an art-form. She finally gives him a quick explanation, leaving out the part about Roy being involved with the Circle. She hardly knows how to handle this knowledge herself or even how to break it to Elisabeth.

“The Circle eh?” Shambling Mound replies after she’s finished her story. “Yes, they are a clever bunch. Not often seen out in the open. How do you propose we find them?”

“We?” she replies while raising a suspicious eyebrow. ”This isn’t your problem.”

“Well I figure every dark avenger needs their light-hearted sidekick to keep the mood up for the audience!”

“What audience?” she thinks to herself while drifting away on the subject he just touched. “How do I find them now? They probably didn’t stay very long in the warehouse where I last saw them.” Voidchild suddenly realizes she has a lead to both Movian and the Circle. Elisabeth’s husband Roy must have had some connection to them.

“Okay, if you want to help, you can.” Voidchild finally replies to Shambling Mound who’s now holding a magnifying glass. She’s astonished by the amount of junk he manages to carry around with him.
“Great!” He says while looking at her through the glass. “You know, in addition to being a very snappy dresser, I’m also a master detective! I’ll have this case wrapped up in no time!”

“That’s nice.” Voidchild sighs. “But I already have a lead.”


Elisabeth is patiently waiting for any news concerning her daughter inside the Kings Row police station when Voidchild and Shambling Mound enter. You’d think a short pale woman with blue shining eyes and torn clothes accompanied by a large blue man wearing a suit would raise an eyebrow or two. However, the policemen and other people present here live in Paragon City, where something like this isn’t at all out of the ordinary, it’s Tuesday. Elisabeth doesn’t notice Voidchild until she’s right next to her.

“What happened?” she asks with a frightened voice.

“Don’t worry.” Voidchild replies. “I will explain everything later, I promise. But right now you have to tell me if Roy kept any of his work at home. Any notes, paperwork or such?”

“Is this about Movian again? You have to tell me. I can’t stand being left out!”

“I’ll tell you when there’s time Elisabeth.” Voidchild replies with a calm voice. “But right now, there isn’t any. Please…”

Elisabeth tells her about Roy’s workroom inside the apartment. She’s hardly ever been in there and has never seen any reason for it either. There wasn’t anything in there besides a mess of papers and files he brought home from work.

Just as Voidchild is about to turn around and leave, a policeman taps her shoulder. “I’ll need to see your hero-registration and id-card please.” he says while holding out his hand expectantly.

Voidchild gives him a dumb look, not knowing what he’s talking about until Shambling Mound interrupts her. “No need officer! I’ll vouch for her!” he says while smiling and pointing at himself.

“Wow!” the officer says while quickly reaching for his notepad and pen. “It’s Shambling Mound! Please sir, an autograph for my kids!”

Voidchild’s eyebrow begins to twitch again while Shambling Mound laughs and quickly scribbles down his signature on the notepad. She can’t seem to get a grip on this character.


An hour later, Voidchild sits in the work-room of Elisabeth’s now deceased husband Roy. She feels like a grave-robber while going through his old paperwork and notes while desperately searching for a clue as to the whereabouts of Elisabeth’s lost, but not yet deceased, daughter. Although, Voidchild fears the baby may soon join her father if she doesn’t find anything useful quickly. The papers she’s going through are useless in terms of pinpointing a specific location for a Circle of Thorns nest and mostly consists of invoices and memos relating to his actual workplace at BASE industries.

She hears Shambling Mound humming as he reads through a small journal next to the bookcase. “Hey, this guy was a member of the circle!” He says while flipping through the book as Voidchild’s eyes open wide. “He partook in a bunch of rituals in some network of caves down by Galaxy City.”

She quickly snags the journal. “This isn’t for your eyes!” she snaps at him as she starts to read it herself.

“Yes miss Daisy, of course miss Daisy.” He snorts while tilting his head upwards and facing the other way.

Voidchild quickly reads through the journal. From the beginning, it seems obvious that the man had some mental problems as he mostly writes about demons, power and oddly named gods. She eventually comes across the date when he meets Elisabeth. The whole psychedelic mood of the journal changes. From here on, every sentence seem like those of a person very much in love. Every new entry is filled with tributes to their love. It’s not until the date where he finds out about Elisabeth being pregnant that the dark mood changes back.

“Movian came over again. He knew Elisabeth was pregnant and demanded our first-born. He told me that Elisabeth would not live to see a second child if I did not oblige him. What choice do I have? I can’t condemn the woman I love for a mere child?”

She reads on and eventually comes across the entry where their daughter is born.

“She is the most beautiful baby-girl I have ever seen. I thought my life not big enough for the both of them, but now it seems I can’t be without either. Movian will not have her, he’ll see me dead before he uses her in any of his disgusting rituals. I swear by my life. He will not have you Mona.”

Voidchild slams the journal shut and hides it behind the bookshelf. Roy made a promise to his little girl. Although he was not alive to keep it himself, Voidchild would make damn sure it was kept. Their daughter was going to grow up with the life and the name Roy had intended for her.

“We know where to go now!” Voidchild snarls as she exits the workroom. “No need to linger.”

“Woohoo!” Sham shouts while following closely behind. “Finally, time to get funky!”


It takes them half an hour to locate the cave-entrance by Gemini Park in Galaxy City. They can hear the chanting in the distance as they enter the tunnels. They follow the chanting which eventually leads them into an enormous chamber. They spot the demon Voidchild fought, as well as an altar where not only Mona is lying, but several other children as well. The altar is surrounded by small group of Thorns wearing specially adorned cowls. The wall in front of the altar has a large hollowed out circle on it. Voidchild can’t see Movian anywhere, but she doesn’t pay it much heed.

Right now, she had a dead father and husband’s wish to carry out. And this time, it would take more than a mere demon to stop her.

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Well, after losing internet for about a 1½ weeks, and keeping busy otherwise as well, I've now finished the "Filling the Void" storyline. Please enjoy it and feel free to give me some constructive criticism. ^^

Voidchild - Filling the void, Part 5

The whole underground chamber is quaking from the battle in which Voidchild and Shambling Mound are locked. The enormous demon, whom Voidchild had fought and which power she had learnt to respect in a previous encounter, is fiercely slashing at them with his claws. Each time the demon strikes at them it misses and only manages to tear down more of the cave’s interior. The demon is unable to sink its claws into the two of them. However, they are just as incapable of landing any punches since the demon shifts into its intangible form each time they strike. The mages and thorns inside the chamber have left the battle up to the demon, thinking it will eventually catch up to the intruders. Undisturbed, they have continued their eerie chanting and ceremonial gesturing.

Voidchild and Shambling Mound seek cover behind a large stalagmite. “He’s getting my suit all dirty.” Shambling Mound huffs. “I am so going to kick his ***! If I can find it… Anyways, that thing keeps turning see-through and intangible every time I try to land a blow. Got any high-quality ideas?”

Voidchild huffs in line with Shambling Mound. “I might be able to do something.” she finally replies. “But I’ll need you to distract him for a little while.”

“No problem!” he replies. “I’ll deal with old Bony here.. You just tell me when you’re done!”

He jumps out from behind the stalagmite. “Hey, Bony! Your mother is so skinny she can enter her apartment through the mail slot!”

The taunt has no effect on the demon who charges Shambling Mound anyway and their dance of slashing and dodging begins again. The demon uses its claws in the battle while Shambling Mound is armed with a seemingly endless reserve of your-mother-is-so-skinny jokes.

Voidchild steps out from behind the stalagmite and reaches out with both her hands towards the intangible demon, perfectly distracted by Shambling Mound. She begins to whisper, not to herself, but to the spirit living inside her. Although her request goes unanswered, whirling energy emanates from her body once again as the powers of the spirit of the void are brought forth once more.

The translucent demon stops, it looks down on its claws which are slowly turning solid. Something is pulling it out from the plane which it uses as hiding-place from physical harm. The demon turns its head and sees Voidchild surrounded by whirling energy reaching out for him with her eyes closed. It knows she’s responsible and rushes towards her, now perfectly solid.

Voidchild opens her eyes and see the demon heading towards her with its claws in the air, ready to tear her apart. She does not move, even though her whole body is shrieking out for her to jump out of the way. Suddenly, an avalanche of earth and stone crashes onto the demon from above with tremendous force instantly smashing it to pieces. She looks over at Shambling Mound who’s holding his fists by the ground as though he had just hit into it with his fists. Now, when it’s obvious that he’s the one responsible for destroying the demon, Voidchild understands that this man isn’t just a show-off. He’s in control of some serious power, one he had neglected to show her before now.
As she is about to applaud him, they both notice the chanting has ceased and a whirlpool is emanating from inside the carved out circle in front of the altar. A long blue leg takes its first step outside. “The mistress…” Voidchild whispers to herself.

The mistress slowly makes her entrance while the Thorns and mages move back into the shadows and disappear. Their work here is done. The mistress stands over ten feet tall, her skin is light-blue but the veils and hair flowing around her are pitch black similar to her deep dark eyes.

“Yippie!” Shambling Mound shouts as he leaps towards the mistress with closed fists. “Finally, a lady who’s blue enough for me! C’mere little lady!”

As he comes into contact with her, Shambling Mound is smashed by a cloudy dark force which sends him crashing through one of the stone-pillars. The mistress seems unaware of anything in the chamber but the children on the altar intended for her. She slowly begins to move towards them but comes to a sudden stop as Voidchild appears in front of her, blocking her way.

“Back off…” she snarls and raises both her palms towards the mistress, erecting the same protective field she uses to shield herself with. Only this time, she’s using it to create a wall between the mistress and the children.

The mistress seems all but impressed as she puts her own palm against the field. And as she does, Voidchild can feel the energy she just released being forced back into her body. Once the energy of the void has exited the body, it’s not supposed to return. She feels as though her throat and lungs are being filled with liquid while she fights to remain conscious and maintain the field. However, after a short and fierce battle of wills, Voidchild collapses onto the ground. Her body won’t move an inch and she feels as if the entire chamber has collapsed on top of her and is weighing her down. She can only watch as the mistress passes by her in the direction of the children.

Panic and anger seizes hold of her and she curses herself for what she’s about to do and the risk she is about to take.

When the mistress has passed Voidchild, she experiences an eerie feeling and turns around. Voidchild is rising to her feet and whirling energy is lashing out around her body.

As Voidchild raises her head to face the mistress, it’s obvious she’s not the one in control anymore. The violent spirit doesn’t abide by the same physical laws that Voidchild’s body does and because of that has been granted control in order to fight a battle she can not. Before the startled mistress can make a move, Voidchild throws herself at her and the invisible force of the spirit of the void clashes with the dark one of the mistress. They battle back and forth through the chamber. It’s a short and intense battle that takes place before the mistress finally decides that the sacrifices are not worth the risk. She slowly retreats back towards the portal while shielding herself from the onslaught of the void. She vanishes as suddenly and silently as she had appeared.

The violent spirit of the void becomes even more furious as the mistress escapes. It now turns its attention towards the crying children on the altar. The spirit is out for blood and the human children intended for the mistress will have to suffice. Voidchild unwillingly lunges towards as the whirling energies slashes around her body.

Shambling Mound has watched the whole event transpire. Although a bit confused, he rushes to intercept Voidchild. However, Voidchild trips and falls to her knees just as he is about to knock her out of the way. She let’s out a hollow scream as she clutches the rocks on the ground so tightly, her hands begin to bleed. Shambling Mound can see pearls of sweat dripping from her forehead as she begins to hyperventilate. The ferociousness about her seems to fade away as Voidchild pants heavily and looks up at Shambling Mound.

“I’m so sorry…” she says as a tear falls down her cheek. “It was the only way…” She wished this was a good enough excuse for what she almost did. She knows it isn’t.

Shambling Mound now picks up Mona from the altar next to him and bends down with her towards Voidchild. “She looks just like her mother...” he begins. “I won’t ask what happened. But whatever happened, saved the life of these children. For the moment, we should be thankful instead of sorry. Skip the dark hero guilt-trip now and just feel good about it okay.”

He hands Mona over to Voidchild, who gazes down onto the sleeping baby-girl. “She does look like her mother.” she thinks to herself while reminded of what she came to do. “She probably misses her too. It’s time to reunite them and see the end of this ordeal.” There would be plenty of time to feel sorry for herself later.

“You go on ahead and reunite this one with her mom.” Shambling Mound continues. “I’ll see to it that the other ones are returned as well.”

“Thank you…” she says to Shambling Mound as she rises to her feet and begins walking away with Mona. Half-way out, she pauses and decides to let Shambling Mound know she’s thankful for the help. “I’ll need a new registration-form for your fan-club. I seem to have misplaced mine…”

“I knew you’d come around!” she hears him shout as she exits the chamber. “They all do!”

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Epilouge and the definite ending to "Filling the Void":

Voidchild - Filling the void, Epilogue

It takes Elisabeth a while to calm down when Voidchild returns her newly born baby-girl to her. While explaining about Movian, she once again leaves out the part about Roy. The Circle would not have any further influence over this family. They would only remember him as the caring and loving father and husband he was. She feels it is a valid reason for withholding the truth. But why does she then still feel like a terrible liar and a deceiver.

Voidchild recommend that Elisabeth leave town immediately in case Movian wants to try something like this again and then begins to walk away.

“Are you just leaving?” Elisabeth cries. “Won’t you let me do something in return!?”

Voidchild stops. “Name her Mona.” she replies, while thinking of Roy’s last entry in the journal. “I think your husband would have loved that name.”

Fearing a tearful farewell, Voidchild takes off into the air. Unknowingly to Elisabeth, she lands on the rooftop of a nearby building and sits down to watch the now reunited family. “We did that.” she whispers to herself as well as the spirit while a warm sensation runs through her. “I know this won’t make up for what I did Raheem, but I’ll keep at it until I’ve made all my wrongs right again.” She looks up into the always so dark night-sky while childishly thinking he might up there somewhere. “I can’t come to see you just yet. But when I do, you’ll be so proud of me.” She looks down onto the reunited family one last time. “I’ll do this for you, as well as for my own sake. I’ll be your legacy.”

Satisfied as she is, she realizes there is still one more thing to do before she can call it a night. One major player was missing from the showdown earlier. It was time to pay him a visit.


Nelson Movian sits safely inside his limousine on his way home to his luxurious mansion in Atlas Park. He had already been notified of the failure in pleasing the mistress and is now reviewing the information provided by his underlings. Not only was that Voidchild-woman alive, she and that Shambling Mound character were the people accountable for the incident this night. His mages’ reports suggest that she had gone toe to toe with the mistress for a brief moment. Although it sounds preposterous, he knows his mages has no reason to lie. The mistress is far from a warrior. However, she doesn’t abide by the laws of this plane. And as such, Voidchild shouldn’t even have been able to challenge her.

As they approach the enormous estate he has claimed as his own, he spots a crouching silhouette sitting on top of one of the pillars adjacent to the front-gate. Oddly enough, a wicked smile emerges on his face and his eyes light up with excitement as he orders the driver to pull over. As he exits the car, his excitement is doubled as he confirms the silhouette to be Voidchild. She rises to her feet and stares into his eyes with a look that clearly states her sentiments towards him.

“Well…” Movian begins. “I could say something unoriginal such as, you’ve won this battle but the war isn’t over. But I think that would be way too megalomaniacal and super-villainous of me. We don’t want to turn our ever so unique relationship into a cliché, now do we?”

Voidchild throws him a small object which he easily catches in mid-air. Movian observes the item just handed to him and recognizes it as Roy’s journal. “I suppose you already understand that this isn’t enough to bring me before court since you’re handing it over to me. Tell me… How did Elisabeth take the news about Roy? Was she terribly upset?” His grin widens through his attempt to taunt Voidchild.

Voidchild stands silent for a moment before she answers. “I know what you’ve done and what your capable of. And therefore, I have to bring you down.” she says as she points down on him and readies herself for flight. “So don’t expect me to be merciful when that day comes.” She takes off into the night sky leaving Movian behind with the same wicked smile he’s worn the entire meeting.

“I guess our relationship is doomed to become a cliché then…” he sighs heartily to himself. “Still, you’re a very interesting young lady. Something about you makes my skin crawl.” Movian had taken Voidchild for just another one in the line of heroes populating Paragon City but now finds himself strangely fascinated and curious of her. “I wonder what will turn up…”

His cellular phone starts buzzing, he picks it out of his coat and answers. “Ah, Mr. Leonard. How nice of you to return my call. Yes, I could use some of your extraordinary problem-solving abilities. You see, I have some research I need conducted for an experiment.”

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For the curious: Voidchild's file at Crey Industries