After a few enhancements, does a power just wont take anymore, but still allows them? For EXAMPLE: My power costs 10% end loss.. so if i put alot of enhancements on it.. that would reduce it to 2% end loss. Does it count? Or does it stop at 5%end loss?

Or you can look at it that i have 5 enhancement slots.. i put 5 lvl 20 end reduction enhancements in there. So even though i put 5 lvl 20's. It will only use 3 of those and the other 2 would of been a waste of money..

Hope this makes sense, pls help.



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This appears to be more of a question than a Player Guide, but anyway.

Slotting More Enh will always have an affect on your powers however.

As Enh that reduce things go by the formula
Modified Value = Base Value / (1 + Enh Value)
as the Enh value gets bigger the Modified value only moves closer to an effective minimum.

Also in Issue 6 a mechanism called Enhancement Diversification was introduced which reduces the effectiveness of Enh after a certain threshold value is reached. Basically that threshold is at about the value of 3 Single Origin Enh. So you can slot as many Enh as you like while they are Training or Dual Origin ENh, but when you are slotting Single Origin Enh the 4th and further Enh of the same type that you slot will have a much reduced effect.

Read Pilcrows Guide to Enhancement Diversification for more details.

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Good answer Screwloose, but I guess you didn't notice that this post was made about 22 months ago, two weeks after City of Heroes launched. For some reason that I'm sure no one could ever figure out, The_Smoking_Baby decided to resurrect it, which is quite a feat because I don't think even Dr. Frankenstein could have reanimated a post that old.