(OOC) So, what sort of fiction do you want to see?




*waves to anyone he knows* Just started playing this two weeks ago for the prescho- I mean PreStart program. Lots of fun, much easier to ride along for fun than other games.

I've been pondering some fiction to write up. I have one in mind definitely that I'm working on after my latest project (a Planetside fiction I'm writing a monster chapter for), but after that I'm all open, and I wanna whet people's interest in the game.

Let me know what you want to see, and who knows? You just may get it.


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Personaly I am a fan of the stories that link to background information. Something like an event that ends up showing a bit of history for the lead hero. I got one in the works like this now based on the Story Arc of rescuing Lou.

There are many typed of fiction posted here, and I have yet to see a bad post. Just do what works the best for you