The Paragon City Police Department Needs YOU!




Attention All Non-Hero Citizens!

We know life is hard in Paragon City these days. What with the crashing economy leaving so many warehouses and office buildings in an unused derelict state and so much of the city rendered uninhabitable by crime, finding a job in Paragon City is harder than ever before. One can merely look at how few cars are on the streets to be able to tell how few citizens can afford them. There isn't even a single gas station left in the city. And even if you do find a white collar job, your workday is bound to be constantly interrupted by gang wars in your office building, kidnappings, hostage situations and bombs. You could wait forever to get one of the cushy monorail driver jobs or to drive one of the white delivery trucks around that never have to deliver anything, OR you can come to us.

That's right, join the PCPD! No experience whatsoever is required. All that your job will entail is to don the uniform and to walk the streets. How much easier could it be? Due to Superhero union restrictions, crime-fighting by the PCPD is not only not required, it is forbidden! You may be victim to the occasional street crime, just like any other citizen, but apart from that you can simply spend your days getting paid to stroll about (we can't find the keys to the garage with the police cars in it) in our perpetually beautiful weather, ignoring crime and running from danger. Yes, just like everyone else, but you're getting PAID!

For your protection we've deployed a few automated police drones that do all of the departments legally allowed crime fighting. Yes, we could deploy several hundred more, thereby wiping the city free of crime but our budget won't allow for it due to police officer salaries.

What are you waitng for? Start collecting your salary TODAY! Apply at the PCPD main office in King's Row.



Bah! That's the problem with this city's police force - No experience necessary- not much of a cop if you run when you see a crime going down...little alone being robbed yourself.

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Freedom Factor
and now from Warhammer Online, Gorlok, Greenskin shaman



Silva reads the advertisement for a police force... then shakes her head tossing another newspaper in the trash.

'This is what is wrong with today's society. We need a strong leader, not have strong people support a weak leader. The way they think is backwards... we shall make sure that this isn't true in the future.'



Aleria finishes up reading the funny pages(the only portion of the newspaper she's discovered is worth reading), when she ran across this article. Spitting in disgust, the former princess wondered why she keeps reading the so-called "news".

"Coddling the weak? Promoting ineffective and incompetant guard forces? These humans have yet to cease to amaze me..."



What? They need MORE cops? I really thought that the PD was overstaffed as is!

How about the PCPD just contracts heros at a higher wage. Maybe I'll work a little harder then. Oh and sewers, yeah, I don't want to go down those stinky drain pipes anymore. Dont forget to add that to the contract.