Unofficial RP Server #2 Guardian?




I thought that the second RP server (after Virtue and all its connection problems) was going to be Guardian, but I have yet to see anyone RPing on it. that end, Guardian RPers, post here, (Char Name, brief bio, times you play, etc.) let your voices be heard!

(and let RPers hook up with people other than "Teh 3|173 5up3rh3r0")



I think #2 should be Freedom. More people are on Freedom that RP, myself included.



There are a few of us on Liberty that roleplays as well, although it is not predominant through the server. We had connection issues with Virtue as well.



I'll be roleplaying on any server I play. Playing a super-powered character, to me, implies RPing no matter what. What's the point of playing otherwise?




I haven't sen anyone RPing on Guardian either. Kinda sad, really.

I mainly play "The Ending" a magic scrapper.
I usually play PST evenings and some weekend mornings. Lately I play too much. :-P

He was just a normal guy with a white-colar job walking down the street when someone who appeared to be a street bum offered to give him talent and powers if he would follow his destiny to help rid the world of the "human evil" that is predicted to start spreading through the world. He would have to sacrifice his life and humanity to accept. He humored the man for some reason as jest, but woke up the next morning (from unsettling dreams) and found himself changed with knowledge and abilities he didn't have before. He never saw the "bum" again.



I guess whatever the 'unofficial' RP server(s) is doesn't matter since nothing's really different on any of them game-wise. You get RPers on all, you get non-RPers on 'Unofficial RP' servers...

Since this thread is getting more into the merits/flaws of using Guardian as opposed to some other server, I'll post a new thread to help those stuck on Guardian to meet/network/SG etc.



I am one of those HardCore RPers I suppose. I am on Guardian and I do RP almost always when I am on DragADene and I have been writen history. (Novel in Creation last three Years.) Though I dont know if it makes me HArdcore but determed. Anyway there are few on the Server, but I think each Server has good amount of Rpers and yet its just a matter of clicking the Characters profile, also taking time to Roleplay your own character. That will normally attract the attention of other Rpers.

After all I dont think there will be one Dominate Server at least this Early in the game. Though they might do it later down the Road once everyone gets a Good feel for them.

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