Broken (An Open RP, real character on Virtue)




((Certainly a more serious RP if anybody is interested =P))

The cold and crisp night wind blew across his the exposed sections of his face, sending his senses into a funny direction of cold yet...calm. He stood upon the top of the small residential apartment building for about an hour, looking down upon the darkened city, peering around at the strange nightlife of Atlas Park. People walking around this way and that, police officers keeping a watchful yet scared eye out behind their backs, so called "Hero's" running by, eager to stop some evil deed in progress.

It seemed like music. Almost like clockwork...a symphony of time and motion.

Yet as he stood with one leg upon the edge, leaning upon a knee, his memories and thoughts drifted to events that would happen before these calm and serene moments.

- - -

"Don't touch me!" the woman screamed as the buff punk in a scary skull mask slapped her.

"Shut up!" he shouted, grabbing her purse and throwing it to his friend who held a pistol and laughed. She screamed out again for help, she was taken into a back alley where they could steal her purse and make a clean break after words, probably back to some other friends of theirs to show off their kill.

The lead thug, a shotgun hanging off of his shoulder, was now getting upset over the matter. The woman was making too much noise, too much attention was bad in this part of the city. There were a lot of eager young "Stooper-Hewoes" who would certainly attempt to rescue her. He would have to be quick or certainly finish this off now. Swinging around the sawed-off shotgun from his shoulder he cocked it once and shoved it right towards the woman, laughing as he placed his finger upon the trigger. This was one person that the heroes wouldn't save.

Yet as he pulled the trigger and the loud crack of the shotgun sounded, he found his arm and his weapon being forced upwards, where the projectile of the weapon would fly over the woman's head.

"What the?" he mumbled. Tracing his eyes now to his gun, he found a hand upon it, pushing it upwards and towards the building. Connected to the arm of course was what appeared to be a hero, but not the typical one. Dark with some sort of covering over his face, a bandana covering his head, he was clad in dark gear, not the trademark spandex of most hero's.

"Hey punk." the thug said, trying to jar the shotgun out of the hero's hands. "You better leave now before I...ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

He didn't get the chance to finish before the darkly clad hero twisted the shotgun perfectly and quickly, contorting his wrist in a blur and breaking it. In another flash the hero's right arm went up and straight out from his body, knocking into the thug and taking him off of his feet. He landed on the hard ground with a huge thud and yelled in pain.

His friend behind him dropped the womans purse and moved into a fighting position. The woman however caught a quick glimpse of her savior...his eyes were closed.

He moved quickly towards the other thug and crashed directly into him, an open palm strike to the face. The thug fell back and then stood back up as the hero spun around, delivering another one. This time the thug fell back into the wall of the building, where the hero then followed up the attack by lifting his knee into the thugs midsection. He slumped over and fell down, unconscious.

To the woman, it looked as if he knew what he was doing without actually having to think about doing it. His eyes were closed, as if it was some sort of dance to the nameless hero. She looked at him and spoke as he turned around and opened his eyes. "T...thank you." She was very grateful, but somewhat in shock still. The hero wasn't big, wasn't very muscular nor was he a brute, yet...he used complete brute strength and an inhuman grace.

"I...I surly would have ended up a story on the news if it wasn't for you..." she spoke again. He looked her over once and then looked away. She wondered what he was about when suddenly the silence was broken by another voice.

"Hey! Are you ok miss?" Another hero in red spandex with a bright symbol upon his chest appeared, walking into the alley. "Jeeze...what happened to them?". Certainly this hero was new to the business.

She turned to point at the dark clad hero, but as quickly as he came he vanished.

- - -

Aye, it was him that saved the woman. He called himself Rickshaw, though most people would never get to know his name. Not many people would care, but the question is...did he really care?

He stared up at the night sky once more and sighed under the "Wrap" that covered half of his face. "Is this what my life has come down too?" he asked himself quietly. Pondering the question, he moved his left hand and touched his right ring finger, were a faint black outline, a almost solid black ring around his finger, burned an image upon his skin. He looked down upon it, "Wish you all were still here."

He shook his head, was this his life for...ever? Was it doomed to be like this? Fighting simple street thugs...what happened to the adventure and the excitement.

But then again, when you suddenly find out you can't age anymore it does have a certain effect on you're mentality.

But to him in this moment, his life seemed somewhat broken...doomed to carry on in the utmost circle of pain and...dispensing pain apparently.

He sighed, enjoying the quiet moment of being alone, and looked up at the night sky.

He could actually see the stars.

((If you haven't noticed he's a tragic hero in the RP world =P))



"Hey! Are you ok miss?" Another hero in red spandex with a bright symbol upon his chest appeared, walking into the alley. "Jeeze...what happened to them?".

'Certainly this hero was new to the business.' Lemae thought to herself as the Red-boy helped up the lady. But the person she was looking at was not the one in Red, but the one who walked away from the scene. 'Those fiends were going to take her life, and he left them there to do it again... and again... and again... do you think that one in Red will take care of them?'

Looking down from on top of the building, she witnessed the young man try to aid the girl. She was a nervous wreck, and he was doing his best to comfort her and walk her out of the alley. 'Fool... how safe do you think she will be with them still around?' The eyes behind her green goggles scanned the one in Red, as he approached an officer. While in conversation with him, Lemae dropped from the roof landing on the floor of the alley. The shotgun wielder lay unconscious still on the ground, with his friend across the way. 'He's new... but at least he's good... too bad he's also weak.'

Kneeling down next to the shotgun thug, a hand came up to her goggles. Flipping a switch on them, the lens folded themselves up into the frame. Lemae's green eyes replaced the color in the lens, which now stared down onto the leader of the two. 'Still breathing as suspected...' she said placing a hand against the chest. Turning, she stepped to the second, picking him up and beat his head back against the wall. The blow aroused the man from unconsciousness... and then his face was white with fright.

Staring into the glowing green eyes of the dark black armored female, he could see nothing else. A black mask hid her face and hair. All he could see was the green that glistened off the symbols in her armor and that of her eyes in the moonlight. "Pl... please! Leave me alone! I didn't do anything!"

The man began to plead... 'pathetic. This one is just an underling, without a brain of his own.' "Quiet... I want you to witness this... and tell your friends what you see here today..." In an instant, the eyes shifted from him and turned on the one still unconscious on the ground. Two thin lasers protruded out from the eyes, lighting up the alley as the man's body flashed green for a moment, then dark as the body turned to ash.

The Red hero turned from the discussion, motioning for the police officer to follow. The flash-light of the officer turned on the female holding the thug, yelling for her to not move. The hero readied to fight... yet the fight would not come. The female threw the frightened thug against the two, then hopped out of the alley. "Stop her!" the officer yelled noticing what used to be a man's body in the alley.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The officer checked the thug, but not before slapping his wrists with a pair of metal handcuffs. His face was white as the moonlight, and spoke in a quiver.

"Hey you! Tell me, who was that?"

"D... de... demon... green... and black... but those... horrible... green... eyes... green... eyes..."

The officer let a sigh. 'This man will be of no use I see. Green and Black? Wait... what's this?' The man noticed a small note in the thug's pocket.

~ * ~ * ~

"Die in dishonor..." the female said before frying his partner's friend. With a quick movement of her wrist, she planted a note on her 'witness' before throwing him at the two un-wanted guests. "Whatever the crime... there is only one penalty fit for it... to die in dishonor... ~ Biotic Obsidian"




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Atop the roof by the stood a man clad in black and red with a Red star upon his chest. Though he was off flesh and blood, the presense of icy steel exuded from him. His betrayed nothing under his armored black helmet ashe watched the first hero clad in black quickly and silently dispossed of the thugs in the alley, and saved the threatened woman. The brutality and the efficency with which they were delt with betrayed who their justice bringer was. disgust filled his gut as he thought of the low lifes

"They are worst than bad as facists. How can so many let thier hearst be consumed by hatred for their fellow citizens?"

He sighed, and a great sorrow weigh down on his super human frame and thougt to himself once more.

It would be best if, I said hello to my comrade, Rickshaw, instead of simply watch him do my share of the work.

And with that thought, Red Starr, leap from the buildings roof, and ran after the nimble Rickshaw...

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