Victory RP network




I thought I'd start a post were RPers on Victory could post their characters name and the days/times they play so that it will be easier for RPers to link up, not nessasarily to form a SG but to team up and RP some. I'll go first...

Male Natural/Scrapper Claws/Super Reflexes

Online usally 6PM to 9PM Wed. 7PM to late Fri. Rest of the weekend is whenever I can plus sometimes I play monday evenings.




Male Cyborg
Fire Aura / Super Strength

I am usually on between 8pm and 10pm est on week days.



I'll try to send you a tell this wed night if not tonight.



Color Guard patrols the streets of Paragon City most nights after the hour of 10PM.

OOC here: We have a roleplaying SuperGroup "The Federation of Heroes". Feel free to look any of us up:
Color Guard (Officer)
Captain Canuck' (The chairman)
The Incredible Bulk (Officer)
Milk Maid

There are more of us, but these are the ones usually online in the evenings most every night. We'd love to have you team with us and roleplay.

That goes for any other RP'ers out there on Victory. If you see "The Federation of Heroes" under a heroes name you know it's a roleplayer. We have an open door policy and you don't have to join to adventure with us. Look for more Federation of Heroes posts elsewhere.

Hope to see you online!

Back in character:

Come, adventure with Color Guard and the Federation of Heroes! The villains of Paragon City will rue the day their paths crossed ours.

"Where diplomacy fails, the Federation of Heroes prevails!"

Color Guard



Omega Lord - Blaster

I'm usually on at all hours, but normally in the evenings and late hours.



LG here. I'm usually found on the Paragon City streets late in the evening.

(OOC: But that's late in the evening UK time, so adjust to suit if you're elsewhere. )



Devil's Advocate is now open for business on the Victory server. We are an established RP guild from Anarchy Online that has branched out to CoH. Please feel free to check us out n the web.