The incredibly strange story of Mr. Mister




Donald Dewman had it all; good looks, fame, and the prime spot in one of the hottest bands of the mid-80s. For several years, Donny lived the rock & roll bohemian dream, but fame soon took its toll. The pressures of the road & the departure of their backbone drummer to join one of historys legendary supergroups put an end to the rock & roll fantasy. Lost in a world of cheap booze & cheaper women, Donny hit bottom for a while.

After a long bout of depression, Donny decided to take those broken wings & learn to fly again, on his own terms. He went to work for his father; a prominent chemical engineer at Crey Enterprises, who was working on developing a process to control water at a molecular level.

Donny's quick aptitude for assimilating information & his loose-cannon nature soon pushed him to the forefront of project Morning Dew; the creation of a bomb that, unbeknownst to Donny, would completely evaporate all moisture within a large radius; rendering farmlands, reservoirs, and water supplies useless, and costing the lives of millions of innocent people.

Upon finding out that his work was to be used as a WOMD, Donny tried to sabotage the project from within; he destroyed all his notes & research and, late one night, broke into the lab to destroy the aptly-named "Aquabomb" once and for all.

Unfortunately, Danny had not been informed that the security code had been changed earlier that afternoon due to a false bomb threat. Danny triggered the plant alarm & soon found himself surrounded by the elite Crey Security Force, whose job is to shoot first and to hell with the questions.

Danny then played his trump card; he pulled a remote detonator from his belt & held it aloft for the guards to see.

"Go ahead boys; I'm dead already...but if you shoot me, the whole plant goes."

The guards apparently decided to take their changes; they opened fire on Danny. Only his training in Gymkata enabled him to evade the gunfire & jump down into the heart of the reactor core. Although Donny never considered himself a hero, he realized then that this was his last chance to stop the technology he had created from falling into the wrong hands, and in that moment, he decided to do what any hero would do; he thought of all those who would suffer if he failed here today...and he triggered the detonator.

All Donny remembered was a burning flash of white light, and then the sense of a great wave washing over him. When he awoke, hours later in the midst of the destruction & buried under a ton of rubble, he found that he could...flow through the rocks somehow...slowly materializing his way to freedom. He felt was in control of all the moisture all around him, and he could bend it to his will, forcing his body to seep through the cracks in the rocks, like a fine vapor. His body was translucent; a shimmering sparkle of liquid become solid; man become mist.

Upon mastering his newfound powers, Donald did what all men faced with the hand he had been dealt have done before him; he donned a spandex uniform, and took to the streets of Paragon City to fight crime; from the lowliest streetcorner hood, to the white-collar devils at Crey...the ones he blames for making him what his is today....the reluctant, yet magnificent Mr. Mister!

Those who would prey upon the innocent; those that would terrorize the city that we call home, all those who worship evil's might...beware! When he gets get Mist!

Villains of the Virtue server, take heed...Mr. Mister is here!



Mr. Mister?! i was Bulk!!!! coolness.. i'm in justice server right now as FA1CE.. i'm a level 6 controller right now... hope to see you around!!!!



I saw a ton of Bulks around, so I probably ran into ya;. I'll look out for FA1CE.