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I was in Beta for 3 days ...anyway I liked the I.D. card that you filled in for your character but I never saw how it was implemented. So here is a chance introduce a little role play information behind your Hero.



Battle Cry:?

I look forward to some good background stories.

/Cheers ShadowSeed



Name: Teslak

Background: Henry Adams was the kinda scientist everyone hated. He had a PhD and an ego that barely fit in the same room as him. Adams always had a knack for science and even more of a knack at picking up the normally shy and queit lab assistants and co-workers. His arrogance rarely got him into a situation that his mind wouldn't get him out of, until the Rikti. Given a grant to reverse engineer some of the Rikti technology, Adams didn't take the job with enough respect. One day will doing reaction experiments with a Tesla Coil and a Rikti engery weapon, Adams decided to try and impress Jenny Summer, his very attractive co-worker. While playing amoungts the normally harmless arcs of a low frequency tesla coil something went wrong, the alien technology changed the resence of the coil and caught Adams in the surge. Realizing the chain reaction that would occur Adams lept from the archs and for Ms. Summers. Moving with a speed he never had before Henry grabbed Jenny and dove lept from room. It was obvious, the cross in technologies has changed him, maybe for the worse. Herny Adams now had super powers to match his super ego.

Battle Cry: Pure electricity... in my pants.



Name: Vina Winterfel

Background: Born in Louisiana bayou country, Vina always felt she was different. At an early age, her empathy talents were obvious. She always felt more than everyone else around her and it tended to dictate her moods. As she got older she was better able to cope with the bombardment of emotions she was feeling and developed a rather serious attitude (some say cold) towards others. At the age of 12, her gravity powers started to emerge. She found she could void gravitational fields for a second and the item would fly up into the air and crash back into the ground. At this point, she knew she was different. After graduating high school, she felt she could put her empathy to work for good, she entered college and eventually got her nursing degree. She moved to Galaxy City, knowing crime seemed to be running rampant there and decided to aid others who were determined to bring justice back to the city.

Battle Cry: This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me!



Name: Faice

Created originally by a group of super intelligent sprockets, Faice was meant to be a weapon of mass destruction. While still in the laboratory and fully complete, a raid of super heroes came in to clean out the sprockets' activity. After the raid, Faice was found. Still unprogrammed but did have a sense of name, he was taken to Doctor Daniel Beasley. Doctor Beasley realized the potential of this AI robot and decided to impliment his own scientific knowledge of programming into Faice. After the completion Faice was born into a world only knowing of the good things he must do. Being the AI that he is, he now has knowledge of the differences between good and evil. He was programmed to know evil is wrong and will now roam around paragon city as a new life. He shall protect, or be destroyed.

Battle Cry: Dream to be Super



The Sly Fox

[b]Controller : Illusion : Storm Summoning[b]

Click the link below for the ID short bio!



Aha. I've got to help keep this thread alive. I'll do my two mains.

Name: Galen "Mentalis" (Illusion Control/Force Fields)

Background: Born Galen McCormack to a wealthy family in Galaxy City, "Mentalis" received the best in life -- private schooling, advanced computers, and only the best friends money could buy. Bored with such coddling, he decided to take his own path in life, devoting himself to the sciences and the fine art of manipulation and deception. He quickly learned that he had the uncanny ability to cause trouble while pinning the blame on others, and often used this to disrupt his high school -- always to his amusement.
One day, he was confronted by one of his unwitting "marks" and found himself cornered in a bathroom after school. His mutant powers manifested here as a horrific illusion that drove his attacker to the brink of madness. When he returned home, he was greeted coldly by his parents, especially after he admitted that he felt no remorse -- he felt nothing, in fact -- for the deed.
Older and wiser, Galen now seeks to use his talents in deception and illusion to raise mutants and GIFT to their rightful place as the ultimate defenders of Paragon City. To this end, he is working to establish the New Porter Institute for Psychical Research, an "academy" for young mutants where they can learn how to use their powers while fighting crime. In his mind, the ends always justify the means, and if battling the forces of evil (even if some of them are of his own design) is what's required to gain political power in Paragon City, so be it.

Battle Cry: *dismissive wave* Oh, please. You're no match for me.

Name: Ariel (Claws/Super Reflexes)

Background: Ariel's life before being drafted into SERAPH is something of a blur. "I've only really lived half my life," she often says. Since discovering the steel-wrapped claws lying beneath her arms and her preternatural, feral reflexes, she's been plagued by blackouts and faded memories. She recalls having a rough childhood, complete with a drunken father and a submissive, religious mother; a fatal accident at her high school that resulted in her expulsion; and her parents throwing her out of the house for being a horrific, evil abomination. As far as she knows, she's had her powers all her life, and only a mutant would have claws inside their arms -- or so she believes.
Until recently, Ariel had been undertaking petty crimes to survive. When she was finally caught by the Paragon City police force, a representative of SERAPH interceded on her behalf and offered her the option to use her powers for the good of the city -- in return for a small stipend and the closing of her criminal record. She hastily agreed and was promptly sent out into the city as a new soldier in the eternal war against crime.
This, of course, is when she met Dr. Nemesis. A wizened researcher into the paranormal, he gave her a place to stay and swore to help her discover the nature of her memory loss. She remains by his side, even as her powers grow with use and her memory of battles improves -- including the vicious, intuitive way that she rends her foes and the feral instincts that demand that she revel in the destruction. Scared and confused by her apparent true nature, she clings to the doctor as her only safe haven in a frightening world.

Battle Cry: Hey! Go away! I don't want to hurt anyone... (though, when a fight starts, it's a snarl and "DIE!")



Name: Midnight Strike

Background: Luke Patchiev, once used to be a great mage of a temple back in his planet, Nexus. When the Rikti started attacking their lair, he had no doubts when asked to join a task force to stop those damned aliens, they were known as Nexus Forces. They fought bravely but in the end they was defeated, placed in stasis and sent to the deepest corner of the Universe.
When finally awaken, Luke found himself in a weird place, and tried to get used to it.He was already loving the his new lair, when the Rikti showed up upon their heads. That was insane! Those evil aliens once again!
That was a hell of a battle but they did well defending Earth and Paragon City.
After that, Luke and his friends teamed up, forming a super hero group called XXXlalala(i wont say it yet), also, Luke enjoyed when people all over Paragon City started calling him The Midnight Strike, because of his dark looks.

There is the dayafter, but thats my guild part :P So i wont post it till i reach lvl 10 :P

Battle cry: I shall revenge Nexus!



Name: Scorched Rage

Background: Casey Kruise, or CK as his young friends liked to call him was a normal mutant, if you consider being a mutant normal, and in Paragon City, it's quite acceptable. Casey learned at an early age he could control fire, however, he also learned that his body was not immune to the heat he could create, at least not yet. Every few months, Casey would create a blaze of fire in his hand, and as time passed his skin toughened, and resisted the heat of the flame.

What Casey didn't realize however was the extent of his young maturing power. He could create fire alright, but he couldn't always control it. Think about doing homework and trying to figure out a particularly tough Math question when your hands, face, and torso burst into flames. This was the life of Casey Kruise.

Casey tried to hide his powers from his young classmates and even the girl he loved, Sarah Winters. But he could not hide them forever. Sarah and Casey were getting ready to attend a late night football game, when a group of thugs decided to attack the young couple. Casey was blindsided and fell to the floor, the thugs grabbed Sarah Winters and demanded she give up everything of value. When Casey stood up to fight he caught the eye of his young love, she was in trouble, crying, helpless, and scared. He noticed the number 5 on one of their jacket pockets, and much later found out they were members of the infamous "Fifth Column." Casey could not control his power. What happened next was a tragedy to end all tragedies. His body exploded with a power never seen on this earth. The force of an Atomic Bomb exploded from the young man's body and all who were around were instanlty killed, including his young love.

In the process Casey scarred his own body, which even he thought was invulnerable to flame. The lower half of his face was gone. His body and his mind were scarred. Casey went into hiding for many years. He mourned his friends and classmates, and Sarah Winters. He covered his scarred face with a rag he found down in the cold recesses of the sewers. He knew he could never love again, his scarred appearance would never allow it. There was no longer a Casey Kruise, only a Scorched Rage.

While he hid, down in the depths of the sewers, the young mutant trained his powers, he never wanted to feel out of control again. He was going to hone his powers, and hunt down this fifth column gang. He was going to destroy it from the ground up. Little did he know, he was in for a long hard fought battle that may never be won, but the hero, known as Scorched Rage, would never quit, and never give up. He has a duty to uphold and he'll do it the best way he knows how.

Battle Cry: There is no Justice! Only Scorched Rage!



name: Envy Darktalon

Born in the beautiful Philippine Islands, the woman known as "Envy" a visayan native, moved to Hawaii as a child schooled in the arts of Arnis and Escrima, she honed her mind and body to become a warrior like her ancestors before her. Upon entering college she became the protege of a famous archeologist, who introduced her to his work. His work a life-long passion was the study of mythological deities. Thirsty for knowledge the young filipina delved into the ancient texts, and then into the dark mysterious arts. One day she came upon a mysterious book, and upon opening it, became overwhelmed by feelings of violent power. A voice spoke; " I am Goddess Envy, accept me that i may live again and i will grant you power. From that day on Envy, the half human, half Goddess warrior was born.

battle cry: Bastos!(how rude?!?)



Name: Witchboy

Born and bred in the grimy backstreets of London, Jack Carter learned his magical trade from the hidden people who have always lived in the nooks and crannies of London's flip side. A hard life bred a hard man, and even before leaving his teens Jack became well known as an uncompromising but fair source of unofficial justice. His early blooming of talent led to his nickname of Witchboy, one which has stayed with him.

Lately Jack has become aware of an increase in black market magical artefacts. His investigations have led to several bad guys with broken fingers and the information that the artefacts were sourced from an American criminal gang called the Hellions. Jack travelled to Paragon City, rumoured to be the home of the Hellions, where he discovered that they appeared to be a relatively minor street gang. He is convinced that there must be a power behind the gang as yet unrevealed; in the meantime, he has registered with Paragon's Superhero Office to bring his own brand of unrelenting and uncompromising justice to the streets.

Battlecry: Lie down. Play dead. Good boy.



alter ego: Louis Cyphere
The origin of <unregistered> is closely linked to the disappearance of the children from the poor neighborhoods in Paragon City in 1933. Although the Dream Doctor was able to rescue the children from being sacrificed by the Circle of Thorns, one child, the 14-year-old Louis Cyphere had fallen into a coma. It appeared that the Circle of Thorns' black magic rituals had ordered a demon to take possession of poor Louis.
After the epic battle with the foul Baron Zoria and his cronies the Dream Doctor attempted to exorcise the demon from Louis’ body, but it seemed that even his amazing mystical expertise was unable to separate the demon from the boy. Al the good doctor could do was place the boy in suspended animation hoping that one day he could make this miracle happen.
Not until 2002 during the Rikti Invasion when the Midnight Squad’s HQ, where the suspended body of Louis Cyphere was housed, was destroyed did a demon mysteriously emerge from the HQ’s rubble. A war corespondent, who was covering the Midnight Squad in action, recorded the demon’s first words “<unregistered>?”
As soon as the Rikti continued their advance the demon’s first action was to bring the female reporter to safety before he joined the Midnight Squad against the Rikti.
The following day one newspaper in Paragon City headlined ‘<unregistered>l (as the reporter had tagged Louis) aided Midnight Squad with driving back the Rikti.’
It seemed that during his suspended animation Louis Cyphere somehow had managed to reverse the Circle of Thorns rituals. Now it was Louis who possessed the demons' body. The down side is that he is trapped in this form.



-loves to read the stories, inspired I turn and head off to write my own down



good idea, better get writing before my pre-order copy arrives



Name: Dark Vengeance

In an anonymous alleyway of King's Row lies the broken body of Eric Jonza.

15 minutes ago, Eric was hurrying itself on it's way to work without any worries beyond being late again, 15 minutes ago Eric took a foolish shortcuts through a nasty neighborhood,. 15 minutes ago Eric met it's destiny.

Just around a corner he stumbled upon a small group of Skulls, five or six of them. None of them immediately saw Eric, their attentions were elsewhere, a man, also a Skulls by the look of him, was kneeling before them mumbling something about "being sorry"...


The man never finished it's sentence, one of the Skulls shot him point-blank in the forehead. The sight of blood, so very much of it, froze Eric on the spot. Sadly for our friend, his luck then ran out, the Skulls took notice of him and, sweet merciful God, they actually grinned at his sight...

That's how Eric Jonza ended up left for dead in a dark forgotten corner of Paragon's City. What happened next no one knows for sure; some claim a ancient demon took possession of Eric battered body, some others claim Paragon's City itself has chosen an avatar to avenge the blood of the countless innocents who died in it's street.

What's known is: when Eric Jonza came out of this dark alley he was human no more, he was Dark Vengeance.



Here are the background stories and screenshots for some of the characters I've created on the Prime/Freedom server during the beta test.

Ignus : lvl 10 magic blaster - fire blast/fire manipulation
Ignus screenshot 1
Ignus screenshot 2

Ignus origin:
Frank Johnsen started messing around with an ancient tome he found hidden on his grandparents attic. He wanted to use it to summon an imp to harrass and frighten one of the school bullies picking on him. But something went wrong. Instead of summoning an imp he accidentally summoned a fire demon. This demon was to large and powerfull to be contained by the summoning circle Frank had made. The fire demon broke free and flew off. It started burning down most of Franks hometown and it killed almost half the population. Hastily Frank started searching the tome for a spell that could stop the fire demon. He finally found a spell capable of that and started casting it. Upon completion of the spell the demon was bound to Franks body. Now Frank can control the demons firy powers and renamed himself Ignus. But each day it is a struggle for Ignus to keep the demon inside him at bay. Seeing the destruction he had caused Ignus decided to use his powers to help others. He hopes that one day he can make up for the big mistake he made.

Blue Basher : lvl 5 technology tanker : invulnerability/super strength
Blue Basher screenshot 1
Blue Basher screenshot 2

Blue Bashers origin:
Harry Stevens was an employee for Crey Industries. He was selected to test out some of Creys latest powersuits. When he signed up he was unwillingly drugged and Crey whiped his mind and planted some cybernatical implants in his brain. This way Crey wanted to have absolute control over him and make him an emotionless killer. But the techniques Crey used weren't perfect and some of Harry's memories started to surface. This made him go berserk and kill most of the others in this powersuit project. He ran of and went in hiding in the slums. Most of his memories have come back now and Harry hates himself for all the people he killed when under Creys control. He now uses his powersuit to help out everyone who needs help. Unfortunately the suits advanced weapon systems, gatling lasers, mini missiles, plasma sword, are disabled. But the suit still amplifies his strength and protects him from harm. The servomotors of the suit allow him to move faster than normal humans and a small anti-grav device gives the suit flightpower.

Doc Mindbender : lvl 3 mutant controller - mind control/empathy
Doc Mindbender screenshot

Doc Mindbenders origin:
Joseph Simmons was a mutant healer working at the Paragon City Hospital. He used his healing powers to aid and revive the fallen heroes. During the nights he also conducted medical experiments to find new healing agents and medicines. Without proper test subjects he tested his latest discoveries on himself. When he started hearing voices the next day he thought that he had gone insane. Until he realized he was hearing the thoughts of his co-workers. A dna analysis revealed that his homemade medicines had altered his mutant dna and given him mindcontrol as a side effect. He quited his job in the hospital and now he ventures out on the streets to aid other heroes with his healing skills and mindcontrol.

Lt Shellshock : lvl 4 (lvl 6 on pinnacle) natural blaster - assault rifle/gadgets
Lt Shellshock screenshot 1
Lt Shellshock screenshot 2

Lt Shellshocks origin:
Amanda Simpson is an ex army officer. When she was on a mission her commanding officer made a wrong decission that caused the death of the entire squad. Only she and her commander survived. Her commander tried to frame her for the dead of the squad and she was court-martialled. Without any direct evidence of her making this wrong decission and with a clear record she was only discharged from the army. On her way home she saw several thug beating up an robbing an old lady. She immediately stopped her hummer and jumped out while grabbing her assault rifle. She shot all the thug and decided to use her battle skills to make Paragon City a saver place. From that day she patrols the streets as Lt Shellshock.

Miss Tachyon : lvl 4 mutant defender - radiation emisson/radiation blast
Miss Tachyon screenshot

Miss Tachyon origin:
Cassandra Dane had a normal childhood. She didn't discover her mutant powers until the last grade of high school. Her science teacher noticed that several science and chemistry experiments seemed to go wrong whenever Cassandra was near. He somehow suspected her to be the cause and revered her to Hero Corps for an dna analysis. Hero Corps found out that Cassandra had mutant powers that could control subatomic particles. Cassandra was sent to a training camp just outside Paragon City to learn to control her powers. This all happened just a few days before the Rikti invasion. When the Rikti arrived Cassandra was brought to an underground shelter and continued her training there. When the Rikti had been driven back she emerged from the shelter only to find out that her family and friends had been killed by the Rikti. She now burns with revenge and hopes to gain more powers and skills so she can kill the Rikti menace.

Siberia Tigress : lvl 6 magic blaster - ice blast/ice manipulation
Siberia Tigress screenshot 1
Siberia Tigress screenshot 2

Siberia Tigress origin:
Ilza Zjendobre was a member of a small nomadic tribe that lived on the siberian tundra. When a large polar bear started to hunt down their herds of reindeers the tribe’s shaman summoned the tribes totem, a large siberian tiger. Then the shaman magically fused Ilza’s body with that of the siberian tiger totem, giving Ilza all of the totems powers to control the ice. With all these powers hunting down the polar bear should be easy for Ilza. But while tracking the polar bear her tigerlike appearance and scent startled the herds and caused a stampede to go through the encampment. Most of the tribesmen, including the shaman, were trampled in the stampede. Without the shaman Ilza could not get her body back and kept fused with the tribes totem. The tribe exciled her for causing so many deaths and Ilza wandered the tundra until she met some foreign scientists. These Crey scientists brought her to Paragon City for some experiments. But Ilza managed to escape and now she uses her icy powers to help others.

Atomic Kitty : Science defender on Guardian - Radiation control/Radiation blast
Atomic Kitty's origin story
Freedom Force picture of Atomic Kitty
Atomic Kitty screenshot

Sheline : Science scrapper on Virtue - Martial arts/Super reflexes
Freedom Force picture of Sheline
Sheline screenshot 1
Sheline screenshot 2
Sheline hero ID
Crey Industries analysis of Sheline



A couple of mine;


A robot initially created by Crey as a combat and hazardous environment unit – made to withstand just about anything. During the Rikti invasion, the secret facility where he was stored was destroyed. He was accidentally activated by a burst of high energy particles from an exploding experiment in the laboratory, and wandered off. His programming was incomplete and he acted rather strangely; talking to fence posts, hiding in the trunks of cars, etc.. After a hero talked him out of fighting fire hydrants he was delivered to D.A.T.A. They reprogrammed him to help with minor riots and crowd control – specifically to subdue targets. This worked for a while, but soon his personality started to exert itself. He took extreme delight in subduing people. During the later parts of the Rikti invasion, Adamanteus was used to help with crowd control, but got too close to the fighting at one point. He was simultaneously bathed in radiation from an exposed engine of a Rikti warship and hit by an errant energy blast from a hero. Somehow this combination sparked him to sentience. He went on a rampage, beating everything that came near him. He was subdued and brought to D.A.T.A. again.

Since Adamanteus was considered sentient, he had certain rights. DATA could not keep him against his will. They made a deal; if he fought crime in Paragon City he was free to do as he pleased…so long as he tried to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

So now he joyfully wanders the streets of Paragon City beating the tar out of criminals with his energy fists. All the while resisting the urge to lay waste the citizens and buildings!


So there I sat in having my coffee and doughnut and this weird guy sits down next to me. He just gave me the creeps. In an eerie voice he tells me that I have a destiny and that I must help him. Huh? Me? Mr. average? I laugh and ignore him thinking he is some kook…but I do notice the glowing eyes under his hood. Well with all the supers around he is probably some minor mutant or magician that is just crazy. Well after I blow him off he finally leaves, but he leaves a small octagonal, glass trinket. Only about an inch across it is pretty cool and has a neat hawk’s head design on it. What the heck I think and I take it with me…you know, for good luck.
I throw it in a junk drawer and forget about it for about a week. But then one night I just can’t sleep. As I wander out into the kitchen I notice something is…wrong. I just feel like I should open that drawer. I do and see the object glowing with swirling darkness around it. I slowly reach out to touch it…and hear a noise at my back window. I look back just in time to see a small group of hellions breaking in! For some reason I grab this magical token the strange man had left me and power surges through my body! The Hellions burst in and open fire…but it is like they are moving in slow motion. I dodge the bullets and leap toward them. In a matter of moments the dark energy swirling around my hands has dropped all of the thugs!

I don’t know what kind of transformation took place, but the boys down town determined it was some kind of mutation and got me to a contact to start my career as a hero. And the rest, as they say…is history!



Great Idea! at work will post when I get back. Oh btw, you can access the Hero Bio by right clicking on a hero and selecting Info, it tells all but battlecry.



Orgasmo LeBeau was born the lovechild of a prominent French politician and his fourth nymphomaniac mistress. At a young and virile age, Orgasmo manipulated the women in his life to get what he wanted when he wanted. He aced all his classes in boarding school minus Phys. Ed., which was taught by a crotchedy Mr. LeCheese. Upon graduation, he lived off the wealth and glamour of Paris' most available bachelorette heiresses. He soon tired of pleasuring scores upon women and decided to make something of himself, mainly by using his psionic/empath powers to rid the world of evil. His powers work best against femme fatales (*cough c'mon Devs where are the ladies) but Orgasmo "Big O" LeBeau is an equal-opportunity lover who is not one to spare male villains from his mental onslaught.

Warcry: "Get on jour knees, mon ami!"



Very cool characters so far. Also thanks for including your bios in game, I make a point of checking everyone I can for backgrounds and really appreciate it when people include interesting stories.

Anyway, my current main character:

Name: Dr. Simian

Background: Brian Simonson led a pretty routine life. He had good friends, a nice house, and he enjoyed his job teaching history at the local college. This all changed when one day when a student addled by Superadine started treatening other students. When Dr. Simonson went to intervene the student attacked him triggering a massive change. The mild mannered professor suddenly found himself a seven foot tall gorilla.

He traced the cause of his transformation to genetic mutation, but had two big questions, could he change back and why didn't his mutation manifest in adolescence like most other mutants? The answer to the first question was yes, but unfortunately changing back to human was a much longer and uncomfortable process than the human to gorilla change. The reason why the change did not occur earlier was simply that he had never before been in any real danger. He had to ask himself "Was my life really that boring up to this point?" Deciding it was time to spice up his life, he moved to Paragon city to try his hand at crimefighting.

Battle Cry: ;Tarzan (try it in game if you do not get it.)

(Note, I'll include a screen shot in a couple of days, like an idiot I forgot to grab one yesterday and BestBuy will probably not have my preorder for a while. Picture a large gorilla wearing glasses, knee length jeans, and a white t-shirt with a picture of a tree on it. I am quite happy with the way he turned out, the character creater is amazingly versatile.)



Don't flame the syntax. It serves its purpose.
Buck AkA: Jon Bailey
Mutant Scrapper
Battle cry: ????

M:\telnet project zulu
Telnet open please authenticate

Welcome back Dr Ulondermere

M:\cd govt\zulu\weapons\human_weapons_proj\subjects

This folder requires separate authentication due to its sensitive nature; please enter your password now

Pw: ************************

M:\cd govt\zulu\weapons\human_weapons_proj\subjects\muta nts\dir

Name Project Status location
Demetrius Simpson Failed/deceased NA
Thomas Davis Failed/deceased NA
Nikolis Ramanov Failed/unknown Unknown
Jonathan Bailey(Buck) Success/Living Unknown
Liv Tyrenus Incomplete/living Unknown
Bill Francona Failed/deceased NA

M:\cd govt\zulu\weapons\human_weapons_proj\subjects\muta nts\list Jonathan Bailey

PLEASE REMEMBER: The use of dates is prohibited to prevent leaks in the memory augmentaion process.

Subject: Jonathan Bailey (Volunteer)
Codename: Buck (Named for his abilities with the enhancements giving during time with the project)

Preproject bio/screening: The preproject background screening has turned up the following facts. Mr. Bailey was born into a prominent family from the Midwest. His parents were an extremely devout couple and they pressed these beliefs onto their children. Jons school life was unpleasant to say the least. He has admitted to constant abuse as a young child at the hands of other children. His parents urged Jon to pursue a peaceful solution and hoped that he would be able to sort the issues out on his own. As a pre-teen his powers surfaced. These were regeneration and the animal senses. It is arguable that his body created his powers to help stem the abuse he was taking. A natural side effect to his powers was enhanced strength and he used his powers and his new strength to fight back against his assailants. The abuse continued all through school and Jon learned that the only to get them to stop was to fight back! High school appears to be the point that Mr Bailey lost interest in both school and home. His then girl friend was killed in an “accident” involving the mayors son, who just happened to be the primary tormentor in Jons life. Jon’s answer to this was of course to fight. The subsequent fight left Jon ostracized and the mayors son in intensive care for 3 months. Dropping out of school and leaving home he retreated to the wilderness where he honed his skills as a hunter. Noone knows what happened to his family after he left and how long he was gone is a mystery even to Jon. He guesses somewhere in neighborhood of 5-7 years. He next emerged from the wilderness after stumbling onto a flyer airdropped in random locations advertising our projects offer. He was more than willing to join up and aid us in the eradication of enemies of our govt.

Powers before project enhancements/Recommended path in the project:
+Subject possesses uncharted regeneration and healing factors and makes subject ideal for alien metal (Visceral alloy) enhancements. Due to limited amounts of the substance this seems an ideal subject. Powers make subjects age impossible to determine. He would appear ro be somewhere in his late teens though.
+Mutant has near animal keen senses of sight and hearing with a sense of smell that has no equal, making him an excellent tracker/recon/assassin type
+A simple upbringing and little education makes subject ideal for memory augmentation.
+Subject seems easy going and very much an introvert. He prefers being alone but is easily angered to bursts of rage. Making him ideal as a field soldier

Results from project enhancements:
+The application of the Visceral alloy was a surprising success. considering that the 14 subjects previous to this mutant were tragic failures. There was even enough alloy left to craft 6 claws, 3 on each hand of a length of approx 14 inches each. They are stored in each forearm behind the knuckles and are triggered by muscle contractions in the hand and forearm. This exhausts our planets resources of Visceral alloy meaning this mutant is very one of a kind and should be maintained in the project indefinitely. Therefore we added a GPS implant allowing us to track him. The memory implant/augmentation appears to be a success so far but only long term tracking and analysis will tell us for sure if we were successful at altering his memories and enhancing his knowledge of the fighting arts. It should also be noted that many of these memories were placed into a time-release stasis. Meaning that they will only be unlocked under specific circumstances sometime in the distant future.

Notes on Visceral Alloy: Metal was found deep underground in the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of storms) on the moon. Its discovery was quite accidental and occurred on a “Black” mission outside of NASAs knowledge. While surveying and mining in the noted area it was discovered and brought back for studying. Research has shown it to have no noticeable weakness. It is completely resistant to any form of physical damage. Including but not limited to rust, piercing, and corrosive. The most impressive feature about the metal though is the fact that it actually gets harder over time, in fact had we not found the metal in its “infant stage” manipulating it would have proven impossible. Attempts at acquiring more of the metal have proven futile. After the technology became available we scoured the known planets and were unable to find another instance of the alloy.

Status update for the Mutant codenamed Buck: Other than his borderline uncontrollable rage this mutant has more than paid for the augmentations to his already stellar abilities. With the multiple excursions he has ran to South America he has accounted for 211 fatalities. The death toll has took a toll on his psyche and another run of memory augmentations were require to re-assimilate Buck to the program. We believe that he may be trying to leave the project with some of his fellow project members; sighting mistreatment from the “handlers” Looks like another series of memory augmentations may be in order.

This will be the final entry for the mutant codenamed Buck. It would appear that we have lost the services of this member indefinitely. Apparently he or someone else ripped the GPS tracker out of his body. (We found the bloody tracker is how we know it was forcibly removed.) Since we can no longer ascertain his whereabouts what so ever we are forced to use the remaining subjects in the project to meet our needs.



M:\cd govt\zulu\weapons\human_weapons_proj\subjects\muta nts

M:\Deltree \all

Are you sure you want to remove the tree govt\zulu\weapons\human_weapons_proj\subjects\muta nts and all its sub-containers Y/N Yes


Now Buck runs the streets hunting the people that hurt inocents.

Hope you enjoyed,



Name: Psycher

Background: A former private sector research scientist, his projects focused on enhancing brain funtions in stroke victims and people with mental disabilities. Crey industries hired him to continue his research on a highly classified abandoned military base in Utah. In spite of his reservations he continued the research until he learned that rather than offer the research to the world, Crey intended to create an army of super psionic soldiers with which to increase their grip on their holdings and move into other area's. While trying to escape he was captured and subjected to his own experiments which caused an exponential growth in his mental abilities. Unfortunately without the ability to control the abilites the experiments gave him, he went on a bloody rampage killing all 372 personelle on the base and all but destroying it.

In the aftermath he fled to Paragon and joined a group called the Outsiders where he now fights to stop Crey in any way he can and ensure freedom for all!

Battle Cry: Close your eyes it'll all be over in a second!



Name: Rocksteady

Background: Extensive version can be found here!

Battle Cry: Stone-hard justice!

The comprehensive version will be feature on my ID Card in-game.



Name: Wuxia

Background: A former Hong Kong police officer, (ed. remove name for security, refer to Wuxia) was situated deep undercover in the Lan Kwai criminal organization. Unfortunately, his cover was blown by an agent of the Tsoo who remembered Wuxia from a previous arrest. An assassination attempt was made and Wuxia was left for dead. Not before the incriminating evidence he compiled over his years in the Kwai organization was turned over to the Hong Kong Justice department however. This evidence was enough to severly cripple this criminal empire.

Wuxia's family smuggled him out of Hong Kong to a Tibetian monastary. There he underwent a healing treatment that was lost to the common world for centuries. Also during this time, Wuxia trained under masters of various martial arts schools, honing his already razor sharp martial skills. He was also educated in more "unorthodox" physical abilities which allow him to go beyond the normal range of human capabilities.

After four years, Wuxia left Tibet and moved to Paragon City (PC). While the reasons for his destination are unknown, Wuxia has shown an almost obsession with justice. The recent crime problem in PC would appear to almost certainly be a factor. In addition, a recent rumor of his Tsoo accuser being assigned to PC as a high level Boss has been uncovered. It should be assumed Wuxia is aware of this as well. (ed. if he isn't, try to make sure he gets the hint. Drop a few clues with some of the local street scum. Lets keep this one around for a bit.)

Battlecry: Tell me if this hurts.



Note: These are the short versions: I have to have deleted the longer ones...

Name: Smoothie

A mild-mannered teenager drank a Slurpy that had been too long in existence one day and felt different afterwards. One thing led to the next, and soon the crazy teenager was fighting crime with psychedelic powers in Paragon City. He says "Psychedelic" after each fight.

War Cry: Psychedelic.

Name: Anticatyclysmo

A Hungarian scientist in World War I came up with a theory about the mass production of war robots for use in war. However, he was killed during the War and his theories were lost. A Nazi scientist in World War II came up with a similar idea, but a repeat situation occurred. Russian scientists in the seventies came up with yet another idea for such a use of war robots but they were killed in an unfortunate accident. A scientist in Korea, known only as Yung, recently got his hands on all three of these theories and began to implement them in order to create an army of robots. However, little did he know that the Hungarian scientist had secretly replaced some of the elements in his theories and remembered the others in his head. These replaced elements brought about Yung's death. Yung's first robot was triggered to kill its maker, which was Yung, and was also programmed to seek freelance oppurtunities, basing its morals on the first thing it saw after it murdered its master. The robot, who was called Cataclysmo by Yung, saw a young man defending an old woman against a gang of robbers. It based its life on such principles and eventually began to call itself Anticataclysmo. It ended up in Paragon City.

War Cry: N/A



Deth Aszicen - Scrapper - Dark Melee/Dark Armour -

This young lady, in her mid twenties, is of Japanese descent. She is barely 5ft 3 and athletic. He hair seems to be black but under different light can seem blue and/or violet and flows about her head as if it were smoke. She always wears shades tinted to match her outfit. However, when someone near her does something ludicris, she will look over the lenses at them with piercing eyes. A closer look reveals that her eyes are a war between the smoke of blue and violet. Niether gaining dominance, though in battle, violet seems to reign.

Background: She remembers little about her early life, except it was normal and she was an avid reader. She was not exceptional at anything, preferring not to bring attention to herself and would rather curling up in a corner reading than playing in the street.
Her favorite author is HP Lovecraft. At an early age, she found the author's stories fascinating. She would often be punished by her parents for staying up too late reading at night. Late at night, by flashlight, she would often read these horror stories, jumping at the slightest noise.
One day, she was 14, walking home from school, she came across an antique store that she had never noticed before. She stopped in and was looking around. Immediately, a bottle caught her eye. It was about a foot tall and made of a strange metallic glass. It was adorned with carvings of strange creatures that do not exist, as far as anyone knows, on this Earth. Tentacles sprouted from their bodies and the sight cause fear to run up her spine.
Fascination caused her to look closer and she saw deep in the glass a dark purple smoke swirling within. She picked it up to look closer and nearly dropped it, when an ancient voice said from behind her, 'Strange I have never seen that one before, but I have a similar one over her.'
The old lady took her to a table where the mirror image of the bottle set. If you put them next to each other, it would be as if they were looking in a mirror. The difference in this bottle was that the smoke it contained was blue. In setting the bottles side by side, the smokes swirled faster, as if trying to get at each other.
She knew that she had to have them. She pulled out the credit card that her mother gave her for emergencies and bought them. A price was never discussed. She left and took the bottles home.
Later that night, as always, she was reading one of her favorite stories. A light flashed and she looked outside. A storm was brewing, the clouds reacting as warriors in battle and the lightning was the clash of their katanas. She should not have been surprised by the first thunderclap but she was. She jumped, kicking out, knocking the table that the bottles were sitting on over. The bottles fell to the floor, shattering. The smokes leapt towards each other and she was engulfed....
The next morning, her mother only found her night clothes and book. There was no sign of her or the bottles.

(10 Years later)

Deth gets off the bus and looks up at the statue of Atlas. A slight smile crosses her face and her smoky eyes temporarily deepen to blue. She adjusts her hat and pushes her shades higher up her nose. She looks down at a yellow, crumpled flyer that had been found on the beach with her when she had been discovered.
She remembers nothing of the ten years prior except when she awoke, she possessed a keen understanding of the Dark Arts. She feels that she should be contacting the Circle of Thorn but another side of her knows that would end the world and she should strive to rid the world of them and their presence, discovering the forces behind them.

Warcry - By the will of Cthulhu and Uhluhtc

Supergroup - Illuminati Rank Illuminatus
Motto - Darkness clouds the truth. Seek the light.

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