My farewell




ELF STALKER (Champion Server & Freedumb): My take from dooms day. I already said my good bye to COH. This game has been a big part of my life. I went through breakup, being high, basically my rebles way of my early 20's. COH was always was a stress reliever for me. Its help me get through alot of stress through my early life. I have met some wonderful friends and some wonderful enemies which kept this game so fresh.
xXBudweiserXx was one my first villian or enemy you can say in game. End up being one my good friend in game to real life. I want thank him for the wonderful experience playing coh. Me and him work so hard to get out respected Super Groups to rank 1#.
I want thank all SG mates that pass through ELITE LEGENDS/ PON gates. Who grind out alot presigte through the years. I would miss your dealy.
I want thank all the event coodinators... you guys took COH to a different level of gameplay.
I have so much to share but Ill keep it kinda short and would miss this game dearly. I hope they bring back or game similar.
***** PRESIGTEEEEE!!!!! before they made it that presigte don't mean anything no more*****



Sweet Buddy Christ, I can actually read that post...

Goodbye, Elf. I've enjoyed your insanity most of the time. Try to stay out of prison, eh?

"I never said thank you." - Lt. Gordon

"And you'll never have to." - the Dark Knight