My last post.




As I started here on Champion, I will finish here on Champion. I will be on tomorrow from as soon as I can get on 'til the very end.

Most of you probably know me as 'that werewolf guy that's always on the steps of City Hall' and maybe 'oh, I think I've run with him once or twice'. As my online time is limited to evenings, I usually spent what time I had with my little SG and wasn't as social with the community as I would have always liked. However, I lurked a LOT and watched the global channels (BMT, Champions United, Darkguard Network, TankHQ, Champion Redside, Champion Trials, Championexus, etc). So you may not know me well, but I do know a lot of you folks. You guys were an important part of my community experience, and for that I thank you.

I played on other servers from time to time, but none of them 'fit' me like Champion did. It was my version of "Cheers"; a cozy little place where I recognized just about everyone in it. A backdrop of a fun, open (yet close) community of individuals that made my gaming experience worthwhile here. When I did have time to log in when my SG wasn't on, I never felt alone, and always had fun in whatever teams I found myself in.

I met most of my SG here on Champion. Started out in an SG called the U.R.A.. I have no idea what the initials stood for, and didn't know the leaders, just took the invite from a friendly player who taught me some of the ropes. All I really remember about the SG itself were the SG colors were day-glow blue and day-glow green (again, no idea why). Never ran into the helpful person that invited me after that (or they were on different characters, no clue) but that's where I met my first couple of actual friends in the game. Roninwyrm (as Boss Hogg) Aslan. (as Aslan- though I know him by Bael Nightshade more than his main) Crimson Sun, and Blaster Wanabee.

Something happened with the leadership and the SG was being dismantled (again, don't know why) Lost touch with Blaster (until recently) though he found a good home with the Hammers of Justice. Good group of folks! The rest of us met up with a few other players and formed The Legacy Foundation, and there I've been ever since. Almost 8 years now. While some of the members have split off to join other groups, or found their own SG's, I don't think there's ever been any long lasting bad blood (we worked hard as a group to keep it drama free ) and just about everyone that was a member is still in our infrequently used yahoogroup, and has kept in touch.

I've had a lot of good times here, and met some wonderful people. The SG will be staying together and have a few places we're going to start frequenting online, but as we keep saying to each other with every game we try out... "There's just no place like home". It's the truth. City of Heroes, more specifically Champion, is our little home away from home.

The little core group of our SG has been on almost every weekday night together for 8 years with no break! Thick and Thin, ED and the GDN, through Inventions and City of Villains (we alternated hero and villain nights ) and even the passing of one of our own (we miss you Crimson Sun!). I think I can speak for all of us that we're still feeling the impact of hearing that our home is going away. Our little community, our cozy little place...

While we're sticking together wherever we end up, we're going to miss City of Heroes dreadfully. We're going to miss Champion server, and whether you know any of us or not...

We're going to miss you.

Thank you ALL for 8 wonderful years.

"I play characters. I have to have a very strong visual appearance, backstory, name, etc. to get involved with a character, otherwise I simply won't play it very long. I'm not an RPer by any stretch of the imagination, but character concept is very important for me."- Back Alley Brawler
I couldn't agree more.