Time to go.




I'm going to miss the people. I'm going to miss the chatter. I'm going to miss forming a TF or iTrial that pulled so many people together and allowed us so much flexibility. I'm going to miss having so much freedom to do what I wanted to, in a sandbox that was really that. I'm going to miss having a City where I could relax and be productive at the same time. I'm going to miss the game.

I started playing City in 2004 as my first MMO, came over from Freedom Force, so as you can see, superheroes are a draw for me. I have a horrible memory, but I clearly remember my early days, of logging into the game, making a costume that made an almost seamless tansition from my head to the game. It was amazing. I've been using the 'kemli' in other games for a couple years and that was the name of my first creation. He never made it past 15, but I ended up having it as my global ever since and when I made that first character, I never imagined what this simple game would end up meaning to me.

It's funny when I was picking a server to really start a character and I looked at the list, Pinnacle just jumped out. I mean, it's the best , right ? =]. Over time I ended up making alts on every server just because the character creator gave me so many ideas, but Pinn just ended up delivering on it's promise. It was, and is the best. The fact is, that thanks to this server I've made friends , good friends that I've stayed in contact with outside of the game , it's that very interaction that helped me modify the way I see the world and helped me through some rough patches in my life.

At this point if I were to talk about this game , this way I spent my free time and try to explain what it means to me, I'm afraid they just wouldn't understand. Heck half the time I don't even understand. But then I remember. Yes it's the people and it's how those people turned into a community , but it was also the game. A game that had so many tools to facilitate creativity via costumes , or writing up a character bio. , to creating an AE story arc or simply how you slotted your 'toon', so that it played how you wanted it. Yes it was also the dev team, it changed over the years but one thing they kept consistent, in particular when Jack moved on, was that they tried to really listen to their userbase. Somethig that's rare in any sector. And those coffee talks held by Zwillinger.. I enjoyed them all.

Some friends and I will be trying out 'The Secret World' and I hope it lives up to the promise that I think it shows. To my friends that end up in different games , I wish you well and may good things follow you.

So there. I've rambled on, I suppose I've said what I wanted. It's been an honour and a real pleasure playing this game and interacting with so many folks , from Pinnacle and beyond. No matter what comes next I'll always be very grateful for all the time I invested. Now then,because frankly, I hate goodbyes , I'll just say farewell and take care.

Pinnacle & Virtue:
A bunch of Heroes - Alpha Team, Legion of Order.
A bunch of Villains -Black Citadel , Pinnache.