Crime Free Atlas Park - 6pm Sunday November 25th




Come out and clear Atlas Park before the last Ship Raid.

Before Galaxy City blew up we held an event on Pinnacle to give the citizens of Galaxy City one crime free hour, an hour where every crime was stopped by a hero. We may not have succeeded, but we came close with almost a full league trying to clear the zone of crime for its citizens. Tomorrow night at 6pm est we will try the same thing for Atlas Park.

The People of Atlas Park were there to welcome me when I arrived as a hero long ago. The would chase after me to thank me, it kind of surprised and honored me at the time. Now as their long night approaches we want to pay them back as best I can. I know the number of heroes is falling everyday, but if we can do this we should.

One hour, crime free in Atlas Park. You can make a difference here and leave us with memories the citizens of Atlas Park walking about unthreatened and safe. Every hero counts, come make a difference. Heroes of any level or type welcome, meet in front of City Hall, 6pm Pinnacle server Sunday November 24th. Crime free Atlas Park.